CASE Families living in Colorado in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
EmmaPrecinct 29, Jefferson1864IndianaHead229b
Sadie 1904IndianaDaughter
{Family 62}
James DPueblo, Pueblo 1870OhioHead118
Daisy N 1872OhioWife
{Family 63}
Howard M River Bend, Elbert 1892 ArkansasHead31
Cleo R 1896KansasWife
Cleo L 1925ColoradoDaughter
{Family 64}
Bruce F (Surnames listed Rose)Rock Creek, Rio Grande1894IllinoisHead79b
Alice M 1901ColoradoWife
Marie K 1924ColoradoDaughter
Pearl 1926 ColoradoDaughter
Lillian 1929ColoradoDaughter
{Family 65}
JohnRugby, Las Animas 1896AustriaBoarder188b
{Family 66}
WillSanta Clara, Huerfano 1865New YorkHead94b
Henry 1854New YorkBrother
{Family 67}
JohnSanta Clara, Huerfano 1896AustriaHead94
Marie 1905ColoradoWife
Jennie 1924ColoradoDaughter
Johnie 1929 ColoradoSon
{Family 68}
Thomas LSilverton, San Juan 1855MissouriHead204
Elizabeth 1865MissouriWife
{Family 69}
Allice VSouth Canon, Fremont 1856IndianaSister-in-law168b
{Family 70}
RaySpringfield, Baca 1917KansasBrother-in-law136b
{Family 71}
FredSteamboat Springs, Routt 1907OklahomaHead40
Carrie I 1902OklahomaWife
Fred 1928ColoradoSon
{Family 72}
Leon HSterling, Logan 1891IllinoisHead54b
E Fern 1893MissouriWife
Leon Edwin 1914ColoradoSon
J Pearl 1919ColoradoDaughter
Raymond H 1922ColoradoSon
Robert E 1923ColoradoSon
{Family 73}
Carlos CWalden, Jackson 1886CaliforniaHead269b
Esther 1892ColoradoWife
Grace A 1916ColoradoDaughter
{Family 74}
Lee Walden, Jackson 1905NebraskaSon-in-law273b
Dora 1904NebraskaDaughter
Leona 1927ColoradoGranddaughter
Robert Leslie 1930 ColoradoGrandson
{Family 75}
ReeceWalsenburg, Huerfano 1898KansasBoarder48b
{Family 76}
Roy JWhite Pine, Montrose 1889MissouriHead204
Phyllis 1894ColoradoWife
Henry 1914ColoradoSon
Joe 1917ColoradoSon
Lowell 1921ColoradoSon
Emmett 1923ColoradoSon
Donald 1930ColoradoSon
{Family 77}
Thomas JWhite Pine, Pitkin 1895ColoradoLodger117
{Family 78}
Jane Windsor, Weld 1867MissouriMother-in-law64

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