CASE Families living in West Virginia in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Charles BBirch, Braxton1867West VirginiaHead25
Rhenemma MBirch, Braxton 1868West VirginiaWife
HerbertBirch, Braxton 1899West VirginiaSon
EvertBirch, Braxton 1903West VirginiaSon
LaurenceBirch, Braxton 1906West VirginiaSon
Luther GBirch, Braxton 1906West VirginiaSon
EthelBirch, Braxton 1909West VirginiaDaughter
ClydeBirch, Braxton 1911West VirginiaSon
{Family 2}
Jas EGassaway, Braxton 1894West VirginiaHead
IdaGassaway, Braxton 1898West VirginiaWife
HazelGassaway, Braxton 1916West VirginiaDaughter
LelanGassaway, Braxton 1917West VirginiaSon
LeoGassaway, Braxton 1918West VirginiaSon
VirginiaGassaway, Braxton 1919West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 3}
HarryGrant, Doddridge 1906West VirginiaGrandson
{Family 4}
LawrenceShepherdstown, Jefferson 1906West VirginiaOrphan 263b
{Family 5}
Addie Kanawha, Kanawha 1885AlabamaHead234b
Thomas MKanawha, Kanawha 1900MississippiSon
CurtisKanawha, Kanawha 1912West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 6}
Surname listed Cose
Kanawha, Kanawha 1901IndianaSon
{Family 7}
Alice FWeston, Lewis 1886IndianaHead
EdithWeston, Lewis 1907IndianaDaughter
John PaulWeston, Lewis 1915IndianaSon
{Family 8}
William B
Surnames listed Cease
Logan, Logan 1882VirginiaHead
Carra L Logan, Logan 1895VirginiaWife
Altha B Logan, Logan 1914West VirginiaDaughter
Billie R Logan, Logan 1915West VirginiaSon
Effie M Logan, Logan 1916West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 9}
Surname listed Cose
Fairmont, Marion 1883West VirginiaServant
{Family 10}
ChristinaPaw Paw, Marion 1853West VirginiaHead295b
Elizabeth DPaw Paw, Marion 1887West VirginiaDaughter
ArthurPaw Paw, Marion 1909West VirginiaGrandson
{Family 11}
Surnames listed Call
Union, Marion 1896PennsylvaniaDaughter
Walter Union, Marion 1913West VirginiaGrandson
{Family 12}
Charles C Morgantown Ward 2, Monongalia 1888New YorkHead
Alberta W Morgantown Ward 2, Monongalia 1887OhioWife
Charles C Morgantown Ward 2, Monongalia 1915New YorkSon
Alice M Morgantown Ward 2, Monongalia 1916New YorkDaughter
{Family 13}
Claten C
Surnames listed Care
Beaver, Nicholas 1885West VirginiaHead49b
Mary C Beaver, Nicholas 1889West VirginiaWife
Myrtle A Beaver, Nicholas 1908West VirginiaDaughter
Flossie J Beaver, Nicholas 1910West VirginiaDaughter
Elcie B Beaver, Nicholas 1911West VirginiaDaughter
Silva L Beaver, Nicholas 1913West VirginiaDaughter
Ernest L Beaver, Nicholas 1919West VirginiaSon
Jno C [Ina]Beaver, Nicholas 1916West VirginiaDaughter
Ella R Beaver, Nicholas 1918West VirginiaDaughter
Clarah J Beaver, Nicholas 1919West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 14}
James B
Surnames listed Cose
Beaver, Nicholas 1860West VirginiaHead
Nannie A Beaver, Nicholas 1868West VirginiaWife
{Family 15}
CharlesHamilton, Nicholas 1886West VirginiaHead
BessieHamilton, Nicholas 1888West VirginiaWife
BernardHamilton, Nicholas 1911West VirginiaSon
BerniceHamilton, Nicholas 1913West VirginiaDaughter
BeulahHamilton, Nicholas 1916West VirginiaDaughter
John OwenHamilton, Nicholas 1917West VirginiaSon
{Family 16}
Clay DRichland, Ohio 1894New YorkHead
Mable ARichland, Ohio 1900New YorkWife
{Family 17}
Charles Wheeling Ward 6, Ohio 1880West VirginiaHead
Warren Wheeling Ward 6, Ohio 1882West VirginiaBrother
Susan Wheeling Ward 6, Ohio 1884West VirginiaSister
{Family 18}
Charles EWheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1880OhioHead
Eva JWheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1883West VirginiaWife
RuthWheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1915West VirginiaDaughter
NellieWheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1918West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 19}
Charles Wheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1885West VirginiaHead
Eva Wheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1885West VirginiaWife
Ruth Wheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1915West VirginiaDaughter
Nellie Wheeling Ward 8, Ohio 1918West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 20}
PhoebeRowlesburg, Preston 1842PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 21}
Margaret JRowlesburg, Preston 1869PennsylvaniaHead
William KRowlesburg, Preston 1903West VirginiaSon
Thelma VRowlesburg, Preston 1907West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 22}
HarveyGrafton, Taylor 1891West VirginiaHead
MabelGrafton, Taylor 1901West VirginiaWife
IreneGrafton, Taylor 1919West VirginiaDaughter
EverettGrafton, Taylor 1903West VirginiaBrother
{Family 23}
Oland Fairfax, Tucker 1898West VirginiaBoarder
{Family 24}
Artel JSistersville, Tyler 1894PennsylvaniaHead
Clara JSistersville, Tyler 1895PennsylvaniaWife
MargaretSistersville, Tyler 1919West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 25}
WalterGlade, Webster 1860West VirginiaHead
Emma MGlade, Webster 1872West VirginiaWife
Mabel LGlade, Webster 1905West VirginiaDaughter
Lawrence EGlade, Webster 1907West VirginiaSon
{Family 26}
Ervin MGlade, Webster 1871West VirginiaHead
A BelleGlade, Webster 1881West VirginiaWife
Okey RGlade, Webster 1900West VirginiaSon
Vinnie MGlade, Webster 1902West VirginiaDaughter
Howard DGlade, Webster 1904West VirginiaSon
Lester SGlade, Webster 1909West VirginiaSon
Maud GGlade, Webster 1910West VirginiaDaughter
B WilliamGlade, Webster 1905West VirginiaSon
Edith LGlade, Webster 1918West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 27}
William MGlade, Webster 1873West VirginiaHead
Lula IGlade, Webster 1875West VirginiaWife
AldaGlade, Webster 1901West VirginiaDaughter
MildredGlade, Webster 1914West VirginiaDaughter
GlennGlade, Webster 1919West VirginiaSon
{Family 28}
Ezra C Glade, Webster 1878West VirginiaHead
ClaraGlade, Webster 1892West VirginiaWife
Harry EGlade, Webster 1912West VirginiaSon
Alma AGlade, Webster 1914West VirginiaDaughter
Mable GGlade, Webster 1915West VirginiaDaughter
Inas RGlade, Webster 1917West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 29}
Bert Glade, Webster 1882West VirginiaHead
Pearl Glade, Webster 1887West VirginiaWife
Cecil E Glade, Webster 1906West VirginiaSon
Audra B Glade, Webster 1908West VirginiaDaughter
Ople Glade, Webster 1910West VirginiaDaughter
Hazle Glade, Webster 1912West VirginiaDaughter
{Family 30}
Claude Glade, Webster 1900West VirginiaBoarder
{Family 31}
TressieGlade, Webster 1906West VirginiaGranddaughter
{Family 32}
GeorgeParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1872OhioHead
Laura JParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1862OhioWife
RuthParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1893OhioDaughter
MaryParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1895OhioDaughter
LauraParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1899OhioDaughter
PhilipParkersburg Ward 1, Wood 1900OhioSon
{Family 33}
Jay D Parkersburg Ward 5, Wood 1872New YorkHead
Emma AParkersburg Ward 5, Wood 1872New YorkWife
{Family 34}
L CharlesParkersburg Ward 3, Wood 1893West VirginiaHead
AnnetteParkersburg Ward 3, Wood 1897West VirginiaWife

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