CASE Families living in Oregon in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Laura  Portland, Multnomah1875MichiganDaughter125
{Family 62}
Walter FPortland, Multnomah1873OhioSon-in-law58b
Gertrude E  1887OhioDaughter
Franklin C 1909 OregonGrandson
{Family 63}
William H  Portland, Multnomah1873CanadaLodger121b
{Family 64}
Harold GPortland, Multnomah1873MissouriHead150b
Carrie M1877PennsylvaniaWife
Mattie Lee1900ArkansasDaughter
Marjorie L1901MissouriDaughter
Harold G Jr1903ArkansasSon
Mildred C1905ArkansasDaughter
Marion R1909WashingtonDaughter
Mark C1913OregonSon
{Family 65}
Arthur FranklinPortland, Multnomah1875MichiganHead94
{Family 66}
William RPortland, Multnomah1876IndianaSon-in-law115
Lucile M  1876IndianaDaughter
{Family 67}
LutherPortland, Multnomah1877North CarolinaNephew188
{Family 68}
Schuyler CPortland, Multnomah1883New JerseyHead184
Sara E1878IllinoisWife
{Family 69}
RosePortland, Multnomah1878OregonMother-in-law213
{Family 70}
Frank MPortland, Multnomah1881KansasHead113b
Mannette [Nannette]  1891DelawareWife
{Family 71}
GracePortland, Multnomah1883MinnesotaHead264b
Ralph A1906OregonSon
Gorden G1913OregonSon
{Family 72}
Gay LPortland, Multnomah1883CanadaHead58
May  1886OregonWife
{Family 73}
Leona MPortland, Multnomah1884MinnesotaHead104
Dorothy E1915OregonDaughter
{Family 74}
Ray M  Portland, Multnomah1885Kansas Lodger201
{Family 75}
Jack EPortland, Multnomah1888CaliforniaLodger223
{Family 76}
John EPortland, Multnomah1888CaliforniaHead82
Pauline J1891MinnesotaWife
{Family 77}
MabelPortland, Multnomah1888MissouriHead137
{Family 78}
Robert A (Surname listed Chase) Portland, Multnomah1889OregonHead274
Marvel H1898OregonSister
{Family 79}
Marshall A  Portland, Multnomah1892IllinoisHead162b
Lola M  1897PennsylvaniaWife
Marjorie J   1920 OregonDaughter
{Family 80}
Floyd  Portland, Multnomah1893MichiganHead93
Ruby  1898WashingtonWife
Norma  1918OregonDaughter
{Family 81}
Frank DPortland, Multnomah1893IdahoHead244
Mary E1899NebraskaWife244b
{Family 82}
Lundy MPortland, Multnomah1894OregonHead128b
{Family 83}
BelvaPortland, Multnomah1894MichiganBoarder46b
{Family 84}
Clarence T D  Portland, Multnomah1894CanadaLodger83
{Family 85}
Merle WPortland, Multnomah1895MichiganHead156b
Zoa L1895North DakotaWife
{Family 86}
Howard EPortland, Multnomah1895PennsylvaniaLodger226
{Family 87}
BertPortland, Multnomah1895NebraskaHead94b
{Family 88}
Earl Eugene  Portland, Multnomah 1896 Washington Lodger191
{Family 89}
AndrewPortland, Multnomah1898IdahoHead77
{Family 90}
Clifford LPortland, Multnomah1901OregonLodger199

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