CASE Families living in Oklahoma in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Charles H Seiling, Dewey 1876IllinoisHead100b
Syllender Seiling, Dewey 1873KentuckyWife
Fay Seiling, Dewey 1899OklahomaDaughter
Addie Seiling, Dewey 1903OklahomaDaughter
Andery Seiling, Dewey 1907OklahomaSon101
Jennvia Seiling, Dewey 1909OklahomaDaughter
Henry Seiling, Dewey 1913OklahomaSon
Boyd Seiling, Dewey 1918OklahomaSon
{Family 32}
John RSickle, Dewey 1859MinnesotaHead
Lydia MSickle, Dewey 1875IllinoisWife
William HSickle, Dewey 1897OklahomaSon
Ray JSickle, Dewey 1914OklahomaSon
ElviniaSickle, Dewey 1837OhioMother
{Family 33}
Bert Hobart, Garfield 1880MissouriHead
Marie Hobart, Garfield 1892NebraskaWife
Oscar Hobart, Garfield 1907MissouriSon
{Family 34}
William HEnid Ward 1, Garfield 1862OhioHead
Maria HEnid Ward 1, Garfield 1871IllinoisWife
William H Jr.Enid Ward 1, Garfield 1904OklahomaSon
Lila MEnid Ward 1, Garfield 1905OklahomaDaughter
Florence DEnid Ward 1, Garfield 1906OklahomaDaughter
{Family 35}
DelEnid Ward 5, Garfield 1891IndianaRoomer
Tora Enid Ward 5, Garfield 1894MissouriRoomer
George LEnid Ward 5, Garfield 1915MissouriRoomer
{Family 36}
Rachel E Enid Ward 5, Garfield 1854IllinoisAunt
{Family 37}
NewtonVincent, Grady 1891TexasHead54
MinnieVincent, Grady 1893TexasWife
JLVincent, Grady 1915TexasSon
LawrenceVincent, Grady 1899TexasBrother-in-law
AgnesVincent, Grady 1898TexasSister-in-law
{Family 38}
EugeneBurr, Grant 1882IowaHead
Lauria BellBurr, Grant 1899KansasWife
Lucy FBurr, Grant 1848IndianaMother
{Family 39}
MonieDeer Creek, Grant 1878MissouriSister-in-law173
Thomas Deer Creek, Grant 1856MissouriFather-in-law
{Family 40}
Dora ALittle, Harper 1909OklahomaNiece
Eugene CLittle, Harper 1911OklahomaNephew
{Family 41}
Sim Beaver, Haskell 1898OklahomaBoarder
{Family 42}
Surname listed Carr
Garrett, Johnston 1897OklahomaBoarder
{Family 43}
WilliamBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1858IllinoisHead
EltaBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1878IllinoisWife
Maggie IBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1898OklahomaDaughter
FlorenceBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1906OklahomaDaughter
GlennBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1909OklahomaSon
Velma MaeBlackwell Ward 3, Kay 1912OklahomaDaughter
{Family 44}
Surname listed Casa
Ponca Ward 3, Kay 1900OklahomaRoomer
{Family 45}
AndyMountain Park, Kiowa 1863New YorkHead
{Family 46}
GeorgeNorth Fox, Lincoln 1872IowaHead
RachelNorth Fox, Lincoln 1888OklahomaWife
ElmerNorth Fox, Lincoln 1913OklahomaSon
JohnNorth Fox, Lincoln 1914OklahomaSon
LeeNorth Fox, Lincoln 1917OklahomaSon
EllisNorth Fox, Lincoln 1919OklahomaDaughter
{Family 47}
Nora Tryon, Lincoln 1867MissouriHead
{Family 48}
David WGuthrie Ward 2, Logan 1881MissouriHead85
Hertha (Bertha?)Guthrie Ward 2, Logan 1880MassachusettsWife
David Worth JrGuthrie Ward 2, Logan 1915WisconsinSon
{Family 49}
James PBurney, Love 1857KentuckyHead
{Family 50}
FrankSulphur, McCurtain 1875MissouriBoarder
{Family 51}
Robert WSulphur, McCurtain 1872MissouriHead165
FannieSulphur, McCurtain 1881TennesseeWife
JamesSulphur, McCurtain 1906TexasSon
EdwinSulphur, McCurtain 1905TexasSon
JohnSulphur, McCurtain 1910OklahomaSon
FrankieSulphur, McCurtain 1912OklahomaDaughter
MidrenSulphur, McCurtain 1916OklahomaDaughter
Robert ASulphur, McCurtain 1915OklahomaSon
James HSulphur, McCurtain 1846New YorkFather
{Family 52}
OscarBishop, Major 1868OhioHead
Cora GBishop, Major 1873KansasWife
W MyrleBishop, Major 1906OklahomaSon
VernonBishop, Major 1913OklahomaSon
{Family 53}
C WBishop, Major 1863OhioHead
{Family 54}
Lucy MFairview, Major 1889NebraskaHead89b
Iva MFairview, Major 1906OklahomaDaughter
Otis FFairview, Major 1909OklahomaSon
Vera FFairview, Major 1914OklahomaDaughter
Ruveita RFairview, Major 1915OklahomaDaughter
{Family 55}
Florence Maria (Marie)Madill, Marshall 1910OklahomaDaughter
RuthMadill, Marshall 1913OklahomaDaughter
{Family 56}
John WSheridan, Major 1874IllinoisHead
EdithSheridan, Major 1884CaliforniaWife
{Family 57}
AnnieBrown, Muskogee 1849IllinoisHead
{Family 58}
Surnames listed Pase
Muskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1860CaliforniaHead
MarthaMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee 1860OklahomaWife
{Family 59}
LenaMuskogee Ward 2, Muskogee 1895ArkansasRoomer
{Family 60}
HarryMuskogee Ward 4, Muskogee 1889PennsylvaniaHead
BeatriceMuskogee Ward 4, Muskogee 1901PennsylvaniaWife

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