CASE Families living in Texas in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Earl Justice Precinct 2, Falls1866TennesseeHead92
Ellen 1876AlabamaWife
Robert 1900TexasSon
Willie 1902TexasSon
Carlton 1904TexasSon
Jay 1906TexasSon
Jack 1908TexasSon
Selma 1910TexasDaughter
Mary 1912TexasDaughter
Joe Bailey 1914TexasSon
Lula Ford 1916TexasDaughter
Wesley 1920TexasSon
{Family 62}
Henrietta Justice Precinct 2, Montague1848MissouriMother-in-law38
{Family 63}
Babe Justice Precinct 2, Rains1876TexasHead234b
Holley 1910TexasSon
{Family 64}
V L Justice Precinct 2, Wichita 1864IowaHead35
Martha 1873ArkansasWife
George Curtis 1896TexasSon
Lesley Alma 1899TexasSon
William J 1902TexasSon
Roy Lee 1903ArkansasSon
{Family 65}
Benj Justice Precinct 2, Wichita1894ArkansasHead35
Jilla 1900TexasWife
Benjaman J 1920TexasSon
{Family 66}
Towmay Justice Precinct 2, Wichita1872TexasHead60
{Family 67}
Roy Justice Precinct 2, Wichita1890TennesseeHead109b
Irene 1888TennesseeWife
Beatrice 1917TexasDaughter
{Family 68}
Major A Justice Precinct 3, Angelina1873TexasHead114
Minta L 1884TexasWife
Ellis J 1903TexasSon
Jessie G 1911TexasDaughter
Claud S 1913TexasSon
Willie V 1915TexasDaughter
{Family 69}
Leroy Justice Precinct 3, Austin1878CaliforniaBoarder164b
Bertha 1879CaliforniaBoarder
{Family 70}
Isaac P Justice Precinct 3, Dallas 1862TexasHead33b
Annie 1874TennesseeWife
Esther L 1901TexasDaughter
{Family 71}
Reece W Justice Precinct 3, Dallas1895TexasHead34
Lena 1896TexasWife
{Family 72}
J W Justice Precinct 3, Franklin1891LouisianaHead106
Ruth 1902TexasWife
Jack 1911TexasSon
Alton 1913TexasSon
Ida Lee 1916TexasDaughter
{Family 73}
John L (Surnames listed Cose)Justice Precinct 3, Harris1883TexasHead286
Ida 1893LouisianaWife
Georgie 1911LouisianaDaughter
Jerry 1914LouisianaDaughter
Jessie 1915LouisianaDaughter
Harry 1919TexasSon
{Family 74}
John H Justice Precinct 3, Wichita1865TexasHead221
Rosa 1878TexasWife
Richard 1900TexasSon
Mabell [Mabel]1902TexasDaughter
{Family 75}
James W Justice Precinct 3, Wichita1867TexasHead216b
Ella 1871MissouriWife
Nettie 1905TexasDaughter
Ivan 1908TexasSon
{Family 76}
Henry Justice Precinct 3, Wichita1895OklahomaHead216b
Nannie 1901MissouriWife
Earnest 1919TexasSon
{Family 77}
Lewis Justice Precinct 3, Wichita1894TexasHead216b
Elsie 1899MissouriWife
Lewis Jr 1919OklahomaSon
{Family 78}
A T Justice Precinct 4, Grayson1874TennesseeHead107
Bulah 1883TexasWife
Annie L 1903TexasDaughter
Octavine 1907TexasDaughter
{Family 79}
Gladys Justice Precinct 4, Jasper1907TexasNiece98b
{Family 80}
Eli Justice Precinct 4, Jones1887TexasHead144b
Tilda 1887MissouriWife
Milton 1911TexasSon
{Family 81}
Herm O [Harm] (Surnames listed Cose)Justice Precinct 4, Montague1878KansasHead96
Millie 1882TexasWife
Fern 1907OklahomaDaughter
Velma 1910OklahomaDaughter
Charley 1912TexasSon
Joseph 1914TexasSon
Delpha 1917TexasDaughter
Orval 1920TexasSon
{Family 82}
George L Justice Precinct 5, Baylor1883TennesseeHead68
Florence 1892TennesseeWife
Bertha 1909TexasDaughter
W L 1911TexasSon
Beatrice 1914TexasDaughter
Lena V 1918TexasDaughter
Opal 1920TexasDaughter
{Family 83}
John F Justice Precinct 5, Dallas1867KansasHead170
Mattie L 1878TennesseeWife
John M 1899TexasSon
Hattie Pearl 1901TexasDaughter
William W 1903TexasSon
M Franklin 1905TexasSon
Charley J 1907TexasSon
Fred Francis 1910TexasSon
Sam Otis 1912TexasSon
Nettie Ruth 1915TexasDaughter
{Family 84}
James H  (same as family 85???)Justice Precinct 5, Dallas1886TexasHead160b
Prudie L 1888ArkansasWife
Carle H 1906TexasSon
Ethel M 1908TexasDaughter
James H 1910TexasSon
Mildred L 1912TexasDaughter
Maurine F 1914TexasDaughter
Parks 1916TexasSon
Hale L 1920TexasSon
{Family 85}
James Henry (same as family 84??)Justice Precinct 5, Dallas1886TexasHead197
Prudie L 1888ArkansasWife
Carl H 1906TexasSon
Ethel F 1908TexasDaughter
Howard J 1911TexasSon
Louise M 1913TexasDaughter
Maurine F 1915TexasDaughter
Parks L 1917TexasSon
Hal L 1920TexasSon
{Family 86}
Fannie Justice Precinct 5, Falls1862TennesseeHead246b
{Family 87}
Jim Justice Precinct 5, Franklin1862MississippiHead79b
Ida 1864AlabamaWife
Fae 1905TexasDaughter
{Family 88}
Lonzo Justice Precinct 5, Leon 1882TexasHead122b
Evaline 1892TexasWife
Louisa 1902TexasDaughter
John 1903TexasSon
{Family 89}
Tom Wm Justice Precinct 5, McLennan1877TennesseeHead126b
Rhena 1887TennesseeWife
Mabelle 1911TexasDaughter
Margaret 1915TexasDaughter
Nina 1906TexasNiece
{Family 90}
Ed M Justice Precinct 5, Milam1881TexasNephew

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