CASE Families living in South Dakota in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Grace MSioux Falls, Minnehaha1896MinnesotaRoomer167b
{Family 32}
Margaret Sioux Falls, Minnehaha1855EnglandMother-in-law213
Evelyn 1910OhioNiece
{Family 33}
LeeSioux Falls, Minnehaha1892IowaHead227b
{Family 34}
Sydney ESpearfish, Lawrence1877PennsylvaniaHead278
Rose H1882South DakotaWife
Merl E1904South DakotaSon278b
Jessie I1908South DakotaDaughter
{Family 35}
Jesse ESpring Lake, Kingsbury1872MinnesotaHead120
Cora M1875MinnesotaWife
Harry J1898South DakotaSon
Merle J1901South DakotaSon120b
{Family 36}
Carrie L Sturgis, Meade1851CanadaHead92
{Family 37}
Charles W Topbar, Haakon1874IllinoisHead43
Anna 1876IowaWife
Clarence W 1902IowaSon
{Family 38}
Roy LTownship 2, Meade1881NebraskaHead97b
Viola E1893IllinoisWife
Mary A1917South DakotaDaughter
{Family 39}
Ray J Township 6, Meade1890IowaBrother-in-law22
Ruth H1893IowaSister-in-law
{Family 40}
CharlesTownship 93, Yankton1881ConnecticutHead114
George 1919 South DakotaSon
{Family 41}
Bert G Tripp, Hutchinson1878IllinoisHead235b
Nellie M1885MinnesotaWife
Ruth E1907South DakotaDaughter
Mildred M1909South DakotaDaughter
Ruth E 1853West VirginiaMother
{Family 42}
CharlesVermillion, Clay1881South DakotaHead125b
Edna1892South DakotaWife
Earnest1911South DakotaSon
Howard1913South DakotaSon
Lawrence1918South DakotaSon
{Family 43}
Ray EVivian, Lyman1896IowaHead162
Homer F 1920 South DakotaSon
Homer S1871IowaFather
{Family 44}
Lorne R Watertown, Codington1897South DakotaHead133
Frances C 1897South DakotaWife
Marion R 1913South DakotaDaughter
{Family 45}
George W Watertown, Codington1862PennsylvaniaHead168b
Capitolia 1862IllinoisWife
{Family 46}
Howard BWatertown, Codington1883IllinoisHead160
Felice L1887MichiganWife
Lillian C Johnston 1899South DakotaDaughter
George J 1918 South DakotaSon

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