CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 181}
Isaac F  Pohatcong, Warren1850New JerseyHead229b
Martha  1857New JerseyWife
{Family 182}
Henry H  Pohatcong, Warren1890PennsylvaniaHead233
Maggie J1892New JerseyWife
Harry Jr.1909PennsylvaniaSon
Pearl A1913New JerseyDaughter
Charles G1916New JerseySon
Walter T1920New JerseySon
{Family 183}
MargaretRaritan, Hunterdon1841PennsylvaniaBoarder278
{Family 184}
Thankfull  Raritan, Hunterdon1851New JerseyBoarder277b
{Family 185}
Samuel CRaritan, Hunterdon1851New JerseyHead278b
Mary E1854New JerseyWife
{Family 186}
Jacob RRaritan, Hunterdon1864New JerseyHead276b
Samuel H1909New JerseySon
{Family 187}
John NRaritan, Hunterdon1867New JerseyHead272
Margaret J1865New JerseyWife
Amydell1892New JerseyDaughter
Helen A1894New JerseyDaughter
Grace1896New JerseyDaughter
Edythe P1899New JerseyDaughter
{Family 188}
Howard BRaritan, Hunterdon1869New JerseyHead271
Ella B1869New JerseyWife
Mary R1896New JerseyDaughter
Howard N1911New JerseySon
Paul W 1919 New JerseyGrandson
{Family 189}
Whitfield BRaritan, Hunterdon1870New JerseyHead271b
Bertha1877New JerseyWife
John P1901New JerseySon
Whitfield B1908New JerseySon
{Family 190}
Leslie JRaritan, Hunterdon1884New JerseyHead272b
Sadie J1884New JerseyWife
Fred O D  1909New JerseySon
Alston J1912New JerseySon
{Family 191}
Fred SRaritan, Hunterdon1885New JerseyHead273
Nellie E1886New JerseyWife
Daniel P1920New JerseySon
John P1898New JerseyBrother
{Family 192}
Hiram HRaritan, Hunterdon1888New JerseyHead278b
Goldie B1893New JerseyWife
{Family 193}
WarrenRaritan, Hunterdon1893New JerseyHired Man277b
{Family 194}
Addie SRaritan, Hunterdon1898New JerseyBoarder277b
{Family 195}
Henry JRaritan, Middlesex1877New JerseyHead2
Henrietta1879New JerseyWife
{Family 196}
Anthony L  Readington, Hunterdon1852New JerseyHead25
Arabell1854New JerseyWife
{Family 197}
Henry V DReadington, Hunterdon1843New JerseyHead25
Matilda R1843New JerseyWife
Jesse T1887New JerseySon
{Family 198}
Larry  Readington, Hunterdon1893New JerseyHead22
Cornelia  1898New JerseyWife
Burroughs  1918New JerseySon
{Family 199}
RussellReadington, Hunterdon1901New JerseyBoarder26
{Family 200}
George  Readington, Hunterdon1904New JerseyHired Man20
{Family 201}
Louis  Red Bank, Monmouth1890WisconsinLodger68b
{Family 202}
Hadley C  Ridgefield Park, Bergen1873New YorkHead51
Anna T  1876New YorkWife
Hadley T  1905New YorkSon
Eleanor F  1908New YorkDaughter
Omer P  1843New YorkFather
Catherine   1852 MichiganMother
{Family 203}
Jessie H  Ridgewood, Bergen1914New JerseyGranddaughter184b
George I Jr. 1915New JerseyGrandson
Margrett S   1918 New JerseyGranddaughter
{Family 204}
Edward R  Rutherford, Bergen1880New York Head85
Sarah V1880New YorkWife
Edward R1905New JerseySon
Clara H1907New JerseyDaughter
{Family 205}
Philip  Somerville, Somerset1845New JerseyRoomer230
{Family 206}
William E  Somerville, Somerset1847New JerseyHead241
Ellen T1847New JerseyWife
{Family 207}
Alitta  Somerville, Somerset1855New JerseyBoarder224
{Family 208}
EllaSomerville, Somerset1858New JerseyHead247
Frank1878New JerseySon
{Family 209}
John DSomerville, Somerset1876New JerseyHead254
Marion E 1878 MassachusettsWife
Walter S1904New JerseySon
John D Jr.1906New JerseySon
Aletta V1908New JerseyDaughter
{Family 210}
Clarence E  Somerville, Somerset1878New JerseyHead246
Anna G  1885KentuckyWife
Henrietta  1915New JerseyDaughter
Clarence E Jr. 1917New JerseySon
Philip  1918New JerseySon

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