CASE Families living in Ohio in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Mantier [Montier]Bratton, Adams1884OhioHead5
Anna M Bratton, Adams1889OhioWife
Wlater C [Walter]Bratton, Adams1905OhioSon
Glennie M Bratton, Adams1907OhioDaughter
Nola M Bratton, Adams1919OhioDaughter
{Family 2}
Oscar Bratton, Adams1877OhioHead
Mary W Bratton, Adams1880OhioWife
Frederick Bratton, Adams1907OhioSon
Elmer F Bratton, Adams1911Nova ScotiaSon
{Family 3}
Harold Jefferson, Adams1906OhioStepson
{Family 4}
Albert Meigs, Adams1856OhioHead126
Sylvia Meigs, Adams1901OhioDaughter
{Family 5}
Jason Bath, Allen1840USAPatient
{Family 6}
Edward S Lima Ward 2, Allen1877IndianaHead
Annie Lima Ward 2, Allen1861IndianaWife
{Family 7}
J M Lima Ward 4, Allen1888MichiganHead258
Hilel S [Ethel]Lima Ward 4, Allen1888MichiganWife
John S Lima Ward 4, Allen1914MichiganSon
Zara [Lara] Lima Ward 4, Allen1918MichiganDaughter
Sophie Lee Lima Ward 4, Allen1851MichiganMother
{Family 8}
Surname listed Prise
Lima Ward 5, Allen1904OhioSister-in-law
{Family 9}
Helen Lima Ward 6, Allen1904OhioStepdaughter
Alva Lima Ward 6, Allen1906OhioStepson
{Family 10}
Ella M Andover, Ashtabula1855OhioHead
{Family 11}
Charles B Andover, Ashtabula1880OhioHead
Cleo G Andover, Ashtabula1889OhioWife
{Family 12}
Ira O
Surnames listed Core
Andover, Ashtabula1891OhioHead
Catherine Andover, Ashtabula1895OhioWife
Wattis Andover, Ashtabula1915OhioDaughter
Marion Andover, Ashtabula1916OhioDaughter
{Family 13}
Surnames listed Core
Andover, Ashtabula1892OhioHead
Ethel Andover, Ashtabula1893OhioWife
Eulyn Andover, Ashtabula1916OhioDaughter
{Family 14}
Hugh L
Surnames listed Dave
Andover, Ashtabula1868OhioHead
Mabel Andover, Ashtabula1879OhioWife
Clarence S Andover, Ashtabula1914OhioDaughter
Thomas W Andover, Ashtabula1917OhioSon
{Family 15}
Lucier [Lucien]
Surname listed Care
Andover, Ashtabula1841OhioHead147
{Family 16}
Clarence V Ashtabula, Ashtabula1853VirginiaHead
Malissa Ashtabula, Ashtabula1853OhioWife
Edith Ashtabula, Ashtabula1865OhioSister
{Family 17}
Ray N Ashtabula Ward 4, Ashtabula1884OhioHead
{Family 18}
Mira B Conneaut Ward 1, Ashtabula1842PennsylvaniaHead
{Family 19}
Amy D Jefferson, Ashtabula1906OhioGranddaughter
Harry E Jefferson, Ashtabula1907OhioGrandson
{Family 20}
Loyal Jefferson, Ashtabula1849ConnecticutBrother
{Family 21}
Alice R Kingsville, Ashtabula1853New YorkHead
{Family 22}
Forrest Marcus Pierpont, Ashtabula1880OhioHead176
Mary Edwa [Edna]Pierpont, Ashtabula1881PennsylvaniaWife
Milford Forrest Pierpont, Ashtabula1904OhioSon
Kenneth La Mone Pierpont, Ashtabula1847OhioSon
Crystal May Pierpont, Ashtabula1910OhioDaughter
{Family 23}
Virgil Arry
Surnames listed Cose
Pierpont, Ashtabula1878OhioHead176
Ruby Viola Pierpont, Ashtabula1885OhioWife
Clifton Charles Pierpont, Ashtabula1910OhioSon
Marin MacUs [Merlin Marcus]Pierpont, Ashtabula1913OhioSon
Agnes Roseline [Rosaline]Pierpont, Ashtabula1916OhioDaughter
{Family 24}
Guy Pierpont, Ashtabula1866OhioHead
Maud Pierpont, Ashtabula1888OhioWife
Alpha Pierpont, Ashtabula1897PennsylvaniaSon
Frank Pierpont, Ashtabula1901OhioSon
Zelma Neomah Pierpont, Ashtabula1903OhioDaughter
Michael Pierpont, Ashtabula1904OhioSon
{Family 25}
Grover Cleveland Pierpont, Ashtabula1885OhioHead
Marinda Celia Pierpont, Ashtabula1850OhioMother
{Family 26}
Ozro Pierpont, Ashtabula1888OhioHead181b
Alice Irene Pierpont, Ashtabula1892OhioWife
Maynard Clark Pierpont, Ashtabula1915OhioSon
Harold Morton Pierpont, Ashtabula1916OhioSon
{Family 27}
Gaylard A Hanover, Ashland1883OhioRoomer
{Family 28}
Surnames listed Care
Troy, Ashland1864OhioHead
Flora A Troy, Ashland1874OhioWife
Elizabeth A Troy, Ashland1904OhioDaughter
Mable M Troy, Ashland1907OhioDaughter
Fannie W Troy, Ashland1909OhioDaughter
Howard D Troy, Ashland1919OhioSon
{Family 29}
Glady M [Gladys]Troy, Ashland1899OhioHousekeeper247b
Archie M Troy, Ashland1891OhioBoarder
{Family 30}
C D Wapakoneta Ward 4, Auglaize1887OhioHead
Margaret Wapakoneta Ward 4, Auglaize1893OhioWife
Datoris Wapakoneta Ward 4, Auglaize1915OhioDaughter
John Alvine Wapakoneta Ward 4, Auglaize1918OhioSon

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