CASE Families living in Texas in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Nance E Fort Worth, Tarrant 1835KentuckyMother127b
{Family 32}
J G Fort Worth, Tarrant1868TexasHead210b
Mary 1870MissouriWife
{Family 33}
James H Fort Worth, Tarrant1911MissouriBoarder270
{Family 34}
Jordon L Gainesville, Cooke1892KentuckyHead56
Vivian 1897TexasWife
Hettie 1914TexasDaughter
Johnnie 1916TexasSon
Lucille 1919TexasDaughter
{Family 35}
Hubert Gainesville, Cooke 1897TexasHead56
Pearly 1897OklahomaWife
Weldon 1918TexasSon
{Family 36}
Julia Gainesville, Cooke1860ArkansasHead127b
{Family 37}
Tom H Goldthwaite, Mills1873MissouriHead176
Lizzie 1878TexasWife
Frank 1898TexasSon
Ruby 1901TexasDaughter
Clyde 1903TexasSon
Clarence 1910TexasSon
{Family 38}
Evie [Eric]Graham, Young1854AlabamaBoarder181
{Family 39}
Phebe Henderson, Rusk1851PennsylvaniaMother-in-law77b
{Family 40}
Sarah Hillsboro, Hill1866TexasSister58b
{Family 41}
Duncan P Hot Wells, Bexar1881AlabamaHead154
Harriet E 1884KansasWife
{Family 42}
Van B Houston, Harris1887TexasHead117
Margaret 1887TexasWife
Van B Jr.1908TexasSon
Margaret 1915TexasDaughter
{Family 43}
Mary Ann Houston, Harris1864TexasRoomer146b
Opal Dean 1904TexasRoomer
{Family 44}
Maynard Houston, Harris1904IowaSon103
{Family 45}
Frank U Houston, Harris1901IllinoisBoarder32
{Family 46}
M A Houston, Harris1876MissouriHead166
Sadie 1874KansasWife
Carl 1907MissouriSon
Florence 1913TexasDaughter
Ivan 1914TexasSon
{Family 47}
Louis Iowa Park, Wichita1897TexasHead243b
Mary E 1900TexasWife
{Family 48}
Herman Justice Precinct 1, Angelina 1908TexasSon15
Viola 1911TexasDaughter
John N 1915TexasSon
{Family 49}
Eumiel Justice Precinct 1, Dallas1901TexasArmy44b
{Family 50}
Walter E Justice Precinct 1, El Paso1891TennesseeHead25
Carrie 1885TennesseeWife
{Family 51}
Herbert W Justice Precinct 1, Karnes1891TexasHead5b
Lizzie 1893TexasWife
{Family 52}
Charlie Justice Precinct 1, McLennan1873TennesseeHead66
Millie 1877AlabamaWife
Ruby 1901TexasDaughter
Luther 1906TexasSon66b
Gladys 1908TexasDaughter
Vergile 1914TexasSon
{Family 53}
William (Surnames listed Call)Justice Precinct 1, Montgomery1892TexasHead114b
Luella 1895TexasWife
May 1919TexasDaughter
{Family 54}
John Justice Precinct 1, Scurry1890TexasHead20b
Lillie 1895TexasWife
Mary 1906TexasDaughter
Josie 1910TexasDaughter
Edgar 1912TexasSon
Virgle 1914TexasSon
B C 1916TexasSon
Ople 1918TexasDaughter
{Family 55}
John Justice Precinct 1, Upshur1894LouisianaHead38b
Bertha 1897MississippiWife
Chilton 1918TexasSon
Lorine 1920TexasDaughter
{Family 56}
Willie F Justice Precinct 2, Armstrong1897TexasHead77b
Ruth 1896TexasWife
Willie B 1918TexasDaughter
{Family 57}
F P Justice Precinct 2, Bastrop1871KentuckyHead102
Charley 1881TexasWife
{Family 58}
James M Justice Precinct 2, Bowie1857AlabamaHead148b
Mary M 1861TennesseeWife
John E 1893TexasSon
{Family 59}
John W Justice Precinct 2, Cooke1865ArkansasHead148
Lela 1871IllinoisWife
Letha 1903TexasDaughter
Leonard 1905TexasSon
Gyneth 1907TexasDaughter
{Family 60}
Floyd E Justice Precinct 2, Cooke1898TexasHead148b
Nannie 1903TexasWife

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