CASE people in the 1930 census

NameLocation Est. Birth YearBirth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Emmet Anderson, Clark1906ArkansasHead31
Myrtle 1913ArkansasWife
{Family 2}
John H Anderson, Clark1884TennesseeHead31b
Carrie 1904ArkansasWife
George 1912ArkansasSon
Frances 1914ArkansasDaughter
Louiese 1924ArkansasDaughter
Louis 1926ArkansasSon
John J 1926ArkansasSon
{Family 3}
W A Arkansas, Arkansas1883TennesseeHead6
Alice 1899ArkansasWife
Luther 1916ArkansasSon
James 1919ArkansasSon
Walter 1922ArkansasSon
{Family 4}
William Bald Knob, White1910ArkansasHead22b
Myrtle 1913IllinoisWife
{Family 5}
Jessie L Batesville, Independence1907LouisianaBoarder172b
{Family 6}
Maggie B Batesville, Independence1882ArkansasHead163b
{Family 7}
Ella A [Elle R]Batesville, Independence1888ArkansasSister-in-law176
{Family 8}
William Bayou Mason, Chicot1876MichiganHead15b
Annie 1889TexasWife
Mary 1913LouisianaDaughter
Richard 1921LouisianaSon
Ruth 1926LouisianaDaughter
{Family 9}
J B Bear Wallow, Logan1897ArkansasHead6
Josie B 1908ArkansasWife
Lusettie 1925ArkansasDaughter
Alice 1928ArkansasDaughter6b
Martha E 1874KansasMother
{Family 10}
Ike Bear Wallow, Logan1901ArkansasHead6b
Matie 1927ArkansasSon
Noah H 1922ArkansasSon
Ray 1930ArkansasSon
Maggie 1929ArkansasDaughter
Majorie 1926ArkansasDaughter
{Family 11}
Arthur C Big Creek, Fulton1894ArkansasHead210
Pearl 1897ArkansasWife
Marceille 1922ArkansasDaughter
Billie Jean 1925ArkansasSon
{Family 12}
Lester C Big Creek, Lee1901IllinoisHead11b
Helen 1906NebraskaWife
{Family 13}
Walter R Boston, Newton1900ArkansasHead10b
Lura 1897ArkansasWife
Lucille 1920ArkansasDaughter
{Family 14}
Riley Boston, Newton1908ArkansasHead10
Maggie 1908ArkansasWife
John 1926ArkansasSon
Rufus 1928ArkansasSon
{Family 15}
Thomas Boston, Newton1910ArkansasHead10
Effie 1914ArkansasWife
Eugene ArkansasSon
{Family 16}
Benjamin Boston, Newton1897ArkansasHead10
Jasper 1918ArkansasSon
Martha 1920ArkansasDaughter
Eston 1922ArkansasSon
James 1926ArkansasSon
{Family 17}
Lilden Boston, Newton1880ArkansasHead10
Susan 1881KentuckyWife
Ethel 1914ArkansasDaughter
Sherman 1916ArkansasSon
Thurman 1921ArkansasSon
{Family 18}
Josh I Boston, Newton1886ArkansasHead10
Alfred 1912ArkansasSon10b
Lula 1914ArkansasDaughter
Homer 1916ArkansasSon
Willis 1918ArkansasSon
Hiley 1921ArkansasSon
{Family 19}
Merrick [Uldrick] Caddo, Clark1879ArkansasHead161
Celie 1872KansasMother
Ulish 1912ArkansasBrother
{Family 20}
Jennie Linzy
[Catherine Virginia Case Linzy]
Cane Creek, Lincoln1885ArkansasWife69
{Family 21}
Will E Christian, Independence1872ArkansasBoarder36b
{Family 22}
Henry D England, Lonoke1885ArkansasHead104b
Margret 1890MississippiWife
Dock 1907ArkansasSon
Jack H 1912ArkansasSon
{Family 23}
Elmer L Esculapia, Benton1876KansasHead143
Cecelia 1890South DakotaWife
Evelyn 1911South DakotaDaughter
{Family 24}
Margaret V Greenwood, Baxter1866MissouriHead23
{Family 25}
Archie S Greenwood, Baxter1902MissouriHead23
Earland 1908ArkansasWife
Troy A 1928ArkansasSon
{Family 26}
Garland Harrison, Boone1900ArkansasHead156
Mary [May] 1903ArkansasWife
Betty J 1926ArkansasDaughter
{Family 27}
Eddie E Hope, Hempstead1907ArkansasHead56b
Ruby 1904ArkansasWife
Opal G 1927ArkansasDaughter
Jaunita 1928ArkansasDaughter
{Family 28}
George Horsehead, Johnson1901MissouriSon-in-law127
Ella Horsehead, Johnson1914ArkansasDaughter
{Family 29}
B Frank Johnson, Logan1891ArkansasHead108
Sivilla 1897ArkansasWife
Paul 1913ArkansasSon
Maye 1920ArkansasDaughter
Vestal 1922ArkansasDaughter
Roscoe 1925ArkansasSon
Marie 1929ArkansasDaughter
{Family 30}
Charlie Johnson, Logan1907ArkansasHead108
Icey 1912ArkansasWife

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