CASE Families living in Tennessee in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Janie M SChattanooga, Hamilton1839OhioHead70b
{Family 2}
Dennis HChattanooga, Hamilton1890GeorgiaHead29
Martha 1919 TennesseeDaughter
{Family 3}
William J Chattanooga, Hamilton1878GeorgiaHead65
Olie 1880TennesseeWife
Victor 1906OhioSon
Mary L 1914GeorgiaDaughter
{Family 4}
Charles F Chattanooga, Hamilton1893GeorgiaHead83
Jessie 1892TennesseeWife
Sarah G 1920TennesseeDaughter
{Family 5}
AustinChattanooga, Hamilton1896TennesseeHead70
{Family 6}
Ward R Civil District 1, Fentress1877OhioHead7
Arthur E 1905TennesseeSon
Doris L 1909TennesseeDaughter
Edith 1917 TennesseeDaughter
Ward R 1919TennesseeSon
{Family 7}
FloraCivil District 1, Hardeman1868TennesseeInmate16
{Family 8}
CamCivil District 1, Madison1892TennesseeHead37
Fannie M 1918TennesseeDaughter
Judson D1920TennesseeSon
Bettie 1865ArkansasMother
{Family 9}
JohnCivil District 1, Madison1868TennesseeHead37b
Nancy 1866TennesseeSister
{Family 10}
RalstonCivil District 1, Madison1894TennesseeHead35b
Mattie 1901TennesseeWife
Wilmar B 1917TennesseeDaughter
{Family 11}
James A Civil District 1, McMinn 1868 TennesseeHead13
Sarah 1868TennesseeWife
{Family 12}
Walker C Civil District 1, Warren1862WisconsinHead10
Lucinda 1864TennesseeWife
Nora V 1902TennesseeDaughter
Emil T 1904TennesseeSon
James C 1905TennesseeSon
Sallie B 1907TennesseeDaughter
Susie M 1909TennesseeDaughter
{Family 13}
DalbusCivil District 1, Weakley1874North CarolinaHead8b
Lara 1902TennesseeDaughter
Lexie 1905TennesseeSon
{Family 14}
George C Civil District 2, Giles1883TennesseeHead29
Mary E1888TennesseeWife
John J 1920TennesseeSon
{Family 15}
Mrs. John H Civil District 2, Giles1847South CarolinaHead29
Lewis E 1893TennesseeSon
Claudie L 1898TennesseeDaughter-in-law
{Family 16}
Earnest LCivil District 2, Giles1875TennesseeHead32b
Rosa L1885TennesseeWife
Willie G 1906TennesseeDaughter
Josephine 1911TennesseeDaughter
Ola M 1914TennesseeDaughter
Earnest Jr. 1918 TennesseeSon
Gilbert 1920TennesseeSon
{Family 17}
Jessie L Civil District 2, Hamilton1861GeorgiaHead33b
Rebecca 1863TennesseeWife
Eliza E 1902TennesseeDaughter
Ranson [Ransom]1907TennesseeSon
Estel 1907TennesseeSon
{Family 18}
William LCivil District 2 (Alton Park), Hamilton1888GeorgiaHead35b
Blanch C1893TennesseeWife
Malcolm B1910TennesseeSon
Mildred B 1912 TennesseeDaughter
Dorothy E1913TennesseeDaughter
Frances V 1915 TennesseeDaughter
Joseph F 1916 TennesseeSon
{Family 19}
Jackson L Civil District 2 (Alton Park), Hamilton1889GeorgiaHead31b
Bessie 1894TennesseeWife
Evelin I 1914TennesseeDaughter
Rebecca 1916 TennesseeDaughter
Jackson Jr 1920 TennesseeSon
{Family 20}
St?Ng [Stemp](Surname listed Brown) Civil District 2, Jefferson1897TennesseeSon44
{Family 21}
Duncan E.Civil District 2, Knox1902TennesseeGrandson43b
Anna Laura 1905TennesseeGranddaughter
{Family 22}
VolleyCivil District 2, Monroe1885TennesseeHead131b
Laura 1886TennesseeWife
Brucie 1905TennesseeDaughter
Louise 1916TennesseeDaughter
{Family 23}
HenryCivil District 2, Trousdale1896TennesseeHead5
{Family 24}
Cleveland Civil District 2, Trousdale1884TennesseeHead6
Allice 1894TennesseeWife
Freeman 1907TennesseeSon
Maggie 1909TennesseeDaughter
Jewel 1913TennesseeDaughter
Dillard 1915TennesseeSon
Willard 1915TennesseeSon
Grover 1917 TennesseeSon
Frances 1920TennesseeDaughter
{Family 25}
BillCivil District 4, Madison1883TennesseeHead126b
Charlie 1916 TennesseeSon
Francis 1918 TennesseeDaughter
{Family 26}
Martha Civil District 5, Hawkins1860TennesseeHead148b
Willie 1893TennesseeSon
Clyde 1896TennesseeSon
Glenn 1899TennesseeSon
{Family 27}
Edd SCivil District 5, Hawkins1882TennesseeHead153b
Pearl M1888VirginiaWife
Claud A1914TennesseeSon
Martha O1916TennesseeDaughter
Charles W1918TennesseeSon
James 1920 TennesseeSon
{Family 28}
Mrs. Etta (Surnames listed Care) Civil District 5, Jackson1879TennesseeHead64
Alice 1898TennesseeDaughter
Sarah 1900TennesseeDaughter
Dillard 1905TennesseeSon
Claudie 1908TennesseeDaughter
Nellie 1910TennesseeDaughter
Vesda 1914TennesseeDaughter
{Family 29}
WilliamCivil District 5, Madison1848TennesseeHead269b
Mary E1858TennesseeWife
{Family 30}
Joe PCivil District 5, Madison1893TennesseeHead269b
Quine [Annie] 1895TennesseeWife 
Annie R 1917 TennesseeDaughter
Virginia 1920 TennesseeDaughter

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