CASE Families living in Washington in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
George Cresent, Island1880OregonHead
Lorena M Cresent, Island1886WashingtonWife
Lillian Cresent, Island1906WashingtonDaughter
Alonzo E Cresent, Island1907WashingtonSon
Charles Cresent, Island1909WashingtonSon
George Cresent, Island1913WashingtonSon
Lawrence Cresent, Island1916WashingtonSon
Jack Cresent, Island1918WashingtonSon
Alonzo Cresent, Island1845MaineFather
{Family 32}
Harry W
Surnames listed Cose
Auburn, King1878MassachusettsHead
Maude P CoseAuburn, King1889OhioWife
{Family 33}
JohnCherry Valley, King1886WisconsinBrother
{Family 34}
Rollin ADes Moines, King1854New YorkHead
Georgia LDes Moines, King1864Nova ScotiaWife
Lloyd BDes Moines, King1896WashingtonSon
{Family 35}
Rollin A Des Moines, King1894WashingtonHead
Marrian M Des Moines, King1897USAWife
Marrion G Des Moines, King1917WashingtonDaughter
Jeane E Des Moines, King1918WashingtonDaughter
Hellen V Des Moines, King1919WashingtonDaughter
{Family 36}
John WKent, King1882KansasHead
Florence EKent, King1888MinnesotaWife
Lorraine CKent, King1907WashingtonDaughter
{Family 37}
Charles HPacific, King1865WisconsinHead
Dora HPacific, King1869MissouriWife
{Family 38}
Alice A [G]Redmond, King1856New YorkHead
Alice JRedmond, King1890IllinoisDaughter
{Family 39}
Annie Elizabeth
Surnames listed Care
Seattle, King1864WalesHead
Percy JohnSeattle, King1891EnglandSon
{Family 40}
Warner E
Surnames listed Care
Seattle, King1878IllinoisHead
Bessie SSeattle, King1879IllinoisWife
Marcella ASeattle, King1912IllinoisDaughter
{Family 41}
John W
Surnames listed Care
Seattle, King1880WisconsinHead
Eugenia JSeattle, King1887CanadaWife
Harriet JSeattle, King1913WashingtonDaughter
{Family 42}
Lyman H
Surnames listed Care
Seattle, King1889OregonHead
SylviaSeattle, King1889WisconsinWife
{Family 43}
Ruth A
Surname listed Care
Seattle, King1897WisconsinEmployee
{Family 44}
Surnames listed Carl
Seattle, King1878South DakotaHead
Maggie MSeattle, King1883WisconsinWife
{Family 45}
Mary A Seattle, King1841EnglandHead
{Family 46}
Catherine MSeattle, King1853New YorkMother-in-law
Henry TSeattle, King1848MaineFather-in-law
{Family 47}
Mary ASeattle, King1853New YorkHead
KathrynSeattle, King1877WisconsinDaughter
{Family 48}
Jay I Seattle, King1889IowaHead
Eliza J Seattle, King1888KansasWife
Nellie R Seattle, King1853WisconsinMother
Charles H Seattle, King1885IowaBrother
{Family 49}
A ESeattle, King1856MichiganHead 292
{Family 50}
LucindaSeattle, King1858MaineHead
{Family 51}
A ESeattle, King1859MichiganHead
Eva SSeattle, King1870MissouriWife
Randall SSeattle, King1895WashingtonSon
Austin FSeattle, King1901WashingtonSon
Keneth ESeattle, King1906WashingtonSon
Evelyn NellSeattle, King1909WashingtonDaughter
{Family 52}
Helen M Seattle, King1862IllinoisHead 201b
Henry J M Seattle, King1898MinnesotaSon
Avennent B Seattle, King1903MontanaSon
{Family 53}
Ella MSeattle, King1863IowaHead
RuthSeattle, King1907WashingtonGranddaughter
Delbert ASeattle, King1883North DakotaSon
{Family 54}
Helen Seattle, King1868CanadaMother-in-law
Edith H Seattle, King1895WashingtonSister-in-law
{Family 55}
MathildaSeattle, King1868IowaHead
Robert ESeattle, King1891North DakotaSon
{Family 56}
Frank ElwellSeattle, King1869TennesseeHead
Genevive CharlesSeattle, King1881IllinoisWife
ElizabethSeattle, King1914WashingtonDaughter
Elwell ChainlesSeattle, King1912WashingtonSon
{Family 57}
Chas RSeattle, King1872PennsylvaniaHead 185b
Lucy RSeattle, King1871PennsylvaniaSister
Frank GSeattle, King1877PennsylvaniaBrother
{Family 58}
Emmy [Emory]Seattle, King1872IowaHead
Anna Seattle, King1874IowaWife
Lester M Seattle, King1910IdahoSon
{Family 59}
Melvin E Seattle, King1872KansasHead
Samantha E Seattle, King1877PennsylvaniaWife
Charles E Seattle, King1906WashingtonSon
Orland B Seattle, King1908WashingtonSon
Carl J Seattle, King1911WashingtonSon
Walter R Seattle, King1915WashingtonSon
Margret A Seattle, King1918WashingtonDaughter
Marjorie E Seattle, King1918WashingtonDaughter
{Family 60}
Brockett WSeattle, King1873MinnesotaHead
Maggie L Seattle, King1875WisconsinWife
E VernonSeattle, King1901WashingtonSon
Olive ESeattle, King1909WashingtonDaughter
Dorothey ASeattle, King1911WashingtonDaughter

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