CASE Families living in New York in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation AgeBirth YearBirth StatePage #
{Family 581}
GeorgeManlius, Onondaga1884New YorkHead
LuluManlius, Onondaga1888New YorkWife
RobertManlius, Onondaga1913New YorkSon
{Family 582}
CoreyMarcellus, Onondaga1872New YorkHead
StellaMarcellus, Onondaga1877New YorkWife
Bethel JMarcellus, Onondaga1901New YorkDaughter
Colvin WMarcellus, Onondaga1905New YorkSon
Charles JMarcellus, Onondaga1908New YorkSon
Alice MMarcellus, Onondaga1910New YorkDaughter
Harold VMarcellus, Onondaga1910New YorkSon
Gerald EMarcellus, Onondaga1915New YorkSon
{Family 583}
JennieMarcellus, Onondaga1858ArkansasMother-in-law
{Family 584}
JohnMarcellus, Onondaga1861New YorkUncle
{Family 585}
Byron EMarcellus, Onondaga1843New YorkHead
Laura AMarcellus, Onondaga1859New YorkWife
{Family 586}
Surnames listed Care
Marcellus, Onondaga1852New YorkHead
Mary EMarcellus, Onondaga1853New YorkWife
Mary AMarcellus, Onondaga1891New YorkDaughter
Edda JMarcellus, Onondaga1894New YorkDaughter
{Family 587}
KennethMarcellus, Onondaga1897New YorkNephew
{Family 588}
Surname listed Carr
Marcellus, Onondaga1901New YorkServant
{Family 589}
George H
Surnames listed Cose
Marcellus, Onondaga1858New YorkHead
FloraMarcellus, Onondaga1860New YorkWife
{Family 590}
Willis T
Surnames listed Cass
Marcellus, Onondaga1851New YorkHead
Harriett JMarcellus, Onondaga1860New YorkWife
Mildred FMarcellus, Onondaga1889New YorkDaughter
Leone MableMarcellus, Onondaga1893New YorkDaughter
Lucy GMarcellus, Onondaga1893New YorkDaughter
Giles NMarcellus, Onondaga1902New YorkSon
{Family 591}
SeymourOnondaga, Onondaga1853New YorkHead
Viola GOnondaga, Onondaga1864New YorkWife
{Family 592}
FlorenceOnondaga, Onondaga1853New YorkHead
{Family 593}
Jesse D
Surnames listed Cass
Onondaga, Onondaga1881New YorkHead
Dora AOnondaga, Onondaga1885New YorkWife
Earl SOnondaga, Onondaga1902New YorkSon
Ruth HOnondaga, Onondaga1912New YorkDaughter
{Family 594}
Seth E
Surnames listed Carr
Onondaga, Onondaga1887New YorkHead
Aloysia AOnondaga, Onondaga1882CanadaWife
Helen GOnondaga, Onondaga1916New YorkDaughter
Alice M CarrOnondaga, Onondaga1919New YorkDaughter
{Family 595}
Frederick HOnondaga, Onondaga1851New YorkHead
Ann JOnondaga, Onondaga1845New YorkWife
Demeter WOnondaga, Onondaga1880New YorkSon
MabelOnondaga, Onondaga1886New YorkDaughter-in-law
Fred WOnondaga, Onondaga1906New YorkGrandson
Homer DOnondaga, Onondaga1908New YorkGrandson
Robert WOnondaga, Onondaga1910New YorkGrandson
Akins AlbertOnondaga, Onondaga1898New YorkHired Man
{Family 596}
Elmer Doe [E]Onondaga, Onondaga1863New YorkHead
Kate BOnondaga, Onondaga1864New YorkWife
Howard DOnondaga, Onondaga1900New YorkSon
{Family 597}
Grover EOnondaga, Onondaga1887New YorkHead
Celia GOnondaga, Onondaga1890New YorkWife
Dora AOnondaga, Onondaga1915New YorkDaughter
Inez EOnondaga, Onondaga1915New YorkDaughter
Chester LOnondaga, Onondaga1919New YorkSon
{Family 598}
GilbertOnondaga, Onondaga1860New YorkHead
MarthaOnondaga, Onondaga1862New YorkWife
Leora MOnondaga, Onondaga1900New YorkDaughter
Agnes JOnondaga, Onondaga1907New YorkDaughter
Eugene JOnondaga, Onondaga1909New YorkSon
{Family 599}
Morris M
Surnames listed Cass
Onondaga, Onondaga1885New YorkHead
KittieOnondaga, Onondaga1882New YorkWife
Ruth EOnondaga, Onondaga1914New YorkDaughter
George EOnondaga, Onondaga1915New YorkSon
{Family 600}
Clayton HOnondaga, Onondaga1903New YorkHired Man
{Family 601}
Arlo WOnondaga, Onondaga1892New YorkHead
NellieOnondaga, Onondaga1893New YorkWife
Maryann EOnondaga, Onondaga1919New YorkDaughter
{Family 602}
FrankOnondaga, Onondaga1859New YorkFather-in-law
{Family 603}
EdwardOnondaga, Onondaga1882New YorkHead
NellieOnondaga, Onondaga1880New YorkWife
{Family 604}
Surnames listed Cass
Onondaga, Onondaga1887New YorkSon-in-law
KatharineOnondaga, Onondaga1889New YorkDaughter
FrancisOnondaga, Onondaga1913New YorkGrandson
MaramOnondaga, Onondaga1916New YorkGranddaughter
DorothyOnondaga, Onondaga1918New YorkGranddaughter
{Family 605}
Chas SumnerPompey, Onondaga1874New YorkHead
E MaryPompey, Onondaga1878New YorkWife
{Family 606}
CarenPompey, Onondaga1880New YorkHead
RenaPompey, Onondaga1853New YorkWife
ClaudePompey, Onondaga1906New YorkSon
KennethPompey, Onondaga1908New YorkSon
{Family 607}
Homer TSkaneateles, Onondaga 1876New YorkHead
Geneva FSkaneateles, Onondaga1875New YorkWife
Homes T Jr.Skaneateles, Onondaga1913New YorkSon
{Family 608}
Harold OSkaneateles, Onondaga1888New YorkHead
LeotiaSkaneateles, Onondaga1895New YorkWife
OscarSkaneateles, Onondaga1911New YorkSon
OrabelleSkaneateles, Onondaga1913New YorkDaughter
{Family 609}
Elizbeth MSkaneateles, Onondaga1851New YorkSister
{Family 610}
Surnames listed Care
Spafford, Onondaga1859New YorkHead
ChloeSpafford, Onondaga1852New YorkWife
ClarenceSpafford, Onondaga1883New YorkSon
LauraSpafford, Onondaga1892New YorkDaughter-in-law

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