CASE Families living in Oregon in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Bales ARock Creek, Gilliam1883ArkansasHead
AliceRock Creek, Gilliam1887IowaWife
Clifford LRock Creek, Gilliam1907OregonSon
Raymond RRock Creek, Gilliam1908OregonSon
{Family 32}
Clarence FAntioch, Jackson1873OhioHead
Isabell LAntioch, Jackson1851OhioMother
{Family 33}
Earle MAntioch, Jackson1887OhioHead
BessyAntioch, Jackson1892OregonWife
FlossieAntioch, Jackson1913OregonDaughter
SylviaAntioch, Jackson1915OregonDaughter
Aaron EAntioch, Jackson1916OregonSon
EvelynAntioch, Jackson1919OregonDaughter
{Family 34}
Louis SAshland, Jackson1870MichiganHead
DoraAshland, Jackson1874KansasWife
CecileAshland, Jackson1901WashingtonDaughter
LouisAshland, Jackson1907WashingtonSon
DorisAshland, Jackson1911WashingtonDaughter
RolandAshland, Jackson1896WashingtonSon
AldaAshland, Jackson1896WashingtonDaughter-in-law
NormanAshland, Jackson1918WashingtonGrandson
ArleneAshland, Jackson1919WashingtonGranddaughter
{Family 35}
Lon N [Lou] Ashland, Jackson1858OhioMother-in-law39
{Family 36}
GeorgeBarron, Jackson1857IndianaHead
{Family 37}
Ausil H [Ansil]Medford, Jackson1877MichiganHead
ElizabethMedford, Jackson1878CanadaWife
AliceMedford, Jackson1913OregonDaughter
{Family 38}
Eli North Jacksonville, Jackson1852UtahHead
{Family 39}
Theodore NMount Laki, Klamath1865ConnecticutHead
Elsie HMount Laki, Klamath1868IllinoisWife
Theodore NMount Laki, Klamath1896IllinoisSon
Omstrie NMount Laki, Klamath1899CaliforniaSon
{Family 40}
Alexander H
Surname listed Care
Camp Creek, Lane1868MinnesotaCousin
{Family 41}
Wilard NEdwards, Lane1911WashingtonGrandson
{Family 42}
William M
Surnames listed Cose
Eugene Ward 2, Lane1883KansasHead
Mabel KEugene Ward 2, Lane1883MissouriWife
{Family 43}
MaryNewport, Lincoln1849IdahoHead
{Family 44}
EdwardSiletz, Lincoln1881OregonHead
EthelSiletz, Lincoln1890OregonWife
Clifford CSiletz, Lincoln1913OregonSon
Ada MildredSiletz, Lincoln1914OregonDaughter
Edward JenSiletz, Lincoln1917OregonSon
{Family 45}
Clarence Yaquina, Lincoln1894OregonBrother-in-law
{Family 46}
DarwinPrecinct 8, Linn1870CaliforniaHead
LeonaPrecinct 8, Linn1875OregonWife
{Family 47}
William LSyracuse, Linn1864North CarolinaHead
JosephineSyracuse, Linn1876MissouriWife
William DSyracuse, Linn1900OregonSon
MargariteSyracuse, Linn1902OregonDaughter
Marvin CSyracuse, Linn1910OregonSon
{Family 48}
FredTangent, Linn1883CaliforniaHead
JuliaTangent, Linn1892CaliforniaWife
Charles RTangent, Linn1918OregonSon
MilesTangent, Linn1837OhioFather
FrankTangent, Linn1873CaliforniaBrother
{Family 49}
Surnames listed Carr
Tangent, Linn1877CaliforniaHead
IdaTangent, Linn1881CaliforniaSister
{Family 50}
George WDonald, Marion1861OregonHead
Clara EDonald, Marion1864OregonWife
Charles CDonald, Marion1888OregonSon
HaroldDonald, Marion1891OregonSon
Earl WDonald, Marion1899OregonSon
ErselDonald, Marion1903OregonSon
AnnaDonald, Marion1907OregonDaughter
{Family 51}
FloraSalem Ward 2, Marion1890IllinoisHead
Eliza ASalem Ward 2, Marion1848IllinoisMother
{Family 52}
ThelbertSalem Ward 4, Marion1869OhioHead56b
MargaretSalem Ward 4, Marion1874IowaWife
MildredSalem Ward 4, Marion1902OregonDaughter
{Family 53}
Surname listed Care
Salem Ward 6, Marion1907New JerseyInmate
{Family 54}
Martin L Heppner, Morrow1877South DakotaHead
Winnifred F Heppner, Morrow1877OregonWife
Allen L Heppner, Morrow1904OregonSon
Harold C Heppner, Morrow1906OregonSon
Mary F Heppner, Morrow1909OregonDaughter
Lawerence S Heppner, Morrow1911OregonSon
Leon C Heppner, Morrow1915OregonSon
Winnifred H Heppner, Morrow1916OregonDaughter
{Family 55}
Marshall A
Surnames listed Care
Portland, Multnomah1892IllinoisHead
Lola MPortland, Multnomah1897PennsylvaniaWife
Marjorie JPortland, Multnomah1919OregonDaughter
{Family 56}
William H
Surname listed Carr
Portland, Multnomah1873CanadaLodger
{Family 57}
William WPortland, Multnomah1844ConnecticutFather-in-law
{Family 58}
Benjamin FPortland, Multnomah1856CaliforniaHead
Adelaide BPortland, Multnomah1860MichiganWife
{Family 59}
Sarah EPortland, Multnomah1859New HampshireBoarder
{Family 60}
George BPortland, Multnomah1862PennsylvaniaHead
RachelPortland, Multnomah1874PennsylvaniaWife
Irving TPortland, Multnomah1892PennsylvaniaSon
Leslie BPortland, Multnomah1899PennsylvaniaSon
Horace EPortland, Multnomah1909OregonSon
Edith LPortland, Multnomah1912OregonDaughter
George EPortland, Multnomah1914OregonSon

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