CASE Families living in Wyoming in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Clara SCasper, Natrona1900NebraskaLodger16b
{Family 2}
?Casper, Natrona1900N S Lodger74
{Family 3}
Andrew E Clearmont, Sheridan1865OhioHead127
Zelma M 1872NebraskaWife
Edith J 1905CaliforniaDaughter
{Family 4}
F D (Surnames listed Care) Election District 15, Crook1865IllinoisHead209
{Family 5}
Frank LElection District 8, Big Horn1887MissouriBrother-in-law152
Mary 1897ColoradoSister
Mary P1918WyomingNiece
Hazel V 1919WyomingNiece
{Family 6}
John Evanston, Uinta 1867 New YorkLodger234
{Family 7}
John H Evanston, Uinta1870New YorkHead237
Caroline 1876NebraskaWife
{Family 8}
Arch FFort D A Russell, Laramie1888Kentucky152
{Family 9}
James B Fort Steele, Carbon1877MissouriHead130
Gertrude L1887KansasWife
Marvin A 1906WyomingSon
James W 1908WyomingSon
Frank 1911WyomingSon
Lucy J 1913WyomingDaughter
{Family 10}
William OGreen Mountain, Weston1888IowaHead271
Anna 1887 SwedenMother
Clemens H 1916 WyomingSon
David W1917WyomingSon
{Family 11}
Thomas G Janet, Converse1873IowaHead84b
Maud L 1869New YorkWife
Raymond H 1905IowaSon
Velma M 1906MissouriDaughter
{Family 12}
Clara E Orin, Converse1902IllinoisStep Daughter 38b
Wesson 1905IllinoisStep Son
George H 1906MissouriStep Son
Charles L 1908WyomingStep Son
Elsie M 1910WyomingStep Daughter
Frank A 1912WyomingStep Son
{Family 13}
William H Sheridan, Sheridan 1841 KentuckyHead20
Sarah J 1845MissouriWife
{Family 14}
Samuel Sheridan, Sheridan1887IowaHead38b
Grace 1892ColoradoWife
{Family 15}
Chas P Stoner, Lincoln1857MassachusettsHired Man48b
{Family 16}
Cecil ETorrington, Goshen1895NebraskaStep Son 156
Edith M 1893NebraskaDaughter-in-law
Richard J1919NebraskaGrandson
{Family 17}
Peter Worland, Washakie1853IndianaHead249b
Emma J 1863 WisconsinWife
James I1893ColoradoSon
Alta 1895NebraskaDaughter-in-law
Ralph 1899ColoradoSon
Lee D 1903ColoradoSon
Raymond R 1905ColoradoSon
Ronald I 1917 ColoradoGrandson

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