CASE Families living in Connecticut in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 211}
CliffordStamford, Fairfield1904New YorkHead30b
{Family 212}
J EllsworthStamford, Fairfield1906New YorkHead194
Lorretta G 1909New YorkWife
{Family 213}
Charles HSterling, Windham1871ConnecticutHead114
Amela L1883ConnecticutWife
{Family 214}
Arthur C (Surnames listed Care)Suffield, Hartford1879ConnecticutHead10
Margarete A 1880ConnecticutWife
Raymond 1904ConnecticutSon
Francis 1906ConnecticutSon
Hazel M 1920MassachusettsDaughter
Florence 1838ConnecticutFather
{Family 215}
Clifford PTorrington, Litchfield1887ConnecticutHead28
Evelyn M1885ConnecticutWife
Oliver P1913ConnecticutSon
Dorothy E1915ConnecticutDaughter
Betty E1923ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 216}
Frank TTorrington, Litchfield1888South DakotaHead90b
Bertha J1894ConnecticutWife
Joyce A1917ConnecticutDaughter
Mary E1921ConnecticutDaughter
Nancy T1926 ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 217}
Lloyd MTorrington, Litchfield1904MinnesotaLodger180
{Family 218}
FrankWallingford, New Haven1863ConnecticutInmate 244
{Family 219}
Sarah BWallingford, New Haven1881ConnecticutInmate 245
{Family 220}
William TWallingford, New Haven1865ConnecticutHead235
{Family 221}
Julia Waterbury, New Haven1859ConnecticutHead301b
Rose D 1898ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 222}
AliceWaterbury, New Haven1863ConnecticutHead88
{Family 223}
ArthurWaterbury, New Haven1864ConnecticutHead263b
{Family 224}
RoyWaterbury, New Haven1901ConnecticutHead263b
{Family 225}
Elliot LWaterbury, New Haven1871ConnecticutHead116
Helena L1901ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 226}
Michael Waterbury, New Haven1881ConnecticutBoarder154b
{Family 227}
DanielWaterbury, New Haven1883New YorkHead291b
Elsig 1893New JerseyWife
{Family 228}
DanielWaterbury, New Haven1883New YorkHead292
Elsie1893New JerseyWife
{Family 229}
EarlisWaterbury, New Haven1896ConnecticutHead257b
Frances 1899ConnecticutWife
{Family 230}
Victoria MWaterford, New London1862ConnecticutHead219
Elizabeth G1888New YorkDaughter
{Family 231}
SamuelWatertown, Litchfield1884ConnecticutHead174b
{Family 232}
Emmorett HWest Hartford, Hartford1842ConnecticutHead148
{Family 233}
WilsonWest Hartford, Hartford1848ConnecticutHead193
{Family 234}
William CWest Hartford, Hartford1864ConnecticutHead9b
Florence A1879ConnecticutWife
Marshall H1915ConnecticutSon
{Family 235}
Samuel B West Hartford, Hartford1870New YorkFather-in-law61b
Anna E 1872New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 236}
David N West Hartford, Hartford1872ConnecticutHead95b
Jessie V 1873New YorkWife
David V 1900ConnecticutSon
Louis [Lois] 1912ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 237}
William West Hartford, Hartford1891ConnecticutLodger190
{Family 238}
Chester AWest Hartford, Hartford1890ConnecticutHead164
Lottie E 1897MassachusettsWife
Chester A1923ConnecticutSon
Kenneth E1925ConnecticutSon
{Family 239}
Jenney West Haven, New Haven1872ConnecticutInmate 77
{Family 240}
Ellen E West Haven, New Haven1844ConnecticutInmate 77

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