CASE Families living in New York in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 791}
Frances ASaratoga Springs, Saratoga1862New YorkHead
{Family 792}
Surnames listed Carse
Saratoga Springs, Saratoga1900New YorkDaughter
ErmaSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1918New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 793}
Arthur ESaratoga Springs, Saratoga1894New YorkHead
MildredSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1900New YorkWife
LinaSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1870New YorkMother
Walter HSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1901VermontBrother
{Family 794}
DorcasSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1878New YorkHead
Estie FSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1903New YorkDaughter
Frank WSaratoga Springs, Saratoga1907New YorkSon
{Family 795}
Layton [Dayton]Stillwater, Saratoga1900ConnecticutNephew259
Helen JStillwater, Saratoga1902ConnecticutNiece
Richard JStillwater, Saratoga1909New YorkNephew
{Family 796}
James R
Surnames listed Cose
Stillwater, Saratoga1869ConnecticutHead
Emma FStillwater, Saratoga1866New YorkWife
{Family 797}
ElizabethDuanesburg, Schenectady1852New YorkMother-in-law
{Family 798}
William CDuanesburg, Schenectady 1879New YorkHead
Jessie BDuanesburg, Schenectady1888New YorkWife
FlorenceDuanesburg, Schenectady1908New YorkDaughter
Jane FrancesDuanesburg, Schenectady1913New YorkDaughter
{Family 799}
Frank MGlenville, Schenectady1883New YorkHead
Harriet LGlenville, Schenectady1882New YorkWife
Lizzetta BGlenville, Schenectady1912New YorkDaughter
{Family 800}
Walter AGlenville, Schenectady1877New YorkHead
MargaretGlenville, Schenectady1877New YorkWife
Margaret SicklerGlenville, Schenectady1903New YorkDaughter
John WGlenville, Schenectady1907New YorkSon
Edward OlinGlenville, Schenectady1909New YorkSon
JosephGlenville, Schenectady1917New YorkSon
{Family 801}
FrankSchenectady Ward 1, Schenectady1869ConnecticutHead
{Family 802}
ChaunceySchenectady Ward 2, Schenectady1871New YorkButler
{Family 803}
Anna B
Surname listed Care
Schenectady Ward 4, Schenectady1860New YorkHead
{Family 804}
CharlesSchenectady Ward 6, Schenectady1875New YorkHead
SaraSchenectady Ward 6, Schenectady1878New YorkWife
CarlynSchenectady Ward 6, Schenectady1912New YorkDaughter
LouiseSchenectady Ward 6, Schenectady1915New YorkDaughter
{Family 805}
SeymourSchenectady Ward 8, Schenectady1852New YorkHead
AmandaSchenectady Ward 8, Schenectady1851New YorkWife
{Family 806}
Elisha GCobleskill, Schoharie1831New YorkFather-in-law
{Family 807}
Charlotte MCobleskill, Schoharie1835New YorkHead
{Family 808}
WilliamConesville, Schoharie1846New YorkHead
SarahConesville, Schoharie1868New YorkWife
{Family 809}
George Ira
Surnames listed Care
Conesville, Schoharie1867New YorkHead
Lily MConesville, Schoharie1874New YorkWife
Frlland HConesville, Schoharie1902New YorkSon
CliffordConesville, Schoharie1906New YorkSon
RaymondConesville, Schoharie1917New YorkSon
{Family 810}
Surnames listed Carl
Conesville, Schoharie1879New YorkHead
Eliza AConesville, Schoharie1886New YorkWife
VictorConesville, Schoharie1906New YorkSon
ErnestConesville, Schoharie1907New YorkSon
{Family 811}
Gideon W
Surnames listed Carl
Conesville, Schoharie1872New YorkHead
Millie EConesville, Schoharie1883New YorkWife
Berin SConesville, Schoharie1906New YorkDaughter
SmithConesville, Schoharie1907New YorkSon
Meldrid GConesville, Schoharie1914New YorkDaughter
{Family 812}
WillistonConesville, Schoharie1848New YorkHead
Martha EConesville, Schoharie1849New YorkWife
{Family 813}
William H
Surnames listed Care
Conesville, Schoharie1868New YorkHead
Hallie VConesville, Schoharie1880New YorkWife
{Family 814}
Lewis I
Surnames listed Carl
Conesville, Schoharie1850New YorkHead
Anna MConesville, Schoharie1875New YorkWife
Helen AConesville, Schoharie1901New YorkDaughter
{Family 815}
James M
Surnames listed Care
Middleburgh, Schoharie 1844New YorkHead
Hattie EMiddleburgh, Schoharie1854New YorkWife
{Family 816}
WilliamDix, Schuyler1846New YorkHead
{Family 817}
George ADix, Schuyler1866PennsylvaniaHead
CarrieDix, Schuyler1869New YorkWife
AliceDix, Schuyler1902New YorkDaughter
IreneDix, Schuyler1908New YorkDaughter
LillianDix, Schuyler1912New YorkDaughter
{Family 818}
GeorgeDix, Schuyler1857New YorkBoarder
{Family 819}
FrankFayette, Seneca1890New YorkHead
EdnaFayette, Seneca1896New YorkWife
PaulFayette, Seneca1916New YorkSon
DorothyFayette, Seneca1918New YorkDaughter
RaymondFayette, Seneca1919New YorkSon
{Family 820}
ElmerLodi, Seneca1880New YorkHead
JuliaLodi, Seneca1886New YorkWife

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