CASE Families living in California in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
WilliamLong Beach, Los Angeles 1898OklahomaHead200b
Ethel 1901OklahomaWife
Billy 1921OklahomaSon
Jeane 1925 OklahomaDaughter
{Family 152}
DaveLong Beach, Los Angeles 1900IndianaHead177b
Beula 1898IowaWife
Kendell 1919CaliforniaSon
Jane 1921CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 153}
Leonard SLong Beach, Los Angeles 1900OklahomaHead262
Nancy E 1905OklahomaWife
{Family 154}
Lewis DLong Beach, Los Angeles 1901OklahomaHead87
Annie A 1906OklahomaWife
{Family 155}
??Sas (Closas?) [Clofas]Long Beach, Los Angeles 1907OklahomaHead195b
Geneva 1911UtahWife
Betty 1930CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 156}
LoyalLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1847IllinoisBoarder244b
{Family 157}
MelessaLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1847IndianaHead127b
Erastus (line voided) 1867ColoradoSon
Scott L 1871ColoradoSon
Frederick E 1874ColoradoSon
{Family 158}
Chloe A [Chlae] Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1849VermontHead177
Floyd T 1881NebraskaSon
{Family 159}
Leonard FLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1831New YorkHead177
{Family 160}
Nettie JLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1846OhioHead120
{Family 161}
MargaretLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1846WalesHead228
{Family 162}
James HLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1845IllinoisHead87b
Frances E 1857TennesseeWife
Edna F 1897CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 163}
Jane ALos Angeles, Los Angeles 1850MissouriHead128b
{Family 164}
Sophia GLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1850New JerseyHead94
{Family 165}
John DLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1852New YorkHead80b
Annie E 1848New YorkWife
Frances E 1850New YorkSister
{Family 166}
Florence MLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1880Rhode IslandHead237
Harold B 1889CaliforniaBrother
A Brainard 1850ConnecticutFather
{Family 167}
George MLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1852IllinoisHead68
Marjorie 1849OhioWife
Frances 1882KansasDaughter
Herbert 1885KansasSon
Mary 1891KansasDaughter
{Family 168}
Ada ALos Angeles, Los Angeles 1853OhioHead228b
Hiram 1888NebraskaSon
{Family 169}
Sarah SLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1854IndianaMother-in-law68b
{Family 170}
WilliamLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1854New YorkFather77
{Family 171}
Horace MLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1854MichiganRoomer170b
{Family 172}
Charles H Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1855MinnesotaHead194b
Frankie A 1860WisconsinWife
{Family 173}
Camille VLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1855New JerseyHead48b
Paul T 1887IllinoisSon
{Family 174}
Jennie PLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1857IllinoisMother-In-Law255b
{Family 175}
Homer J Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1859IndianaHead232
Celestie J 1866IowaWife
{Family 176}
Mary BLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1860CanadaHead244
{Family 177}
Herbert HLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1860IllinoisHead198b
Angella B 1860MassachusettsWife
{Family 178}
Minnie ELos Angeles, Los Angeles 1861IowaHead51b
{Family 179}
CleoLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1861IllinoisHead59
Mollie 1864IllinoisSister
{Family 180}
John EdwardLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1862IllinoisRoomer10b

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