CASE Families living in Colorado in 1930.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
CharlesAspen, Pitkin 1857WisconsinHead115b
{Family 2}
GilbertAspen, Pitkin 1865WisconsinHead108
{Family 3}
John MBoulder, Boulder 1875IndianaHead17
Ada E 1879IllinoisWife
Lela E 1908IllinoisDaughter
{Family 4}
Frank LBroadway, Arapahoe 1886KansasLodger174
{Family 5}
Roscoe G Brush, Morgan 1890IowaHead250b
Jessie G 1892ColoradoWife
Anna J 1927ColoradoDaughter
{Family 6}
George ECarlton, Prowers 1862IowaHead197b
Linnie D 1867IowaWife
{Family 7}
Howard HCarlton, Prowers 1895IowaHead197b
Elizabeth L 1895KansasWife
Elma V 1926ColoradoDaughter
Gerald C 1927ColoradoSon
{Family 8}
Virgil A Castle Rock, Douglas 1883KansasHead203b
Elina M 1883SwedenWife
Virginia E 1913ColoradoDaughter
Marjorie E 1922ColoradoDaughter
{Family 9}
Everett MColorado Springs, El Paso 1894OklahomaHead210
Annabelle 1898MissouriWife
Ruth 1916MissouriDaughter
Arthur 1919MissouriSon
Vivian 1921MissouriDaughter
Jessie 1924MissouriDaughter
Larry 1926 ColoradoSon
{Family 10}
Raymond CColorado Springs, El Paso 1907ColoradoBrother-in-law228b
Cora M 1911ColoradoSister-in-law
{Family 11}
L WColorado Springs, El Paso1857New YorkHead55b
Elenore 1888ConnecticutDaughter
{Family 12}
Jean MColorado Springs, El Paso1856New YorkHead64
Eleanor H 1893IllinoisDaughter
{Family 13}
Roy L Columbia Heights, Jefferson 1899MissouriHead247
Ruby A 1900KansasWife
Melvin W 1921KansasSon
Duane L 1924ColoradoSon
Norma M 1926ColoradoDaughter
{Family 14}
Austin GDenver, Denver 1847OhioHead222
{Family 15}
Frank A Denver, Denver 1852CanadaFather-in-law78b
{Family 16}
Emma JDenver, Denver 1851ConnecticutSister51b
{Family 17}
Donald BDenver, Denver 1904ColoradoHead161
Peggy 1925WyomingDaughter
Donald 1928ColoradoSon
Burton P 1862United StatesFather
{Family 18}
S R Denver, Denver 1865OhioMother14b
{Family 19}
Harvey Denver, Denver 1873OhioHead177
Jennie 1866IllinoisWife
{Family 20}
Etta MDenver, Denver 1877PennsylvaniaMatron79
{Family 21}
Willie W Denver, Denver 1882Washington D C Boarder125
{Family 22}
Carl LDenver, Denver 1884OhioHead4
Thersia M 1874OhioWife
{Family 23}
Osmond Denver, Denver 1886ColoradoHead150
Henrietta A 1890MissouriWife
Malone D 1911ColoradoDaughter
Virginia A 1912ColoradoDaughter
Beatrice M 1913ColoradoDaughter
Helen N 1916ColoradoDaughter
{Family 24}
Dwight EDenver, Denver 1887OhioHead75
Dora L 1888KansasWife
Eugene 1924ColoradoSon
{Family 25}
Benjamin F Denver, Denver 1888KansasHead111
William A 1910KansasSon
{Family 26}
DonaldDenver, Denver 1891ColoradoHead9b
Faye 1892KansasWife
A Bernard 1915ColoradoSon
Douglas 1919ColoradoSon
{Family 27}
Marvin ADenver, Denver 1892PennsylvaniaLodger163
{Family 28}
Maurice ADenver, Denver 1893ColoradoBrother12b
{Family 29}
AlphusDenver, Denver 1895WyomingRoomer118b
{Family 30}
Melville EDenver, Denver 1895OklahomaHead143b
Wilda M 1897OklahomaWife
Melville Eugene 1921KansasSon
Robert M 1924MissouriSon

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