CASE Families living in Ohio in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 551}
Harry Dennison, Tuscarawas1896OhioHead
Marie Dennison, Tuscarawas1898OhioWife
Paul Dennison, Tuscarawas1917OhioSon
Anna Mae Dennison, Tuscarawas1919OhioDaughter
{Family 552}
Hal E Lawrence, Tuscarawas1868OhioHead
Grace Lawrence, Tuscarawas1876OhioWife
Janet Lawrence, Tuscarawas1903OhioDaughter
Mary B Lawrence, Tuscarawas1912OhioDaughter
{Family 553}
John Mill, Tuscarawas1890New YorkLodger
{Family 554}
William R Mill, Tuscarawas1900OhioSon-in-law
Mary Mill, Tuscarawas1901OhioDaughter
{Family 555}
Lucy A Oxford, Tuscarawas1840OhioHead
{Family 556}
Surnames listed Cose
Allen, Union1887OhioHead
Mary Allen, Union1844West VirginiaMother
{Family 557}
Surnames listed Carr
Claibourne, Union1842OhioHead
Lavonia Claibourne, Union1843OhioWife
{Family 558}
Mary A
Surname listed Eaze
Tully, Van Wert1854OhioMother
{Family 559}
Warren J Willshire, Van Wert1860OhioHead
Mary E Willshire, Van Wert1864IndianaWife
{Family 560}
Clarence C
Surnames listed Care
Willshire, Van Wert1891IndianaHead
Emma L Willshire, Van Wert1897OhioWife
John L Willshire, Van Wert1857OhioFather
Catharine Willshire, Van Wert1863OhioMother
{Family 561}
J Wash Willshire, Van Wert1887IndianaHead
Zelma G Willshire, Van Wert1890OhioWife
Effie M Willshire, Van Wert1914OhioDaughter
Maxine Willshire, Van Wert1916OhioDaughter
Chester Willshire, Van Wert1918OhioSon
Paul Willshire, Van Wert1919OhioSon
{Family 562}
Roscoe Deerfield, Warren1882OhioHead
Bertha Deerfield, Warren1884OhioWife
Mary E Deerfield, Warren1908OhioDaughter
Laurence W Deerfield, Warren1910OhioSon
Wilber B Deerfield, Warren1911OhioSon
Luther B Deerfield, Warren1914OhioSon
Roscoe E Deerfield, Warren1915OhioSon
{Family 563}
John I Marietta, Washington1867OhioBoarder
{Family 564}
Hazel P Plain, Wayne1900OhioDaughter
Claude C Plain, Wayne1896OhioSon-in-law
{Family 565}
Cyrus S Wooster, Wayne1841OhioFather-in-law
Sarah Wooster, Wayne1840OhioMother-in-law
{Family 566}
Sim [Linn]Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1876New YorkHead
Hattie Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1879PennsylvaniaWife
Frank Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1899West VirginiaSon
Victor Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1903West VirginiaSon
Ruth Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1901West VirginiaDaughter
Arthur Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1909West VirginiaSon
Gerald Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1917OhioSon
Robert Wooster Ward 1, Wayne1919OhioSon
{Family 567}
Myron L
Surnames listed Cass
Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1864OhioHead
Clara D Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1881OhioWife
Boyd Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1899IllinoisSon
Pauline Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1901OhioDaughter
Myron L JrBowling Green Ward 3, Wood1902OhioSon
{Family 568}
Samuel R Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1869OhioHead
Kate L Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1869OhioWife
Robert W Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1898OhioSon
John S Bowling Green Ward 3, Wood1906OhioSon
{Family 569}
Edward H Jackson, Wood1872OhioHired Man
{Family 570}
Willam Weston, Wood1920OhioHead
{Family 571}
Hary E Weston, Wood1872OhioLodger
{Family 572}
Stephen Madison, Williams1861MichiganHead
Hattie Madison, Williams1857IndianaWife
{Family 573}
Surnames listed Carse
Madison, Williams 1891OhioHead
Orpha E Madison, Williams1891OhioWife
Pauline Madison, Williams1912OhioDaughter
Earl Madison, Williams1914OhioSon
Thelma Madison, Williams1916OhioDaughter
Max Madison, Williams1917OhioSon
{Family 574}
Harry Madison, Williams1890IndianaHead
Regina Madison, Williams1892OhioWife
Catherine Madison, Williams1915OhioDaughter
Harold Madison, Williams1918OhioSon
{Family 575}
Howard E Pulaski, Williams1893OhioHead
Hazel Pulaski, Williams1897OhioWife
Howard Pulaski, Williams1918OhioSon
Lilian Ray Pulaski, Williams1919OhioDaughter
{Family 576}
Myron V Antrim, Wyandot1885South DakotaHead
Iva Antrim, Wyandot1889OhioWife
Robert Antrim, Wyandot1912OhioSon
Richard Antrim, Wyandot1914OhioSon
Louise Crane, Wyandot1869OhioDaughter
{Family 577}
Fred H Eden, Wyandot1893OhioHead
Naomah N Eden, Wyandot1899OhioWife
Jane L Eden, Wyandot1916OhioDaughter
Ruth M Eden, Wyandot1918OhioDaughter
{Family 578}
Truman W Eden, Wyandot1871OhioHead
Nary S Eden, Wyandot1874OhioWife
Paul W Eden, Wyandot1902OhioSon
{Family 579}
John S Eden, Wyandot1867OhioHead
Anna G Eden, Wyandot1863PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 580}
Charles Eden, Wyandot1893OhioHead
Daisy D Eden, Wyandot1889OhioWife
Thelma P Eden, Wyandot1919OhioDaughter
{Family 581}
Clarence W Eden, Wyandot1896OhioHead
Lucile L Eden, Wyandot1893OhioWife
Theodore C Eden, Wyandot1917OhioSon
{Family 582}
Earl H Eden, Wyandot1884OhioHead
Lulue A Eden, Wyandot1895OhioWife
Mary J Eden, Wyandot1911OhioDaughter
Stewart W Eden, Wyandot1913OhioSon
Hellen R Eden, Wyandot1915OhioDaughter
Earl H Eden, Wyandot1917OhioSon
Robert W Eden, Wyandot1919OhioSon
{Family 583}
Leah Sycamore, Wyandot1853OhioHead
{Family 584}
Emery E Sycamore, Wyandot 1864OhioHead228
Ellem [Ellen]Sycamore, Wyandot1866OhioWife

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