CASE Families living in Maryland in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Francis MBaltimore, Baltimore 1845IndianaFather-in-law 137
Ida E1859IowaMother-in-law
{Family 2}
MichaelBaltimore, Baltimore 1849ItalyInmate 155b
{Family 3}
Edward RBaltimore, Baltimore 1907TennesseeHead212
{Family 4}
LauraBaltimore, Baltimore 1870VirginiaRoomer47b
{Family 5}
Frank LBaltimore, Baltimore 1873PennsylvaniaHead253
Eanor C1907GeorgiaDaughter
{Family 6}
FrankBaltimore, Baltimore 1873OhioHead51
{Family 7}
Robert DBaltimore, Baltimore 1875MarylandHead199b
Lena V1880MarylandWife
Robert Jr1919MarylandSon
Raymond B1922MarylandSon
{Family 8}
Sarah V Baltimore, Baltimore 1885MarylandHead269b
{Family 9}
TomBaltimore, Baltimore 1886MarylandHead199b
{Family 10}
John RBaltimore, Baltimore 1895IndianaBoarder106
{Family 11}
CliffordBaltimore, Baltimore 1895New YorkSon-In-Law 136
Oda 1897MarylandDaughter
Clifford P1924MarylandGrandson
{Family 12}
Edward Baltimore, Baltimore 1895GeorgiaBoarder139
Mary 1897GeorgiaBoarder
{Family 13}
James J Baltimore, Baltimore 1898South CarolinaBoarder109
{Family 14}
BethBaltimore, Baltimore 1898New YorkLodger67b
{Family 15}
RoseBaltimore, Baltimore 1902MarylandRoomer84
{Family 16}
Eva SBaltimore, Baltimore 1902MarylandStudent 249b
{Family 17}
Walter E Baltimore, Baltimore 1903MarylandHead171b
Charlotte A 1904MarylandWife
{Family 18}
George EBaltimore, Baltimore 1903New YorkHead159
Dorothy C1904MarylandWife
Robert C1924MarylandSon
George E1927MarylandSon
{Family 19}
Ralph HBerwyn, Prince George´S1880South DakotaHead249b
Erwin W1887District of ColumbiaWife
Richard W1918District of ColumbiaSon
{Family 20}
Alvah CBethesda, Montgomery1877KansasHead83
Priscilla K1878PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 21}
John WClarksburg, Montgomery1872MarylandHead73b
{Family 22}
Clarence EClarksburg, Montgomery1885MarylandHead74b
Ida L1892MarylandWife
{Family 23}
John LColesville, Montgomery 1879 MarylandHead159
Lily M1882MarylandWife
Evelyn M1911MarylandDaughter
Bernard H1927MarylandGrandson
{Family 24}
CatherineDarnestown, Montgomery1853MarylandHead185b
James N1862MarylandLodger
James H1877MarylandSon
{Family 25}
Samuel LDarnestown, Montgomery1913MarylandStep Grandson184b
{Family 26}
EarlEast Berlin, Worcester1900New JerseyBoarder201
{Family 27}
Mary J Election District 1, Baltimore1904MarylandDaughter 42b
Georgie 1916MarylandSon
Catherine 1917MarylandDaughter
Jane 1920MarylandDaughter
Ell*SE (Ellouise?)1927MarylandGranddaughter
{Family 28}
Agnes Election District 3, Caroline1876OhioHead173
{Family 29}
Edward L Election District 21, Washington1907PennsylvaniaHead126
Bertha H 1905MarylandWife
Lewis M 1930MarylandSon
{Family 30}
Frank MFreedom, Carroll1885MarylandHead117
F Murray1920MarylandSon

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