CASE people in the 1930 census

NameLocation Est. Birth YearBirth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Albert TFairhope, Baldwin 1892New YorkHead
Ruth D 1900New YorkWife
Charles S 1917OhioSon
Dorothy 1923OregonDaughter
Kathrine 1925OregonDaughter
{Family 2}
PaulAnniston, Calhoun 1909AlabamaHead
{Family 3}
Lida MJackson, Clarke 1917AlabamaStepdaughter
{Family 4}
Rozanna JLebanon, De Kalb 1855AlabamaHead
{Family 5}
Byron ACurtiston, Etowah 1868OhioHead287-b
Myrtle E 1872OhioWife
{Family 6}
BillRussellville, Franklin 1903AlabamaHead55
Noel 1909AlabamaWife
Cannie 1927AlabamaDaughter
Billie 1929AlabamaSon
{Family 7}
James LFackler, Jackson 1901GeorgiaHead94-b
Dora L 1899TennesseeWife
James L 1917TennesseeSon95
Martha J 1919TennesseeDaughter
Bula 1921TennesseeDaughter
Virgil L 1923TennesseeDaughter
Henry E 1925TennesseeSon
Bessie P 1927TennesseeDaughter
{Family 8}
Chester HBirmingham, Jefferson 1899OhioHead
Cassie B 1900OhioWife
Caleb B 1928AlabamaSon
{Family 9}
Everett GBirmingham, Jefferson 1900TennesseeHead120
Myrtie 1907AlabamaWife
Cleveland G 1928TennesseeSon
{Family 10}
NellBirmingham, Jefferson 1915AlabamaDaughter262
Wilfred 1930AlabamaGrandson
{Family 11}
WalterBirmingham, Jefferson 1894AlabamaHead29
Stella 1908AlabamaWife
Howard 1926AlabamaSon
{Family 12}
Robert LCross Roads, Lauderdale 1891TennesseeHead84-b
Lillie 1891AlabamaWife
Velmer 1914Daughter
Jessie 1917AlabamaDaughter85
Vilrce [Valree] 1919AlabamaDaughter
Ella 1922AlabamaDaughter
Netis 1925AlabamaDaughter
{Family 13}
T OlonCross Roads, Lauderdale 1903AlabamaHead87
Flois 1907AlabamaWife
Sibyl 1923AlabamaDaughter
Colleen 1929AlabamaDaughter
{Family 14}
J PMitchells, Lauderdale 1868TennesseeHead18
Davis [Dovis] - 1920 census shows Dovie 1896TennesseeDaughter
Willie 1901TennesseeSon
Ada 1912TDaughter
{Family 15}
ElsieSlough, Limestone 1902TennesseeHead278
Mahlean 1904TennesseeWife
Foster 1923TennesseeSon
Virginia 1924TennesseeDaughter
{Family 16}
William HSlough, Limestone 1896AlabamaHead263
Easline 1907AlabamaWife
Katherine L 1924AlabamaDaughter
Effie M 1926AlabamaDaughter
Dorothy A 1929AlabamaDaughter
{Family 17}
John WSlough, Limestone 1873TennesseeHead277-b
Jeice W [Alice W] 1878TennesseeWife
James 1915TennesseeSon278
Mary 1918TennesseeDaughter
{Family 18}
Samuel ADallas, Madison 1898AlabamaHead259
Burtha 1905AlabamaWife
Hellen 1928AlabamaDaughter
{Family 19}
William HDallas, Madison 1893AlabamaHead257-b
Zoe A 1894AlabamaWife
Henry B 1917AlabamaSon258
Carlean B 1924AlabamaSon
William D 1921AlabamaSon
Earnest R 1926AlabamaSon
Lema M [Luna] 1928AlabamaDaughter
{Family 20}
ClarenceWhitesburg, Madison 1907AlabamaHead262-b
Grace 1913AlabamaWife
Herman 1929AlabamaSon
{Family 21}
Lewis R [Louis R)Beard's Mill, Mobile 1860PennsylvaniaHead6
Carrie M [Carlie M] 1863PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 22}
William ECitronelle, Mobile 1852New YorkHead119-b
Lilly A 1859IllinoisWife
Margaret L 1886IllinoisDaughter
{Family 23}
John PMobile, Mobile 1897AlabamaBoarder296
{Family 24}
Harry LMobile, Mobile 1890IllinoisHead29-b
Elizabeth M 1891IowaWife
Louise H 1866IllinoisDaughter30
Jame E [June] 1921IllinoisDaughter
H Robert 1922IllinoisSon
{Family 25}
Hallmtle H [Hall H?]Mobile, Mobile 1858KentuckyFather-in-law50-b
Blandie O 1862KentuckyMother-in-law
{Family 26}
Lyda MaeMobile, Mobile 1911AlabamaRoomer149-b
{Family 27}
OscarDecatur, Morgan 1877TennesseeHead274-b (7651)
Ida 1878TennesseeWife
Elba 1911TennesseeSon
Mahlon 1913TennesseeSon
Melvin 1915TennesseeSon
Edward 1907TennesseeSon
Velma 1909AlabamaDaughter-in-law
{Family 28}
Josie IDecatur, Morgan 1881AlabamaMother-in-law282-b
{Family 29}
Minnie AMontgomery, Montgomery 1896MississippiStepdaughter183
{Family 30}
CharlesMontgomery, Montgomery 1878OhioLodger132-b
{Family 31}
AbbetTrinity, Morgan 1900AlabamaHead160
Lula 1896AlabamaWife
Loid 1920TennesseeSon
Cathrine 1922TennesseeDaughter
Margret 1926AlabamaDaughter
Anbey [Orley] 1928AlabamaSon
Bob 1889AlabamaBrother160-b

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