CASE Families living in North Dakota in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
TonyBartley, Griggs1893ItalyHead182
{Family 2}
VincentBismarck, Burleigh1914New YorkLodger134
{Family 3}
Ruben TCando, Towner1876New YorkHead23
Mabel G 1877New YorkWife
Ross L 1904New YorkSon
{Family 4}
Jesse GCando, Towner1902New YorkLodger20
Lovetta M 1903North DakotaLodger
{Family 5}
Stanley FCoburn, Ransom1894OhioHead22
Ada A 1892North DakotaWife
Beverly A 1919North DakotaDaughter
Marjorie C 1921North DakotaDaughter
Marilyn E 1921North DakotaDaughter
Robert A 1923North DakotaSon
Dale B 1928North DakotaSon
{Family 6}
Esther M Crosby, Divide1898IowaHead208b
{Family 7}
EdwardDes Lacs, Ward1916CanadaStepson52
{Family 8}
Unis L Edgeley, LaMoure1915South DakotaGranddaughter148b
Dorothy 1917North DakotaGranddaughter
{Family 9}
EugeneEldridge, Stutsman1920South DakotaGrandson51b
{Family 10}
James S Fargo, Cass1894North DakotaLodger (Inmate?)158b
{Family 11}
H W Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Mclean1896New YorkHead215
Eva 1897New YorkWife
H W 1921ColoradoSon
Helen L 1924North DakotaDaughter
Lois R 1928 North DakotaDaughter
Louise M 1862New YorkMother
Vincent D 1914New YorkAdopted Brother
{Family 12}
ErmaHomer, Stutsman1892North DakotaEmployee 86
{Family 13}
George P (Surnames listed Care) Jamestown, Stutsman1885North DakotaHead110
Caroline K 1884North DakotaWife
{Family 14}
Loyd BJamestown, Stutsman1908North DakotaLodger109
{Family 15}
James HJamestown, Stutsman 1890 IowaHead145b
Sadie 1889North DakotaWife
{Family 16}
Charles MMarmarth, Slope1865PennsylvaniaHead271
Etta I 1891North DakotaWife
Inez L 1915South DakotaDaughter
Gordan L 1920North DakotaSon
Catherine P 1929 North DakotaDaughter
{Family 17}
Grant Mentor, Divide1870OhioHead259
Sarah E 1874IllinoisWife
Estella L 1901IowaDaughter
Clair G 1908North DakotaDaughter
Willets G 1911North DakotaDaughter259b
Ruth Y 1915North DakotaDaughter
{Family 18}
May EMinot, Ward1882MinnesotaSister-in-law275
{Family 19}
Martin New Home, Williams1893NorwayHead94b
Mathias 1907NorwayBrother
{Family 20}
Lawrence New Home, Williams1899NorwayHead94b
{Family 21}
JennieTowner, McHenry1877NorwayDaughter149b
{Family 22}
Alfred C Williston, Williams1888IowaHead216
Lila M 1889IowaWife

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