CASE Families living in West Virginia in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
James BBeaver, Nicholas1860West VirginiaHead48b
Nannie A1868West VirginiaWife
{Family 2}
Claten CBeaver, Nicholas1885West VirginiaHead49b
Mary C1889West VirginiaWife
Myrtle A1908West VirginiaDaughter
Frossie I1910West VirginiaDaughter
Elcie B1911West VirginiaDaughter
Silva L1913West VirginiaDaughter
Ernist L 1915 West VirginiaSon
Ina C 1917 West VirginiaDaughter
Ella R 1919 West VirginiaDaughter
Clarah I 1920 West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 3}
Charles B Birch, Braxton1867West VirginiaHead25
Rhenemma M 1868West VirginiaWife
Herbert 1899West VirginiaSon
Evert 1903West VirginiaSon
Luther G 1906West VirginiaSon
Laurence 1906West VirginiaSon
Ethel 1909West VirginiaDaughter
Clyde 1911West VirginiaSon
{Family 4}
Lenson Charleston, South Carolina,
United States Military and Naval Forces
{Family 5}
George JClay, Monongalia1881West VirginiaHead59b
Walter F1905West VirginiaSon
Charley Francis1912West VirginiaSon60
Jettie E1914West VirginiaDaughter
Lettie Jane1917West VirginiaDaughter
Rex E 1920 West VirginiaSon
{Family 6}
Levi HFairfax, Tucker1860West VirginiaBoarder255
{Family 7}
OlandFairfax, Tucker1898West VirginiaBoarder227
{Family 8}
EmmaFairmont, Marion1883West VirginiaServant28b
{Family 9}
Jas E Gassaway, Braxton1894West VirginiaHead115
Ida 1898West VirginiaWife
Hazel 1916West VirginiaDaughter
L Sean1917West VirginiaSon
Leo 1919 West VirginiaSon
Virginia 1920West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 10}
Walter Glade, Webster1860West VirginiaHead194b
Emma M 1872West VirginiaWife
Mabel L 1905West VirginiaDaughter
Laurence E1907West VirginiaSon
{Family 11}
Ervin M Glade, Webster1871West VirginiaHead213
A Belle 1881West VirginiaWife
[Okey R]1900West VirginiaSon
Virgie M1902West VirginiaDaughter
Howard D 1904West VirginiaSon
Lester S 1909West VirginiaSon
Maud G 1910West VirginiaDaughter
B William 1915 West VirginiaSon
Edith L 1918West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 12}
William M Glade, Webster1873West VirginiaHead216b
Lula I 1875West VirginiaWife
Alda 1901West VirginiaDaughter
Mildred 1914West VirginiaDaughter
Glenn 1920 West VirginiaSon
{Family 13}
Ezra CGlade, Webster1878West VirginiaHead192b
Clara 1892West VirginiaWife
Harry E 1912West VirginiaSon193
Alma A 1914West VirginiaDaughter
Mable G 1915West VirginiaDaughter
Inas R 1918West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 14}
BertGlade, Webster1882West VirginiaHead192
Pearl 1887West VirginiaWife
Cecil E 1906West VirginiaSon
Andra B1908West VirginiaDaughter
Ople 1910West VirginiaDaughter
Hazle 1912West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 15}
ClaudeGlade, Webster1900West VirginiaBoarder218b
{Family 16}
Tressie Glade, Webster1906West VirginiaGranddaughter192
{Family 17}
Harvey Grafton, Taylor1891West VirginiaHead186
Mabel 1901West VirginiaWife
Irene 1920 West VirginiaDaughter
Everett 1903West VirginiaBrother
{Family 18}
Harry Grant, Doddridge1906West VirginiaGrandson175
{Family 19}
Charles Hamilton, Nicholas1886West VirginiaHead163
Bessie 1888West VirginiaWife
Bernard 1911West VirginiaSon
Bernice 1913West VirginiaDaughter
Beulah 1916West VirginiaDaughter
John Owen 1918West VirginiaSon
{Family 20}
Addie (Addis?) Kanawha, Kanawha1885AlabamaHead234b
Thomas M 1900MississippiSon
Curtis 1912West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 21}
RussellKanawha, Kanawha1901IndianaStep Son 238
{Family 22}
JohnMartinsburg, Berkeley1884West VirginiaHead107
Cora1890West VirginiaWife
John Jr. 1907West VirginiaSon
Elsie1909West VirginiaDaughter
Roy1911West VirginiaSon
{Family 23}
Charles CMorgantown, Monongalia1888New YorkHead174
Alberta W 1887OhioWife
Charles C 1915New YorkSon
Alice M 1917 New YorkDaughter
{Family 24}
George Parkersburg, Wood1872OhioHead52
Laura J 1862OhioWife
Ruth 1893OhioDaughter
Mary 1895OhioDaughter
Laura 1899OhioDaughter
Philip 1900OhioSon
{Family 25}
L Charles Parkersburg, Wood1893West VirginiaHead117
Annette 1897West VirginiaWife
{Family 26}
Jay DParkersburg, Wood1872New YorkHead187
Emma A 1872New YorkWife
{Family 27}
Christina Paw Paw, Marion1853West VirginiaHead295b
Elizabeth D 1887West VirginiaDaughter
Arthur 1909West VirginiaGrandson
{Family 28}
Clay D Richland, Ohio1894New YorkHead173
Mable A 1900New YorkWife
{Family 29}
Phoebe Rowlesburg, Preston1842PennsylvaniaHead211b
{Family 30}
Margaret J Rowlesburg, Preston1869PennsylvaniaHead212
William K 1903West VirginiaSon
Thelma V 1907West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 31}
Lawrence Shepherdstown, Jefferson1906West VirginiaOrphan263b
{Family 32}
Artel J Sistersville, Tyler1894PennsylvaniaHead93
Clara J 1895PennsylvaniaWife
Margaret 1920 West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 33}
Alice F Weston, Lewis1886IndianaHead53
Edith 1907IndianaDaughter
John Paul 1915IndianaSon
{Family 34}
CharlesWheeling, Ohio 1880 West VirginiaHead189b
Warren 1882West VirginiaBrother
Susan 1884West VirginiaSister
{Family 35}
Charles E (Same as below) Wheeling, Ohio1880OhioHead108
Eva J 1883West VirginiaWife
Ruth 1915West VirginiaDaughter
Nellie 1919 West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 36}
Charles (Same as above) Wheeling, Ohio1885West VirginiaHead104b
Eva 1885West VirginiaWife
Ruth 1915West VirginiaDaughter
Nellie 1918West VirginiaDaughter

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