CASE Families living in Ohio in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 431}
Nora R Van Buren, Montgomery1848IllinoisEmployee
{Family 432}
Mary Van Buren, Montgomery1873OhioPatient
{Family 433}
Surnames listed Care
Gilead, Morrow1886OhioHead
Orah Gilead, Morrow1883OhioWife
Mary Gilead, Morrow1916OhioDaughter
{Family 434}
Farris [Tunis]Gilead, Morrow1888OhioHead89
Sadie Gilead, Morrow1889OhioWife
Veldah Gilead, Morrow1913OhioDaughter
{Family 435}
William Gilead, Morrow1851OhioHead
{Family 436}
John Gilead, Morrow1854OhioHead
{Family 437}
Surnames listed Cose
Perry, Morrow1882OhioHead
Katy Perry, Morrow1885OhioWife
{Family 438}
William Perry, Morrow1852OhioHead
Electa Perry, Morrow1857OhioWife
{Family 439}
George A Troy, Morrow1870OhioHead
Sarah Troy, Morrow1867OhioWife
Alva F Troy, Morrow1904OhioSon
Arthur B Troy, Morrow1907OhioSon
{Family 440}
Ernest W Falls, Muskingum1889MissouriHead
Mary E Falls, Muskingum1894OhioWife
Wendell E Falls, Muskingum1914OhioSon
Robert D Falls, Muskingum1916OhioSon
Maxton R Falls, Muskingum1917OhioSon
Neal F Falls, Muskingum1919OhioSon
{Family 441}
James T Monroe, Muskingum1844OhioBoarder
{Family 442}
Lyman L Monroe, Muskingum1871OhioHead
Cuza A Monroe, Muskingum1874OhioWife
{Family 443}
Norma L Monroe, Muskingum1896OhioHead
Judson M Monroe, Muskingum1914OhioSon
Kenneth R Monroe, Muskingum1915OhioSon
Ivan W Monroe, Muskingum1918OhioSon
{Family 444}
William T Zanesville Ward 1, Muskingum1875New YorkHead
Francis C Zanesville Ward 1, Muskingum1888OhioWife
Littie M Zanesville Ward 1, Muskingum1841New YorkStepmother
{Family 445}
Orton J Zanesville Ward 6, Muskingum1878OhioHead
Effie A Zanesville Ward 6, Muskingum1875OhioWife
Fred G Zanesville Ward 6, Muskingum1897OhioSon
{Family 446}
Leonard Portage, Ottawa1896NebraskaBoarder
{Family 447}
Pete Monroe, Perry1884OhioSon-in-law
Jane Monroe, Perry1882PennsylvaniaDaughter
Ethel J Monroe, Perry1915OhioGranddaughter
Jason S Monroe, Perry1918OhioSon
Robert L Monroe, Perry1919OhioSon
{Family 448}
Pardon Deerfield, Portage1856OhioHead
Florence Deerfield, Portage1856OhioWife
{Family 449}
Harry A Deerfield, Portage1884OhioHead
May B Deerfield, Portage1887OhioWife
Elenor Deerfield, Portage1913OhioDaughter
{Family 450}
Jackson Deerfield, Portage1859OhioHead
{Family 451}
Blanch Garrettsville, Portage1872OhioHead
Jenettie Garrettsville, Portage1909OhioDaughter
{Family 452}
Cora Garrettsville, Portage1880OhioNiece
{Family 453}
Harry Don
Surnames listed Cose
Mantua, Portage1883IllinoisHead
Minnie E Mantua, Portage1888OhioWife
Mildred G Mantua, Portage1913OhioDaughter
{Family 454}
Manning Mantua, Portage1845OhioHead
Rhoda Mantua, Portage1845OhioWife
{Family 455}
George S Mantua, Portage1884IllinoisHead
Myrtle Mantua, Portage1884PennsylvaniaWife
Manning Jr.Mantua, Portage1907IllinoisSon
George C Mantua, Portage1912OhioSon
{Family 456}
George F Randolph, Portage1880OhioHead
Mable A Randolph, Portage1881OhioWife
Charles R Randolph, Portage1911OhioSon
{Family 457}
Albert Ravenna, Portage1852OhioHired Man
{Family 458}
Lizzie Ravenna, Portage1871OhioHead
William L Ravenna, Portage1902OhioSon
Dottie L Ravenna, Portage1903OhioDaughter
{Family 459}
E L Ravenna Ward 1, Portage1864OhioBrother
{Family 460}
Surname listed Cass
Ravenna Ward 2, Portage1848OhioHead

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