CASE Families living in Ohio in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 401}
Anna Brunswick, Medina1874OhioHead
Viola Brunswick, Medina1907OhioDaughter
Raymond Brunswick, Medina1913OhioSon
{Family 402}
Melvin C Hinckley, Medina1895OhioHead
Sadie Hinckley, Medina1898OhioWife
Edith E Hinckley, Medina1916OhioDaughter
{Family 403}
Surnames listed Care
Litchfield, Medina1848OhioHead
Georgie Litchfield, Medina1851OhioWife
{Family 404}
Tracy Litchfield, Medina1873MissouriHead
Bertha Litchfield, Medina1879OhioWife
Edith Litchfield, Medina1898OhioDaughter
Glenora Litchfield, Medina1910OhioDaughter
{Family 405}
George B Medina, Medina1865OhioHead
Blanche M Medina, Medina1868OhioWife
{Family 406}
Luke Medina, Medina1862OhioHead
{Family 407}
Eliza J Medina, Medina1857OhioHousekeeper
{Family 408}
Oscar [Orson]
Surnames listed Cara
Montville, Medina1853WisconsinFather-in-law
Flora E Montville, Medina1887OhioNiece
Dorothy B Montville, Medina1893OhioNiece
{Family 409}
Hortence Pomeroy, Meigs1861OhioHead
{Family 410}
Earl Black Creek, Mercer1885IndianaHead6b
Huldah Black Creek, Mercer1885OhioWife
Cleo Black Creek, Mercer1902IndianaDaughter
Glendola Black Creek, Mercer1908OhioDaughter
Voyd Black Creek, Mercer1910OhioSon
Darmon [Daimon]Black Creek, Mercer1912OhioSon
Madona Black Creek, Mercer1915OhioDaughter
Joyce Black Creek, Mercer1916OhioSon
Herman Black Creek, Mercer1919OhioSon
{Family 411}
Charles E Brown, Miami1880OhioHead
Nettie M Brown, Miami1882OhioWife
Mary B Brown, Miami1903OhioDaughter
Charley E Brown, Miami1908OhioSon
{Family 412}
Mary E Clarington, Monroe1860OhioHead
{Family 413}
John Clarington, Monroe1858OhioHead
Lillie Clarington, Monroe1863OhioWife
William C Clarington, Monroe1886OhioSon
{Family 414}
Harry Clarington, Monroe1883OhioHead
Ella R Clarington, Monroe1887OhioWife
John D Clarington, Monroe1910OhioSon
Elizabeth L Clarington, Monroe1912OhioDaughter
{Family 415}
Everette E (Everett)Salem, Monroe1887OhioHead
Elizabeth Salem, Monroe1856OhioMother
{Family 416}
Minnie J
Surname listed Cose
Dayton Ward 1, Montgomery1870OhioHead
{Family 417}
Joseph R
Surnames listed Carr
Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1892OhioHead
Cashus Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1896OhioBrother
Lucy Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1872IndianaMother
{Family 418}
Henry Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1897OhioHead
Layette Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1897OhioWife
Beatrice Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1918OhioDaughter
Harry Dayton Ward 3, Montgomery1919OhioSon
{Family 419}
John A Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1868OhioHead178
Charlotte E Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1868OhioWife
Eng Elizabeth [Elizabeth] Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1895OhioDaughter
Charlotte F Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1900OhioDaughter
John E Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1907OhioSon
{Family 420}
Frank P Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1886OhioHead
Beulah Dayton Ward 4, Montgomery1888KentuckyWife
{Family 421}
Callie Dayton Ward 5, Montgomery1857OhioMother-in-law
{Family 422}
Willet Dayton Ward 6, Montgomery1857OhioBoarder
Walter Dayton Ward 6, Montgomery1907IndianaBoarder
{Family 423}
Surname listed Cage
Dayton Ward 6, Montgomery1912OhioInmate
{Family 424}
Leslie Dayton Ward 8, Montgomery1895KentuckyHead
Zella Dayton Ward 8, Montgomery1899KentuckyWife
{Family 425}
Marvin Dayton Ward 9, Montgomery1879ConnecticutHead
Ada Dayton Ward 9, Montgomery1879IndianaWife
Robert Dayton Ward 9, Montgomery1915TennesseeAdopted
{Family 426}
Theron D (O)Dayton Ward 11, Montgomery1886MissouriHead
Zerelda S Dayton Ward 11, Montgomery1895OhioWife
Hannah J Dayton Ward 11, Montgomery1857MissouriMother
Leo F Dayton Ward 11, Montgomery1894IowaBoarder
{Family 427}
Jacob E Dayton Ward 12, Montgomery1887OhioHead
Alice Dayton Ward 12, Montgomery1887IndianaWife
Eugene Dayton Ward 12, Montgomery1910IndianaSon
{Family 428}
Charles B Jefferson, Montgomery1839OhioInmate
{Family 429}
Surname listed Carr
Miami, Montgomery1874TennesseeHead
{Family 430}
Samuel H Miami, Montgomery1891TennesseeHead
Lenora M Miami, Montgomery1896OhioWife
Eugene B Miami, Montgomery1914OhioSon
Clyde C Miami, Montgomery1917OhioSon
Juanita A Miami, Montgomery1919OhioDaughter

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