CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 151}
Sarah Chester, Morris1858New JerseyHead
Elizabeth G Chester, Morris1895New JerseyDaughter
{Family 152}
S W Dover, Morris1862New JerseyHead
Mary A Dover, Morris1868New JerseyWife
{Family 153}
RobertHanover, Morris1875New JerseyHead
Ruth E Hanover, Morris1872New JerseyWife
Walter AHanover, Morris1901New JerseySon
LoreneHanover, Morris1908New JerseyDaughter
{Family 154}
William Hanover, Morris1841IrelandHead
{Family 155}
Mary A
Surnames listed Coss
Madison, Morris1876New JerseyDaughter
Calvin AMadison, Morris1906New JerseyGrandson
{Family 156}
Surnames listed Care
Morristown Ward 3, Morris1892New JerseyHead
PearlMorristown Ward 3, Morris1893New JerseyWife
{Family 157}
Luella Morristown Ward 3, Morris1870New JerseySister
{Family 158}
George E Mount Olive, Morris1851New JerseyHead
{Family 159}
Surnames listed Cose
Netcong, Morris1874ItalyHead
AntonioNetcong, Morris1879ItalyWife
RhettaNetcong, Morris1902ItalyDaughter
JennieNetcong, Morris1908New JerseyDaughter
CameliaNetcong, Morris1911New JerseyDaughter
MaryNetcong, Morris1913New JerseyDaughter
OshumaNetcong, Morris1918New JerseySon
{Family 160}
Surnames listed Cost
Netcong, Morris1878ItalyHead
AntonioNetcong, Morris1872ItalyWife
JennieNetcong, Morris1907New JerseyDaughter
OshunaNetcong, Morris1910New JerseySon
AlbertNetcong, Morris1911New JerseySon
{Family 161}
Forrest EarlPassaic, Morris1890ConnecticutHead
LucyPassaic, Morris1890ConnecticutWife
Elina KatherinePassaic, Morris1915ConnecticutDaughter
Helen MildredPassaic, Morris1917ConnecticutDaughter
Douglas ForrestPassaic, Morris1919New JerseySon
{Family 162}
RichardBrick, Ocean1855ConnecticutHead
Mary MBrick, Ocean1861Rhode IslandWife
Richard Jr.Brick, Ocean1888New JerseySon
BeatriceBrick, Ocean1896New JerseyDaughter-in-law
William RBrick, Ocean1919New JerseyGrandson
{Family 163}
Clarence A Dover, Ocean1885New YorkHead
Mary L Dover, Ocean1886EnglandWife
{Family 164}
Edna N
Surname listed Cass
Lakewood, Ocean1856CanadaEmployee
{Family 165}
William Lakewood, Ocean1873New JerseyHead
Annie Lakewood, Ocean1873New JerseyWife
Bessie Lakewood, Ocean1894New JerseyDaughter
Roland Lakewood, Ocean1896New JerseySon
Archie Lakewood, Ocean1900New JerseySon
Wildia Lakewood, Ocean1904New JerseyDaughter
Pearl Lakewood, Ocean1915New JerseyDaughter
{Family 166}
Lenus L [Linus]Clifton Ward 3, Passaic1888New JerseyHead120
Anna VClifton Ward 3, Passaic1891New JerseyWife
Loretty NClifton Ward 3, Passaic1918New JerseyDaughter
GabriellaClifton Ward 3, Passaic1855New JerseyMother
{Family 167}
Helen Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1900New YorkBoarder
{Family 168}
Franklin O Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1868MichiganHead
Sophie M Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1876New YorkWife
Franklin O JrPassaic Ward 2, Passaic1898New YorkSon
Aubrey C Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1900New YorkSon
Ridgeway H Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1904New YorkSon
Clara M Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1916New JerseyDaughter
{Family 169}
Surnames listed Care
Paterson Ward 5, Passaic1845WalesHead
Alice APaterson Ward 5, Passaic1885New JerseyDaughter
{Family 170}
FrankPaterson Ward 9, Passaic1881New JerseyHead
Mary Paterson Ward 9, Passaic1884New JerseyWife
{Family 171}
Fred FPaterson Ward 11, Passaic1874New JerseyHead
Mary EPaterson Ward 11, Passaic1874New YorkWife
Miranda APaterson Ward 11, Passaic1896New JerseyDaughter
{Family 172}
J EmmaBranchburg, Somerset1847New JerseyMother-in-law
{Family 173}
V JacobBranchburg, Somerset1856New JerseyHead
H LouiseBranchburg, Somerset1859New JerseyWife
E FlorenceBranchburg, Somerset1901New JerseyDaughter
{Family 174}
D LouisBranchburg, Somerset1880New JerseyHead
L AnnaBranchburg, Somerset1878New JerseyWife
LurellBranchburg, Somerset1901New JerseySon
J WoodrowBranchburg, Somerset1911New JerseySon
{Family 175}
H Theodore Branchburg, Somerset1856New JerseyBoarder
{Family 176}
WilliamFranklin, Somerset1862New JerseyHead
LizzieFranklin, Somerset1862New JerseyWife
{Family 177}
Peter A NHillsborough, Somerset1863New JerseyHead
JenetteHillsborough, Somerset1870New JerseyWife
{Family 178}
Mary North Plainfield, Somerset1844New JerseyHead
Margaret North Plainfield, Somerset1873New JerseyDaughter
{Family 179}
Asa H North Plainfield, Somerset1848ConnecticutFather-in-law
{Family 180}
Sarah A North Plainfield, Somerset1836New JerseyHead

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