CASE Families living in Indiana in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
AugustusAkron, Fulton1833OhioHead142<
{Family 2}
Edward Akron, Fulton1867IndianaHead146b
Margareth 1872IndianaWife
{Family 3}
Samuel HAnderson, Madison1867PennsylvaniaHead192b
Emma J1874IndianaWife
E Blanche1895IndianaDaughter
{Family 4}
ThomasAnderson, Madison1878PennsylvaniaHead21b
Clara C1880IndianaWife
{Family 5}
HowellAnderson, Madison1884IndianaFather-in-law263
{Family 6}
Kathleen RAnderson, Madison1892KansasHead26b
{Family 7}
Henry WAnderson, Madison1900IndianaHead184b
Marjorie E1921IndianaDaughter
Betty L1922IndianaDaughter
{Family 8}
Elizabeth Anderson, Madison1911IndianaDaughter254b
Betty L1928IndianaGranddaughter
{Family 9}
Mattie Anderson, Rush1897KentuckySister4b
{Family 10}
Marvin TAttica, Fountain1844WisconsinHead268b
Jessie D1872IndianaDaughter
Lauren W1914IllinoisGrandson
{Family 11}
JamesBig Creek, White1890IndianaLodger 207
{Family 12}
Mary S Blooming Grove, Franklin1888KentuckyDaughter118b
{Family 13}
Ivis Bono, Lawrence1886IndianaHead174b
Josie B 1858IndianaMother
William A 1881IndianaBrother
{Family 14}
Everett Bono, Lawrence1886IndianaHead174
Lizzie 1892IndianaWife
Alford N 1913IndianaSon
Ellen M 1915IndianaDaughter
Vera M 1917IndianaDaughter
Olive R 1919IndianaDaughter
Russell D 1926 IndianaSon
William D 1930 IndianaSon
{Family 15}
Cecil TBono, Lawrence1893IndianaHead174b
Priscilla M1892IndianaWife
Winford E1913IndianaSon
Margaret A1915IndianaDaughter
Margaret B1918IndianaDaughter
Richard H1920IndianaSon
Meriem B1923IndianaDaughter
Gretchen W1926 IndianaDaughter
Kenneth G1930IndianaSon
{Family 16}
Omer Brookston, White1890IndianaHead3
Bertha A 1891IndianaWife
{Family 17}
KatieBrookville, Franklin1870IndianaRoomer134b
{Family 18}
Clinton EBrookville, Franklin1872IndianaHead134b
Ora B1874IndianaWife
{Family 19}
CliffordBrown, Washington1908IndianaLodger78b
{Family 20}
Aileen V Butler, De Kalb1907IndianaLodger247
{Family 21}
Ellen VCambridge, Wayne1877IndianaMother-in-law26
{Family 22}
Lyman Center, Grant1893KentuckyPatient40b
{Family 23}
John H Charlestown, Clark1860KentuckyHead32
Margarete E 1861KentuckyWife
{Family 24}
HerbertCharlestown, Clark1900KentuckyHead16
Della M1900IndianaWife
Catherine M1920IndianaDaughter
Emma K1926KentuckyDaughter
Rose E1925 IndianaDaughter
Herbert Jr1929 KentuckySon
{Family 25}
Amelia FCicero, Hamilton1852OhioMother-in-law136b
{Family 26}
William J Cicero, Hamilton1865IndianaHead139b
{Family 27}
Connie F Cicero, Hamilton1872IndianaHead135
Stella E 1878OhioWife
{Family 28}
Fred ACicero, Hamilton1879IndianaHead138b
Maude I1885IndianaWife
{Family 29}
Elmer FClay, St Joseph1908IndianaHead30b
Helen M1912North DakotaWife
{Family 30}
William W Columbia, Jennings1861IndianaHead214

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