CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
WillardBrockway, Jackson 1862WisconsinHead
Lillian Brockway, Jackson 1867WisconsinWife
RobertBrockway, Jackson 1900WisconsinSon
MargarettaBrockway, Jackson 1902WisconsinDaughter
{Family 32}
Bird Farmington, Jefferson 1857WisconsinHead 30b
{Family 33}
PhilbertFarmington, Jefferson 1879WisconsinHead
BerthaFarmington, Jefferson 1881WisconsinWife
EthelFarmington, Jefferson 1908WisconsinDaughter
{Family 34}
JohnKoshkonong, Jefferson 1868WisconsinBoarder
{Family 35}
William LKoshkonong, Jefferson 1872WisconsinHead
Bertha Koshkonong, Jefferson 1872WisconsinWife
PaulKoshkonong, Jefferson 1898WisconsinSon
{Family 36}
Horace WKoshkonong, Jefferson 1873WisconsinHead
AlmaKoshkonong, Jefferson 1885WisconsinWife
EvaKoshkonong, Jefferson 1904WisconsinDaughter
{Family 37}
Archibald R Kingston, Juneau 1881WisconsinHead
Laura BKingston, Juneau 1881WisconsinWife
Russell MKingston, Juneau 1908WisconsinStepson
{Family 38}
Frances M Kenosha Ward 6, Kenosha 1870IllinoisHead 5b
{Family 39}
Cay [Ray]Kenosha Ward 1, Kenosha 1892WisconsinLodger20b
{Family 40}
ClarenceAntigo Ward 4, Langlade 1884WisconsinHead
LoretteAntigo Ward 4, Langlade 1886WisconsinWife
{Family 41}
George Antigo Ward 6, Langlade 1880WisconsinHead
VioletAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1878WisconsinWife
HowardAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1900WisconsinSon
LesterAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1902WisconsinSon
LynnAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1904WisconsinSon
MargarethAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1910WisconsinDaughter
ClaytonAntigo Ward 6, Langlade 1914WisconsinSon
{Family 42}
Fagette (Fayette) B Eugene
Surnames listed Cose
Texas, Marathon 1883WisconsinHead
Emma ETexas, Marathon 1890WisconsinWife
Fredrick WTexas, Marathon 1910WisconsinSon
Emma RTexas, Marathon 1912WisconsinDaughter
Ruth FTexas, Marathon 1915WisconsinDaughter
Frank BTexas, Marathon 1916WisconsinSon
James LTexas, Marathon 1918WisconsinSon
{Family 43}
Harvey Eugene
Surnames listed Pase
Wausau Ward 1, Marathon 1890WisconsinHead
MargaretWausau Ward 1, Marathon 1892WisconsinWife
{Family 44}
Malcolm R Wausau Ward 6, Marathon 1886WisconsinHead
Olga I M Wausau Ward 6, Marathon 1884WisconsinWife
{Family 45}
Lucrecia Eugene
Surnames listed Cass
Marinette Ward 4, Marinette 1881WisconsinHead
DanelMarinette Ward 4, Marinette 1900WisconsinSon
HarrietMarinette Ward 4, Marinette 1902WisconsinDaughter
LeonaMarinette Ward 4, Marinette 1905WisconsinDaughter
RalphMarinette Ward 4, Marinette 1910WisconsinSon
{Family 46}
MathewNiagara, Marinette 1881WisconsinHead
ChristineNiagara, Marinette 1892WisconsinWife
DorilNiagara, Marinette 1918WisconsinSon
{Family 47}
RoseMilwaukee Ward 1, Milwaukee 1867WisconsinLodger
{Family 48}
Florence Milwaukee Ward 1, Milwaukee 1897WisconsinNiece 53
{Family 49}
George [Georgia]Milwaukee Ward 1, Milwaukee 1903OhioNiece
{Family 50}
Winnifred (Winifred)Milwaukee Ward 3, Milwaukee 1880EnglandBoarder
MarjorieMilwaukee Ward 3, Milwaukee 1908IllinoisBoarder
{Family 51}
Holmer M Milwaukee Ward 5, Milwaukee 1868WisconsinRoomer232b
{Family 52}
HowardMilwaukee Ward 9, Milwaukee 1895WisconsinBoarder
{Family 53}
HenryMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1873WisconsinHead
MargaretMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1877WisconsinWife
TheodoreMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1903WisconsinSon
BenjaminMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1905WisconsinSon
DorothyMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1909WisconsinDaughter
MargaruiteMilwaukee Ward 15, Milwaukee 1911WisconsinDaughter
{Family 54}
DellaMilwaukee Ward 18, Milwaukee 1861WisconsinMother-in-law
{Family 55}
Spencer L
Surnames listed Cose
West Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1886WisconsinHead 293
Freda MWest Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1895IllinoisWife
Spencer HWest Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1919WisconsinSon
Leone Bens [Bess]West Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1911WisconsinDaughter
Jessie AWest Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1915WisconsinDaughter
{Family 56}
Spencer L West Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1844WisconsinHead
Mary E West Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1849WisconsinWife
Myrtle E West Allis Ward 4, Milwaukee 1874WisconsinDaughter
{Family 57}
Louise Scott, Monroe 1860WisconsinHead
Lucetta Scott, Monroe 1883WisconsinDaughter
Evyln Scott, Monroe 1913WisconsinStepdaughter
{Family 58}
James H Armstrong, Oconto 1848New YorkHead
Hannah B Armstrong, Oconto 1849New YorkWife
Sadie Lena, Oconto 1919WisconsinAdopted Daughter
{Family 59}
HenryOconto East Ward, Oconto 1890WisconsinHead
VernaOconto East Ward, Oconto 1891WisconsinWife
GordonOconto East Ward, Oconto 1919WisconsinSon
{Family 60}
ElizaRhinelander Ward 2, Oneida 1853EnglandMother-in-law

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