CASE Families living in Colorado in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
JohnDenver, Denver 1895RussiaHead231b
Katie 1901RussiaWife
Peter 1918ColoradoSon
Jacob 1919ColoradoSon
Mary 1921ColoradoDaughter
Katie 1922ColoradoDaughter
Helen 1925ColoradoDaughter
Rosa 1928 ColoradoDaughter
John A 1930ColoradoSon
{Family 32}
Leslie MDenver, Denver 1898MinnesotaHead32b
Isabelle M 1898New YorkWife
{Family 33}
Shelby LDenver, Denver 1904KentuckyHead26
Ruth L 1912TennesseeWife
Ruth C 1927KentuckyDaughter
Vivie L 1930 ColoradoDaughter
{Family 34}
GeorgeDenver, Denver 1906MissouriLodger79b
{Family 35}
Jacob LDenver, Denver 1907ColoradoHead207b
Anna L 1910ColoradoWife
Dorothy A 1928 ColoradoDaughter
Frederick J 1929 ColoradoSon
Laurence A 1930ColoradoSon
{Family 36}
ClaireDenver, Denver 1915ColoradoStepson236b
{Family 37}
Thora BFort Collins, Larimer1889NebraskaHead29b
Lois S 1862IndianaMother
{Family 38}
Bayard R Fort Collins, Larimer 1892ColoradoHead33
Elizabeth E 1893IowaWife
Stewart G 1917ColoradoSon
Stanley R 1918ColoradoSon
Albert W 1920ColoradoSon
{Family 39}
William MFort Collins, Larimer 1897IowaHead121b
Bessie M 1895IowaWife
Robert B 1921WyomingSon
Betty A 1923ColoradoDaughter
William A 1927CaliforniaSon
Fred A 1909IowaBrother
{Family 40}
Frank LFowler, Otero 1862OhioHead256b
Jennie G 1865IowaWife
Don B 1912OklahomaGrandson
{Family 41}
Harold GFowler, Otero 1892KansasHead256
Mabel L 1886IllinoisWife
Charles L 1917ColoradoSon
Francis L 1919ColoradoDaughter
Arthur L 1922ColoradoSon
Harley B 1924ColoradoSon
{Family 42}
TimothyFruitvale, Mesa?United States Inmate19b
{Family 43}
JohnGrand Junction, Mesa 1894ItalyHead106
Maria 1904ItalyWife
Elder G 1927 ItalySon
Vernon A 1930 ColoradoSon
{Family 44}
ClydeJohnstown, Weld 1909TennesseeHead197
Pauline 1913ColoradoWife
{Family 45}
Elmer E Laird, Yuma 1906KansasHead138
Fern L 1911KansasWife
{Family 46}
Greg [Guy]Lamar, Prowers 1905ColoradoHead154b
Ollie 1906NebraskaWife
Wayne 1926 ColoradoSon
{Family 47}
Mary MLas Animas, Bent 1865MissouriMother-in-law60
{Family 48}
May T [Marj.]Las Animas, Bent1890IllinoisHead51b
Jesse J 1909OklahomaSon
Elmer E 1914 OklahomaSon
{Family 49}
Stewart CLivermore, Larimer 1866IndianaHead13
Lillian B 1874ColoradoWife
{Family 50}
Ivan SLivermore, Larimer 1897ColoradoHead13
Allie M 1901ColoradoWife
Howard L 1925ColoradoSon
Willis C 1929ColoradoSon
{Family 51}
Nola BLongmont, Boulder1890NebraskaHead153
Howard W 1909WashingtonSon
Norman M 1918OregonSon
{Family 52}
Ezekiel C Milliken, Weld 1878KansasHead40b
Velzora O 1884KansasWife
Ivan C 1913KansasSon
Inez J 1916KansasDaughter
Audrey V 1919ColoradoDaughter
Doris J 1923ColoradoDaughter
{Family 53}
George W Milliken, Weld 1885KansasHead48
Hattie B 1891NebraskaWife
Laura J 1911KansasDaughter
Barbara B 1913KansasDaughter
Eleanor E 1915KansasDaughter
Eldon G 1918KansasSon
Loyal C 1924KansasSon
Loretta M 1928ColoradoDaughter
{Family 54}
Sarah AMontrose, Mont 1855PennsylvaniaMother116b
{Family 55}
Lloyd NMontrose, Mont 1902ColoradoHead122
Gladys 1908ColoradoWife
{Family 56}
R LeeNorth Fossil Creek, Larimer 1900ColoradoHead232
Alice 1897OhioWife
Betty Lee 1923ColoradoDaughter
Keith 1925ColoradoSon
{Family 57}
JohnOrdway, Crowley 1861OhioBoarder196b
{Family 58}
Charles DPayne and Payne Mesa, Delta 1871MichiganHead107
{Family 59}
Ned CPrecinct 14, Lincoln 1901IowaHead76
Ethel L 1903MissouriWife
Leon T 1923OklahomaSon
Lester C 1928 MissouriSon
{Family 60}
WalterPrecinct 27, Jefferson 1900MissouriHead214
Amy 1902KansasWife
Russell 1922KansasSon
Vaughn 1925KansasSon

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