CASE Families living in Virginia in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
William C
Surnames listed Care
Lee, Accomack 1887VirginiaHead
LeilaLee, Accomack 1892VirginiaWife
WinnieLee, Accomack 1910VirginiaDaughter
MadelineLee, Accomack 1914VirginiaDaughter
LeonardLee, Accomack 1917VirginiaSon
{Family 2}
HenryPungoteague, Accomack 1873VirginiaHead
MaryPungoteague, Accomack 1875VirginiaWife
JosephPungoteague, Accomack 1902VirginiaSon
JohnPungoteague, Accomack 1905VirginiaSon
RolandPungoteague, Accomack 1908VirginiaSon
BettiePungoteague, Accomack 1911VirginiaDaughter
LillianPungoteague, Accomack 1914VirginiaDaughter
{Family 3}
Surnames listed Call
Clover Hill, Appomattox 1891VirginiaHead
SusieClover Hill, Appomattox 1899VirginiaWife
MyrtleClover Hill, Appomattox 1915VirginiaDaughter
JamesClover Hill, Appomattox 1917VirginiaSon
{Family 4}
Surnames listed Cast
Clover Hill, Appomattox 1890VirginiaHead 14
JamesClover Hill, Appomattox 1897VirginiaSon
Mikas [Markas]Clover Hill, Appomattox 1898VirginiaSon
{Family 5}
W B Rustburg, Campbell 1871VirginiaHead 199
Ruth E [Betty]Rustburg, Campbell1873VirginiaWife
Conner?Rustburg, Campbell1905VirginiaSon
{Family 6}
Mary C
Surnames listed Ware
Port Royal, Caroline 1867VirginiaHead
CatherinePort Royal, Caroline 1890VirginiaDaughter
JuliusPort Royal, Caroline 1905VirginiaSon
HowellPort Royal, Caroline 1908VirginiaSon
MinniePort Royal, Caroline 1911VirginiaDaughter
{Family 7}
Lillie ECharlottesville Ward 2,
Charlottesville (Independent City)
Maud VCharlottesville Ward 2,
Charlottesville (Independent City)
{Family 8}
R RHamilton, Cumberland 1863VirginiaHead
M DHamilton, Cumberland 1872VirginiaWife
R CHamilton, Cumberland 1901VirginiaSon
M GHamilton, Cumberland 1903VirginiaDaughter
V RHamilton, Cumberland 1907VirginiaDaughter
{Family 9}
VirginiaHamilton, Cumberland 1907VirginiaBoarder
MarthaHamilton, Cumberland 1903VirginiaBoarder
{Family 10}
ClarenceA. A. Humphreys Millitary
Camp, Fairfax
{Family 11}
Wilmer HProvidence, Fairfax 1888VirginiaHead
Elsie MProvidence, Fairfax 1891PennsylvaniaWife
Boyd AProvidence, Fairfax 1912OhioSon
Clarance DProvidence, Fairfax 1914OhioSon
{Family 12}
WalterProvidence, Fairfax 1878VirginiaHead
Sophia BProvidence, Fairfax 1884PennsylvaniaWife
Loyd AProvidence, Fairfax 1905PennsylvaniaSon
BlendaProvidence, Fairfax 1906PennsylvaniaDaughter
MargaretProvidence, Fairfax 1907PennsylvaniaDaughter
HarryProvidence, Fairfax 1908VirginiaSon
ClarenceProvidence, Fairfax 1910MarylandSon
EugeneProvidence, Fairfax 1913VirginiaSon
{Family 13}
John Birch Martin Store, Halifax 1869VirginiaHead
Lula Martin Store, Halifax 1874VirginiaWife
Clarence Deye Martin Store, Halifax 1895VirginiaSon
Cobman Martin Store, Halifax 1897VirginiaSon
George Martin Store, Halifax 1899VirginiaSon
Ruth Martin Store, Halifax 1908VirginiaDaughter
Herman Martin Store, Halifax 1912VirginiaSon
Woodrow Martin Store, Halifax 1915VirginiaSon
{Family 14}
John LMount Gilead, Loudoun 1875VirginiaHead
MaggieMount Gilead, Loudoun 1874VirginiaWife
DorothyMount Gilead, Loudoun 1905VirginiaDaughter
Clifford LMount Gilead, Loudoun 1911VirginiaSon
{Family 15}
ClarenceJefferson, Loudoun 1885VirginiaHead
Virginia PJefferson, Loudoun 1897VirginiaWife
Mary LJefferson, Loudoun 1918VirginiaDaughter
Helen EJefferson, Loudoun 1919VirginiaDaughter
{Family 16}
RaymondMount Gilead, Loudoun 1891VirginiaHead
Sarah WMount Gilead, Loudoun 1893VirginiaWife
F GardnerMount Gilead, Loudoun 1916VirginiaSon
Gordon W Jr.Mount Gilead, Loudoun 1917VirginiaSon
{Family 17}
Annie ELynchburg Ward 2, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
ArthurLynchburg Ward 2, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
MalcolmLynchburg Ward 2, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
{Family 18}
HiramLynchburg Ward 3, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
EmmaLynchburg Ward 3, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
Surname listed Ease
Lynchburg Ward 3, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
Surname listed Loster
Lynchburg Ward 3, Lynchburg
(Independent City)
{Family 19}
MartinSouth Hill, Mecklenburg 1882North CarolinaHead
WillieSouth Hill, Mecklenburg 1897North CarolinaBrother
IreneSouth Hill, Mecklenburg 1899North CarolinaSister-in-law
{Family 20}
Mary Lee
Surname listed Care
Norfolk Adams Ward, Norfolk
(Independent City)
{Family 21}
FranciscoNorfolk Adams Ward, Norfolk
(Independent City)
{Family 22}
Paul ENorfolk Jefferson Ward, Norfolk
(Independent City)
{Family 23}
Surname listed Cue
Norfolk Madison Ward, Norfolk
(Independent City)
{Family 24}
Lawrence E JrTanners Creek, Norfolk 1885EnglandHead
EthelTanners Creek, Norfolk 1885CanadaWife
WalterTanners Creek, Norfolk 1909CanadaSon
NoraTanners Creek, Norfolk 1911CanadaDaughter
CatherineTanners Creek, Norfolk 1915CanadaDaughter
MarjorieTanners Creek, Norfolk 1916CanadaDaughter
IreneTanners Creek, Norfolk 1918MichiganDaughter
{Family 25}
Aherne D Tanners Creek, Norfolk 1899WisconsinLodger252b
{Family 26}
WilliamTanners Creek, Norfolk 1902TennesseeLodger
{Family 27}
J RBlendon, Nottoway 1852New JerseyHead
Mary JBlendon, Nottoway 1860PennsylvaniaWife
Ella BBlendon, Nottoway 1885New JerseyDaughter
{Family 28}
Alfred APortsmouth Marshall Ward,
Portsmouth (Independent City)
1877New JerseyBoarder
JeanPortsmouth Marshall Ward,
Portsmouth (Independent City)
1897New YorkBoarder
{Family 29}
William H Camp Lee, Prince George 1887North CarolinaSoldier116b
{Family 30}
Kent M Richmond Lee Ward, Richmond
(Independent City)
{Family 31}
Dewitt Richmond Madison Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
1904North CarolinaNephew
{Family 32}
Stephen L
Surnames listed Cole
Richmond Madison Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
JennieRichmond Madison Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
1878District of ColumbiaWife
Ivie ERichmond Madison Ward,
Richmond (Independent City)
{Family 33}
Edward L
Surnames listed Cease
Bridgewater, Rockingham 1874VirginiaHead
Maggie MBridgewater, Rockingham 1884VirginiaWife
Erasmus PBridgewater, Rockingham 1834VirginiaFather
{Family 34}
Lafayette HElkton, Rockingham 1889VirginiaHead
Columbia JElkton, Rockingham 1876VirginiaWife
Ludie EElkton, Rockingham 1897VirginiaDaughter
William GElkton, Rockingham 1910VirginiaSon
RondeElkton, Rockingham 1917VirginiaSon
{Family 35}
Rachell [Michell]
Surnames listed Carr
Suffolk Ward 1, Suffolk
(Independent City)
LizzieSuffolk Ward 1, Suffolk
(Independent City)
A RandolphSuffolk Ward 1, Suffolk
(Independent City)
{Family 36}
Virgil RSuffolk Ward 3, Suffolk
(Independent City)
1859New YorkHead
AnnieSuffolk Ward 3, Suffolk
(Independent City)
1870New YorkWife
Julius LSuffolk Ward 3, Suffolk
(Independent City)
1893New YorkSon
{Family 37}
Hebert [Hobart] Gladeville, Wise 1899North CarolinaHead
Myrtle Gladeville, Wise 1899VirginiaWife
GeorgiaGladeville, Wise 1917VirginiaDaughter
EstherGladeville, Wise 1919VirginiaDaughter

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