CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
George RWashington, Washington1855MarylandHead160b
Mary A1885 MarylandWife
{Family 2}
Francis MWashington, Washington1859MarylandHead217b
{Family 3}
CarrieWashington, Washington1871MinnesotaHead172b
{Family 4}
George E Washington, Washington1882MarylandHead149b
Anna L 1888District of ColumbiaWife
William R 1911District of ColumbiaSon
Evelyn M 1912District of ColumbiaDaughter
Charles A 1916District of ColumbiaSon
{Family 5}
Mortimer DWashington, Washington1882New YorkBoarder270
{Family 6}
Rolland WWashington, Washington1883MichiganHead22
Jessie T1890NebraskaWife
Lucy I1921MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 7}
May GWashington, Washington1889MarylandNun262
{Family 8}
J BarryWashington, Washington1890MarylandHead246
Marie J1893PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 9}
Carl WWashington, Washington1891MinnesotaHead251b
Susan J1892VirginiaWife
Ruth V1917District of ColumbiaDaughter
{Family 10}
RexWashington, Washington1892 OhioBoarder242
{Family 11}
Frank AWashington, Washington1894OhioHead119b
Earnestine M1898IndianaWife
Majorie M1921District of ColumbiaDaughter
{Family 12}
Clarance (Surname listed Cade)Washington, Washington1895United States Lodger85
{Family 13}
Edward MWashington, Washington1903MarylandLodger93
{Family 14}
Oscar Washington, Washington1905South CarolinaHead174
Lucile 1909South CarolinaWife
Oscar Jr1926South CarolinaSon
Hattie May 1928South CarolinaDaughter
Leroy 1930District of ColumbiaSon
{Family 15}
CatherinaWashington, Washington1906HollandHead158
{Family 16}
MargotWashington, Washington1907MarylandRoomer254b
{Family 17}
Norman RWashington, Washington1904MarylandSon215
{Family 18}
Elenore Washington, Washington1911VirginiaDaughter220b
Norman 1929 District of ColumbiaGrandson
{Family 19}
James HWashington, Washington1911MarylandLodger56b
Clark L1913MarylandLodger
{Family 20}
JamesWashington, Washington1912MarylandBoarder134

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