CASE Families living in Wisconsin in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
J NAshland Ward 4, Ashland 1885MinnesotaHead
Mrs J NAshland Ward 4, Ashland 1884WisconsinWife
GladysAshland Ward 4, Ashland 1911WisconsinDaughter
JamesAshland Ward 4, Ashland 1912WisconsinSon
GraceAshland Ward 4, Ashland 1914WisconsinDaughter
{Family 2}
Surnames listed Care
Maple Grove, Barron 1874New YorkHead
Lizzie MMaple Grove, Barron 1874WisconsinWife
{Family 3}
JamesRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1877IllinoisHead6
AnnaRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1876MinnesotaWife
LouisRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1899MinnesotaSon
HarveyRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1906WisconsinSon
ArchieRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1908WisconsinSon
LeslieRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1910WisconsinSon
DorothyRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1912WisconsinDaughter
{Family 4}
TheodoreRice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1900WisconsinHead6
Hadsey M [Audrey]Rice Lake Ward 1, Barron 1901WisconsinWife
{Family 5}
Walter Stanley, Barron 1884WisconsinHead68
Lena Stanley, Barron 1887WisconsinWife
Eveline Stanley, Barron 1911WisconsinDaughter
Robert Stanley, Barron 1914WisconsinSon
Ella Stanley, Barron 1917WisconsinDaughter
Rhillis [Phyllis]Stanley, Barron 1919WisconsinDaughter
{Family 6}
Frank T Cable, Bayfield 1888IndianaNephew
{Family 7}
Gwendoline Lafayette, Chippewa 1903WisconsinPatient
{Family 8}
Mrs G W Portage Ward 4, Columbia 1842New YorkHead
{Family 9}
C B (Charles B)Prairie Du Chien, Crawford 1846New YorkHead196b
Phelix [Ettilie]Prairie Du Chien, Crawford 1855WisconsinWife
Wilhelmina Prairie Du Chien, Crawford 1882WisconsinDaughter
{Family 10}
Charles CPrairie Du Chien, Crawford 1871WisconsinHead
BellePrairie Du Chien, Crawford 1890WisconsinWife
FranklinPrairie Du Chien, Crawford 1909WisconsinSon
DorothyPrairie Du Chien, Crawford 1910WisconsinDaughter
NoblePrairie Du Chien, Crawford 1914WisconsinSon
{Family 11}
Donald L
Surnames listed Cass
Fitchburg, Dane 1891WisconsinHead 23
Sarah EFitchburg, Dane 1892NorwayWife
Charles DFitchburg, Dane 1915WisconsinSon
Thalma JFitchburg, Dane 1916WisconsinDaughter
MaxFitchburg, Dane 1898WisconsinBrother
Arnold JFitchburg, Dane 1901WisconsinBrother
Lena MFitchburg, Dane 1886WisconsinSister
Charles SFitchburg, Dane 1861WisconsinFather
Gleen WFitchburg, Dane 1898WisconsinCousin
{Family 12}
Evelyn Madison Ward 4, Dane 1902WisconsinLodger
{Family 13}
Stella Madison Ward 6, Dane 1898WisconsinLodger
{Family 14}
LauraMadison Ward 6, Dane 1838PennsylvaniaMother-in-law
{Family 15}
James Eben Mazomanie, Dane 1860New YorkHead
{Family 16}
Lan [Van]
Surnames listed Cass
Springdale, Dane 1891WisconsinHead
MarieSpringdale, Dane 1890WisconsinWife
BennSpringdale, Dane 1915WisconsinSon
CathelineSpringdale, Dane 1915WisconsinDaughter
GeorgeSpringdale, Dane 1918WisconsinSon
MarkSpringdale, Dane 1899WisconsinBrother
{Family 17}
MarshallSuperior Ward 4, Douglas 1857New YorkHead
Sadie JSuperior Ward 4, Douglas 1873MichiganWife
{Family 18}
AliceSuperior Ward 5, Douglas 1860United States of AmericaAunt
{Family 19}
Mary L Menomonie Ward 2, Dunn 1876WisconsinHead
{Family 20}
George Byron, Fond Du Lac 1860New YorkHead 73
Erwiny Byron, Fond Du Lac 1864WisconsinWife
Oscker Byron, Fond Du Lac 1900WisconsinSon
{Family 21}
AustinByron, Fond Du Lac 1875WisconsinHead 73
Cary [Carrie]Byron, Fond Du Lac 1882WisconsinWife
RoyByron, Fond Du Lac 1901WisconsinSon
EarlByron, Fond Du Lac 1902WisconsinSon
Josephin [Josephine]Byron, Fond Du Lac 1904WisconsinDaughter
Loa [Leo]Byron, Fond Du Lac 1907WisconsinSon
{Family 22}
Justen [Justin]Fond Du Lac Ward 6, Fond Du Lac 1875WisconsinHead
KathrynFond Du Lac Ward 6, Fond Du Lac 1881WisconsinWife
ClaraFond Du Lac Ward 6, Fond Du Lac 1908WisconsinDaughter
LaurenceFond Du Lac Ward 6, Fond Du Lac 1912WisconsinSon
{Family 23}
WilliamFond Du Lac Ward 6, Fond Du Lac 1877WisconsinHead
{Family 24}
surnames listed Cose
Fond Du Lac Ward 7, Fond Du Lac 1877WisconsinHead 96b
EmmaFond Du Lac Ward 7, Fond Du Lac 1876WisconsinWife
LloydFond Du Lac Ward 7, Fond Du Lac 1902WisconsinSon
Bale [Dale] Fond Du Lac Ward 7, Fond Du Lac 1908WisconsinSon
Elan [Glen]Fond Du Lac Ward 7, Fond Du Lac 1910WisconsinSon
{Family 25}
George W M Fond Du Lac Ward 10, Fond Du Lac 1881OhioHead
Catherine Fond Du Lac Ward 10, Fond Du Lac 1882OhioWife
{Family 26}
Charles ALancaster, Grant 1862WisconsinHead
Elizabeth JLancaster, Grant 1863WisconsinWife
Mildred ALancaster, Grant 1900WisconsinDaughter
{Family 27}
Harry JPotosi, Grant 1889WisconsinHead
RosePotosi, Grant 1887WisconsinWife
LyodPotosi, Grant 1915WisconsinSon
CharlottePotosi, Grant 1916WisconsinDaughter
MargaretPotosi, Grant 1920WisconsinDaughter
{Family 28}
Frank ESouth Lancaster, Grant 1898WisconsinHead
Millie SSouth Lancaster, Grant 1896WisconsinWife
{Family 29}
A MAlbany, Green 1852WisconsinHead
LizzieAlbany, Green 1872WisconsinWife
{Family 30}
Clark Berlin Ward 5, Green Lake 1870New YorkHead 41
Cristna Berlin Ward 5, Green Lake 1869DenmarkWife
Frederick Berlin Ward 5, Green Lake 1904New YorkSon
Nellie Berlin Ward 5, Green Lake 1906New YorkDaughter
Agnes Berlin Ward 5, Green Lake 1908New YorkDaughter

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