CASE Families living in Rhode Island in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
MarieCentral Falls, Providence1890CanadaSister-in-law47b
Loretta1913Rhode IslandNiece
{Family 2}
Emily BCranston, Providence1871PennsylvaniaPatient295
{Family 3}
Ida Cranston, Providence1894Rhode IslandDaughter222b
Earl B Jr. 1912Rhode IslandGrandson
Edwin A 1918Rhode IslandGrandson
{Family 4}
MaryCranston, Providence1898SpainAttendant291b
{Family 5}
Nathan HEast Providence, Providence1837MassachusettsHead18b
Amy C1853EnglandWife
{Family 6}
Alton TJamestown, Newport1892MassachusettsHead253
Edith1890Rhode IslandWife
{Family 7}
Jasher A (same family as #8??)Little Compton, Newport1872Rhode IslandHead12b
Jennie 1880Rhode IslandWife13
{Family 8}
Jirah (same family as #7??) Little Compton, Newport1875Rhode IslandHead8b
Jennie 1877Rhode IslandWife
{Family 9}
George A Little Compton, Newport1878Rhode IslandHead12
Emma L1896VermontWife
Herbert A1916Rhode IslandSon
Elizabeth E1919Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 10}
Henry FLittle Compton, Newport1875Rhode IslandHead12
Anna A1883Rhode IslandWife
Edward F 1906 Rhode IslandSon
Warren A 1908Rhode IslandSon
Mary F 1910 Rhode IslandDaughter
George A1912Rhode IslandSon
Ralph C1915Rhode IslandSon
Alice A 1918Rhode IslandSon
{Family 11}
Abner BLittle Compton, Newport1880Rhode IslandHead11b
Harriet B 1881Rhode IslandWife
Everett1906Rhode IslandSon
Lloyd1910Rhode IslandSon
Charles1911Rhode IslandSon
{Family 12}
Louise B Newport , Newport1852Rhode IslandHead18b
Elizabeth 1868Rhode IslandFoster Niece
{Family 13}
Joseph C Newport , Newport1872Rhode IslandHead4
Lillian L 1876Rhode IslandSister
{Family 14}
Fanny G Newport , Newport1861Rhode IslandDaughter21
Grace E 1900New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 15}
Henry GNewport , Newport1903New YorkNavy58
{Family 16}
Philip H (Surnames listed Cash) Newport , Newport1833MassachusettsHead151
Mary E1841ConnecticutWife
{Family 17}
Mary B WNewport , Newport1852Rhode IslandBoarder171b
{Family 18}
Lewis GNorth Kingstown, Washington 1919 Rhode IslandNephew59b
{Family 19}
Harold WPawtucket , Providence1880Rhode IslandHead230b
Jennie M 1881Rhode IslandWife
{Family 20}
Wesley Pawtucket , Providence1898MassachusettsSon-in-law159b
Alice 1899Rhode IslandWife
Milton 1918 Rhode IslandSon
{Family 21}
La Forest Pawtucket , Providence1889MassachusettsHead7
Nora1883Rhode IslandWife
Elsie 1914Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 22}
James GPawtucket , Providence1849MassachusettsHead2
Helen A1852MassachusettsWife
{Family 23}
Clarice I Pawtucket , Providence1899EnglandDaughter262b
Robert A 1893Rhode IslandSon-in-law
Edward L 1920Rhode IslandGrandson
{Family 24}
WilliamProvidence , Providence1870United States Head146
{Family 25}
Arthur J Providence , Providence1870MichiganHead95b
Lulu M1903Rhode IslandDaughter
Arthur R1906Rhode IslandSon
Laurence ? 1907Rhode IslandSon
Richard L 1908Rhode IslandSon
Ruth V 1911Rhode IslandDaughter
Lesly J 1912Rhode IslandSon
Gale B 1914Rhode IslandDaughter
Lewis G 1919 Rhode IslandSon
{Family 26}
Alice K Providence , Providence1893Rhode IslandDaughter204
{Family 27}
Lawrence Providence , Providence1900ConnecticutLodger15b
{Family 28}
Hattie Providence , Providence1879Rhode IslandHead80
{Family 29}
Della C Providence , Providence1838Rhode IslandHead246
Alice W1868Rhode IslandDaughter
Florence R1875Rhode IslandDaughter
{Family 30}
William HProvidence , Providence1844MassachusettsHead6b
Mary W1872MassachusettsWife

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