CASE Families living in Tennessee in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Columbus T Knoxville Ward 11, Knox1877North CarolinaHead
CatherineKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1879North CarolinaWife
ElizaKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1898North CarolinaDaughter
JamesKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1902North CarolinaSon
CliffordKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1904North CarolinaSon
MarryKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1908TennesseeDaughter
Nannie BKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1910TennesseeDaughter
LillyKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1913TennesseeDaughter
BillyKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1915TennesseeSon
GeorgeKnoxville Ward 11, Knox1917TennesseeSon
{Family 32}
Albert C Knoxville Ward 15, Knox1896TennesseeStepson
{Family 33}
J K [J R]Knoxville Ward 17, Knox1841North CarolinaMother-in-law
{Family 34}
Robert CKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1847North CarolinaFather-in-law
{Family 35}
Surname listed Care
Knoxville Ward 22, Knox1868TennesseeBoarder
{Family 36}
Nannie A
Surnames listed Care
Knoxville Ward 22, Knox1873TennesseeHead
Pearl MKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1904TennesseeDaughter
Nelson JKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1907TennesseeSon
Callie Knoxville Ward 22, Knox1899TennesseeDaughter
James RKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1900TennesseeSon
{Family 37}
WilliamKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1877TennesseeHead
JuliaKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1879TennesseeWife
WilliamKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1902TennesseeSon
NannieKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1903TennesseeDaughter
RichardKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1904TennesseeSon
MaryKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1907TennesseeDaughter
LeonceKnoxville Ward 22, Knox1917TennesseeDaughter
{Family 38}
ClarenceLenoir City, Loudon1882North CarolinaHead
MaryLenoir City, Loudon1889TennesseeWife
BlancheLenoir City, Loudon1909TennesseeDaughter
PaulineLenoir City, Loudon1912TennesseeDaughter
GenevaLenoir City, Loudon1917TennesseeDaughter
JennetteLenoir City, Loudon1917TennesseeDaughter
{Family 39}
Surnames listed Carr
Lafayette, Macon1883TennesseeHead205
LizzieLafayette, Macon1882TennesseeWife
EthellLafayette, Macon1905TennesseeDaughter
JamesLafayette, Macon1908TennesseeSon
AdronLafayette, Macon1911TennesseeSon
Gladivce [Gladice]Lafayette, Macon1915TennesseeDaughter
ArnetLafayette, Macon1918TennesseeSon
{Family 40}
John Civil District 1, Madison1868TennesseeHead
Nancy Civil District 1, Madison1866TennesseeSister
{Family 41}
Cam Civil District 1, Madison1892TennesseeHead
Dezzie Civil District 1, Madison1888TennesseeWife
Fannie M Civil District 1, Madison1917TennesseeDaughter
Juden D Civil District 1, Madison1919TennesseeSon
Bettie Civil District 1, Madison1865ArkansasMother
{Family 42}
Ralston Civil District 1, Madison1894TennesseeHead35b
Mattie Civil District 1, Madison1901TennesseeWife
Wilmar B (Wilma?)Civil District 1, Madison1917TennesseeDaughter
{Family 43}
Bill Civil District 4, Madison1883TennesseeHead126b
Latin [Latia?]Civil District 4, Madison1899TennesseeWife
Charlie Civil District 4, Madison1915TennesseeSon
Francis Civil District 4, Madison1917TennesseeDaughter
{Family 44}
Surnames listed Cose
Civil District 5, Madison1848TennesseeHead
Mary ECivil District 5, Madison1858TennesseeWife
{Family 45}
LulaJackson Ward 1, Madison1875TennesseeRoomer
{Family 46}
JackJackson Ward 4, Madison 1917WisconsinGrandson
{Family 47}
William Richard, Marion1913TennesseeBrother-in-law
{Family 48}
James ACivil District 1, McMinn 1868TennesseeHead
SarahCivil District 1, McMinn1868TennesseeWife
{Family 49}
Surnames listed Cass
Civil District 3, McMinn1876TennesseeHead
KittyCivil District 3, McMinn1881TennesseeWife
JonnieCivil District 3, McMinn1913TennesseeSon
LetherCivil District 3, McMinn1915TennesseeSon
RobertCivil District 3, McMinn1916TennesseeSon
GraceCivil District 3, McMinn1919TennesseeDaughter
{Family 50}
Surnames listed Cass
Civil District 3, McMinn1872TennesseeHead130
Nep (Nes?)Civil District 3, McMinn1884TennesseeWife
EarlCivil District 3, McMinn1905TennesseeSon
Dawid [David]Civil District 3, McMinn1907TennesseeSon
JockCivil District 3, McMinn1908TennesseeSon
BettieCivil District 3, McMinn1910TennesseeDaughter
Addatins [Addeline]Civil District 3, McMinn1914TennesseeDaughter
DanielCivil District 3, McMinn1915TennesseeSon
EddCivil District 3, McMinn1919TennesseeSon
{Family 51}
James GEtowah, McMinn1887South CarolinaHead
ElizabethEtowah, McMinn1892TennesseeWife
James REtowah, McMinn1914TennesseeSon
{Family 52}
Surname listed Cass
Etowah, McMinn1882TennesseeHead
{Family 53}
Martha J Civil District 7, McNairy1847TennesseeSister
{Family 54}
William HCivil District 10, McNairy1847TennesseeHead
Mary ECivil District 10, McNairy1871TennesseeDaughter
{Family 55}
Jim DCivil District 17, McNairy1850TennesseeFather-in-law
{Family 56}
Charlie B Civil District 19, McNairy1856TennesseeHead
{Family 57}
John R Civil District 19, McNairy 1871TennesseeHead
Belle T Civil District 19, McNairy1870TennesseeWife
{Family 58}
Sarah JSelmer, McNairy1843TennesseeInmate
{Family 59}
Volley Civil District 2, Monroe1885TennesseeHead
Laura Civil District 2, Monroe1886TennesseeWife
Brucie Civil District 2, Monroe1905TennesseeDaughter
Louise Civil District 2, Monroe1915TennesseeDaughter
{Family 60}
David R Civil District 4, Scott1851OhioHead
Hattie Civil District 4, Scott1860OhioWife

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