CASE Families living in California in 1930.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
Louise Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1903South DakotaLodger208b
{Family 272}
George SLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1904IowaLodger206b
{Family 273}
Irma JLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1904VirginiaHead89b
{Family 274}
Edward TLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1904IowaHead22
Charlotte L 1909ColoradoWife
Wanda L 1926CaliforniaDaughter
Edward T 1928 CaliforniaSon
{Family 275}
Herman L Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1905MaineRoomer48b
{Family 276}
Arol LLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1906CaliforniaHead40
Alice K 1912NebraskaWife
{Family 277}
Margaret L Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1906OhioLodger202
{Family 278}
Rose G Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1906IllinoisLodger235
{Family 279}
Merton ALos Angeles, Los Angeles 1907KansasHead80b
Ruth D 1909ColoradoWife
Donald E 1929CaliforniaSon
{Family 280}
ArthurLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1907TexasHead86
Dorothy 1915TexasWife
Alva Fransis 1930 CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 281}
Whitfield BLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1907New JerseyHead198b
Carolyne 1912ConnecticutWife
{Family 282}
Q Carlos (J?)Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1907CaliforniaLodger220
{Family 283}
Richard W Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1907IllinoisHead289b
Blanche 1907IllinoisWife
James B 1929 IllinoisSon
{Family 284}
Kenneth Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1908MontanaHead96
{Family 285}
Kenneth ALos Angeles, Los Angeles 1908CaliforniaHead8
Artie P 1907CaliforniaWife
{Family 286}
Edna Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1909CaliforniaLodger218
{Family 287}
Harold TLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1909KansasLodger109
{Family 288}
France S [Frances] Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1909OklahomaHead121b
{Family 289}
NelsonLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1910CaliforniaHead103
Sarah L 1910VirginiaWife
{Family 290}
Althea Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1884UtahDaughter61
{Family 291}
Helen Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1895IndianaStepdaughter241
{Family 292}
George FLos Angeles, Los Angeles 1903MichiganStepson22
{Family 293}
Marie A Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1905CaliforniaDaughter14
Herbert H 1903IowaSon-in-law
{Family 294}
Veona M Los Angeles, Los Angeles 1906TexasDaughter113
{Family 295}
Maxwell, Case H
[Maxwell H Case]
Los Angeles, Los Angeles1876WisconsinHead68
Anna D (Surname listed Maxwell)1879GermanyWife
Glenn F 1907MinnesotaSon68
Norma L 1909MinnesotaDaughter
June M 1916MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 296}
Ella C Los Gatos, Santa Clara 1886CaliforniaDaughter235
Llewellyn E 1909CaliforniaGrandson
Mabel A 1915CaliforniaGranddaughter
{Family 297}
DenardLynwood, Los Angeles 1902Texas Head256b
Florence 1902OhioWife
Wanita 1928CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 298}
CharlesMadera, Madera 1907TexasHead173
Helen 1910IdahoWife
Kenneth C 1929 CaliforniaSon
{Family 299}
Edward LMarysville, Yuba 1906CaliforniaBoarder175
RalphMarysville, Yuba 1908CaliforniaRoomer206

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