CASE Families living in Ohio in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 271}
Jessie Cincinnati Ward 24, Hamilton1889KentuckyHead
Viola Cincinnati Ward 24, Hamilton1887KentuckyWife
Carl Cincinnati Ward 24, Hamilton1915OhioSon
Earl Cincinnati Ward 24, Hamilton1917OhioSon
Lawrence Cincinnati Ward 24, Hamilton1919OhioSon
{Family 272}
Thomas Cincinnati Ward 26, Hamilton1877OhioHead
Rhoda Cincinnati Ward 26, Hamilton1895KentuckyWife
Lloyd Cincinnati Ward 26, Hamilton1899OhioSon
Lela Cincinnati Ward 26, Hamilton1906OhioDaughter
Ollie M Cincinnati Ward 26, Hamilton1919OhioDaughter
{Family 273}
William Harrison, Hamilton1873IndianaHead
Ida Harrison, Hamilton1892IndianaWife
Helen Harrison, Hamilton1901IndianaDaughter
Leanord Harrison, Hamilton1911OhioSon
Willard Harrison, Hamilton1914IndianaSon
Alline Harrison, Hamilton1919OhioDaughter
{Family 274}
William L Maderia, Hamilton1864OhioHead
Hattie Maderia, Hamilton1864OhioWife
Helen Maderia, Hamilton1892OhioDaughter
Edward T Maderia, Hamilton1901OhioSon
Herbert W Maderia, Hamilton1903OhioSon
{Family 275}
Carr Norwood Ward 1, Hamilton1889OhioHead
Margaret Norwood Ward 1, Hamilton1886OhioWife
Sylvester Norwood Ward 1, Hamilton1914OhioSon
James Norwood Ward 1, Hamilton1917OhioSon
{Family 276}
Edward B Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1874OhioHead164
Olevia Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1877OhioWife
Lawrence Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1898OhioSon
{Family 277}
Joseph H Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1895OhioHead
Katherine Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1895OhioWife
Carl J Norwood Ward 2, Hamilton1917OhioSon
{Family 278}
Surname listed Carr
Norwood Ward 4, Hamilton1870OhioBoarder
{Family 279}
John N Norwood Ward 4, Hamilton1867KentuckyHead
Mary H Norwood Ward 4, Hamilton1868KentuckyWife
Eunice Norwood Ward 4, Hamilton1899KentuckyDaughter
Jean P Norwood Ward 4, Hamilton1907KentuckySon
{Family 280}
Catherine St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1865GermanyHead
Mathilda St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1894OhioDaughter
{Family 281}
Theodore St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1876OhioHead
Catherine St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1871OhioWife
Helen St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1903OhioDaughter
Charles St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1905OhioSon
Elsie St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1908OhioDaughter
Norma St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1911OhioDaughter
{Family 282}
Theodore St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1896OhioHead
Mayme St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1898OhioWife
Woodrow St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1919OhioSon
{Family 283}
Charles St Bernard Ward 1, Hamilton1886KentuckyBoarder
{Family 284}
Alonzo K [R]Springfield, Hamilton1847OhioHead
{Family 285}
David R Springfield, Hamilton1848OhioHead
Louisa Springfield, Hamilton1853OhioWife
Lida Springfield, Hamilton1881OhioDaughter
Carl Springfield, Hamilton1890OhioSon
{Family 286}
Chester Springfield, Hamilton1884OhioHead
Edith Springfield, Hamilton1891OhioWife
Milton Springfield, Hamilton1915OhioSon
Merriam Springfield, Hamilton1918OhioDaughter
{Family 287}
Authur Springfield, Hamilton1887OhioHead
Mary Springfield, Hamilton1892OhioWife
Robert Springfield, Hamilton1910OhioSon
Estella Springfield, Hamilton1911OhioDaughter
Grace Springfield, Hamilton1913OhioDaughter
Leroy Springfield, Hamilton1917OhioSon
{Family 288}
Geo S Symmes, Hamilton 1841KentuckyHead
Mary P Symmes, Hamilton1849KentuckyWife
{Family 289}
Emma Kenton Ward 4, Hardin1848GermanyMother-in-law
{Family 290}
Irene A Jackson, Hardin1861OhioMother
{Family 291}
Wilson Jackson, Hardin1861OhioHead
Mary C Jackson, Hardin1864OhioDaughter
{Family 292}
Wilfred [Wilfert]Taylor Creek, Hardin1887OhioHead295b
Carrie Taylor Creek, Hardin1889OhioWife
Zelma Taylor Creek, Hardin1909OhioDaughter
{Family 293}
Mary E Green, Harrison1916OhioGranddaughter
Edward M Green, Harrison1918OhioGrandson
{Family 294}
George T Green, Harrison1868OhioHead
Della Green, Harrison1879OhioWife
{Family 295}
Oliver C Harrisville, Harrison1854OhioHead
Katherine A Harrisville, Harrison1854OhioWife
{Family 296}
Caroline Short Creek, Harrison1863OhioHead191
Harvey Short Creek, Harrison1883OhioSon
Junie [Junis]Short Creek, Harrison1896OhioSon
{Family 297}
Surname listed Cose
Short Creek, Harrison1889OhioBoarder
{Family 298}
James Brush Creek, Highland1876OhioHead
Cie M Brush Creek, Highland1887OhioWife
Effie Brush Creek, Highland1911OhioDaughter
{Family 299}
Charlie Madison, Highland1874OhioBoarder
{Family 300}
Claude Paint, Highland1886KentuckyHead
Ida Paint, Highland1896KentuckyWife
Manya Lee Paint, Highland1913KentuckyDaughter
Martha E Paint, Highland1916OhioDaughter
Geneva Paint, Highland1916OhioDaughter
Kenneth Paint, Highland1917OhioSon
{Family 301}
Lorin B Paint, Highland1890OhioHead
Rosa H Paint, Highland1891OhioWife
{Family 302}
Wm Penn, Highland1872ConnecticutHead
Anna Penn, Highland1870OhioWife
{Family 303}
Joes S Logan Ward 2, Hocking1891OhioHead
Besse Logan Ward 2, Hocking1891OhioWife
William F Logan Ward 2, Hocking1918OhioSon
{Family 304}
Flavius S Logan Ward 3, Hocking 1853OhioHead
Addie M Logan Ward 3, Hocking1861OhioWife
{Family 305}
Elna R (Elva?)Clarksfield, Huron1877OhioHead220b
Ada B Clarksfield, Huron1882OhioWife
Archie C Clarksfield, Huron1912OhioSon
Robert E Clarksfield, Huron1913OhioSon
{Family 306}
Clarence S
Surname listed Casse
New Haven, Huron1887West VirginiaRoomer
{Family 307}
Angie New London, Huron1853OhioHead
{Family 308}
Frane Norwalk Ward 2, Huron1853OhioRoomer
{Family 309}
F B Norwalk Ward 3, Huron1832OhioHead
Elsie Norwalk Ward 3, Huron1869CanadaWife
{Family 310}
Arthur G
Surnames listed Cose
Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1881OhioHead
Mayme E Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1882OhioWife
Donald A Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1902OhioSon
Leroy B Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1904OhioSon
Dorothy L Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1907OhioDaughter
Marion M Norwalk Ward 4, Huron1912OhioDaughter

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