CASE Families living in Washington in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Ezra J Othello, Adams1864IowaHead
EmmaOthello, Adams1867ArkansasWife
{Family 2}
Addie Bly, Asotin1896WashingtonBoarder
{Family 3}
Sherman C West Clarkston, Asotin1866IowaHead
Margaret West Clarkston, Asotin1873WashingtonWife
Margaret S West Clarkston, Asotin1904IdahoDaughter
Alfred S West Clarkston, Asotin1905IdahoSon
Arthur L West Clarkston, Asotin1910IdahoSon
Walter R West Clarkston, Asotin1913IdahoSon
{Family 4}
L L North Prosser, Benton1877NebraskaHead
Maude C North Prosser, Benton1880IllinoisWife
Ray North Prosser, Benton1901MissouriSon
Margaret North Prosser, Benton1906MissouriDaughter
Bessie North Prosser, Benton1908OklahomaDaughter
Wilburn North Prosser, Benton1911OklahomaSon
Beatrice North Prosser, Benton1915WashingtonDaughter
Lloyd North Prosser, Benton1916WashingtonSon
{Family 5}
Ulysses SProsser, Benton1869IowaHead
Mary EProsser, Benton1872MissouriWife
Genna NProsser, Benton1903WashingtonDaughter
Glenn WProsser, Benton1906WashingtonSon
{Family 6}
Ullynis S [Ullyses]Rattlesnake, Benton1869IowaHead124b
Mary ERattlesnake, Benton1872MissouriWife
Clifford SRattlesnake, Benton1900WashingtonSon
Viola ARattlesnake, Benton1901WashingtonDaughter-in-law
Melvin GRattlesnake, Benton1919WashingtonGrandson
Gemma MRattlesnake, Benton1903WashingtonDaughter
Glen WRattlesnake, Benton1907WashingtonSon
{Family 7}
Cland F [Claud]Wenatchee Ward 1, Chelan1883OregonHead
Ida B Wenatchee Ward 1, Chelan1896IowaWife
Clarance F Wenatchee Ward 1, Chelan1910WashingtonSon
Benjiman J Wenatchee Ward 1, Chelan1911WashingtonSon
Claud Wenatchee Ward 1, Chelan1918WashingtonSon
{Family 8}
Otto A Wenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1872MinnesotaLodger
{Family 9}
FrankWenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1880NebraskaHead
Irene Wenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1883WisconsinWife
CarlWenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1911WashingtonSon
{Family 10}
Surnames listed Cose
Wenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1850WisconsinHead200b
Dell Wenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1885NebraskaSon
{Family 11}
Harriet Wenatchee Ward 2, Chelan1880WyomingLodger
{Family 12}
Dell Wenatchee Ward 3, Chelan1892North DakotaHead
{Family 13}
Eugene M Forks, Clallam1883MichiganBoarder
{Family 14}
Jay SBush Prairie, Clark1891OklahomaHead
AliceBush Prairie, Clark1900North DakotaWife
Alice MBush Prairie, Clark1919WashingtonDaughter
{Family 15}
Burton Fruit Valley, Clark1867ConnecticutHead
AliceFruit Valley, Clark1867IllinoisWife
RusselFruit Valley, Clark1894IllinoisSon
SarahFruit Valley, Clark1893IdahoDaughter-in-law
JeffreyFruit Valley, Clark1919OregonGrandson
{Family 16}
RichardFruit Valley, Clark1893IllinoisHead
RuthFruit Valley, Clark1898South DakotaWife
{Family 17}
William CPreston, Clark1862Rhode IslandHead
{Family 18}
L BVancouver, Clark1900OregonLodger
{Family 19}
Bernice Vancouver, Clark1908OregonGranddaughter
{Family 20}
Walter S
Surnames listed Cass
Vancouver, Clark1876MichiganHead
MatildaVancouver, Clark1882New YorkWife
LenaVancouver, Clark1901MichiganDaughter
RalphVancouver, Clark1903MichiganSon
{Family 21}
Edna E
Surname listed Cose
Kelso, Cowlitz1914WashingtonStepdaughter
{Family 22}
William S
Surnames listed Page
Danville, Ferry1869KentuckyHead
Ellen CDanville, Ferry1880ScotlandWife
Carroll GDanville, Ferry1904WashingtonSon
Hubert WDanville, Ferry1907WashingtonSon
Ethel MDanville, Ferry1913WashingtonDaughter
{Family 23}
Samuel RKeller, Ferry1874MissouriHead
{Family 24}
St [M] Paul Keller, Ferry1883MissouriHead
CeliaKeller, Ferry1899MontanaWife
EllaKeller, Ferry1918MontanaDaughter
GertrudeKeller, Ferry1919MontanaDaughter
{Family 25}
Arthur B Connell, Franklin1872New HampshireHead
Deiba Connell, Franklin1874KansasWife
Frank Connell, Franklin1906ColoradoSon
{Family 26}
AbnerTucannon, Garfield1884OhioHead
NonaTucannon, Garfield1881NebraskaWife
NellieTucannon, Garfield1903CanadaDaughter
ElvaTucannon, Garfield1907MontanaDaughter
AlmaTucannon, Garfield1913OregonDaughter
ZedaTucannon, Garfield1916OregonDaughter
{Family 27}
KennethHartline, Grant1891WashingtonLodger
{Family 28}
RobertHoquiam Ward 1, Grays Harbor1871CanadaHead
{Family 29}
RoyMalone, Grays Harbor1851MichiganLodger
{Family 30}
Arthur B Cresent, Island1873WisconsinHead
Mary E Cresent, Island1888WashingtonWife
Henry Cresent, Island1912WashingtonSon
Alice Cresent, Island1914WashingtonDaughter
Burdette Cresent, Island1916WashingtonDaughter
Le Roy Cresent, Island1917WashingtonSon

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