CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Anna E  Hillside, Union1840New JerseyMother-in-law110
{Family 92}
Jennie  Hoboken, Hudson1859New YorkHead214b
{Family 93}
Williad [Willard] Hoboken, Hudson1892New YorkHead 99b
Marcia  1871PennsylvaniaMother
{Family 94}
John  Holland, Hunterdon1870New JerseyHead175
{Family 95}
Charles R  Jersey City, Hudson1897IllinoisBoarder21
{Family 96}
Russel  Jersey City, Hudson1884New JerseyHead121
Charles1917New JerseySon
Dorothy1907New JerseyDaughter
{Family 97}
A Edgar  Jersey City, Hudson1889New YorkHead37
Georgiana  1889IrelandWife
H Ralph  1910New YorkSon
E Gladis1914New YorkDaughter37b
{Family 98}
JonathanJersey City, Hudson1882New JerseyHead218b
Catherine E1889EnglandWife
{Family 99}
George W  Jersey City, Hudson 1846 OhioHead184b
Sedell  1861New HampshireWife
{Family 100}
HarryJersey City, Hudson1891New JerseyNephew231
Clarence1895New JerseyNephew
Lottie1896New JerseyNiece
{Family 101}
Samuel  Kearny, Hudson1841New JerseyResident5b
{Family 102}
Thomas W  Kearny, Hudson1870IrelandHead65
Ellen L1863New JerseyWife
May E1895New JerseyDaughter
{Family 103}
Wright CKearny, Hudson1850New YorkHead188
Adelide1855New YorkWife
Ida1878New YorkDaughter
Ethel1886New YorkDaughter
{Family 104}
Harry L  Keyport, Monmouth1889New JerseyHead2
Eleanor N1890New YorkWife
Charles W1916New JerseySon
Harry L 1918 New JerseySon
Elenanor N 1919 New JerseyDaughter
{Family 105}
Charles F  Kingwood, Hunterdon1875OhioHead187
Bessie B1897New JerseyWife
Westley B  1908New JerseySon
Faris  1912MichiganSon
{Family 106}
Charlie  Lafayette, Sussex1849New JerseyHead123
{Family 107}
George  Lafayette, Sussex1872New JerseyHead120
Harriet A1870New YorkWife
{Family 108}
William  Lakewood, Ocean1873New JerseyHead123b
Annie1873New JerseyWife
Bessie1894New JerseyDaughter
Roland1896New JerseySon
Archie1900New JerseySon124
Wildia1904New JerseyDaughter
Pearl1915New JerseyDaughter
{Family 109}
SarannLambertville, Hunterdon1854EnglandHead204b
Amy1900New JerseyGranddaughter
{Family 110}
Horace (Surnames listed Pane) Lambertville, Hunterdon1878New JerseyHead225
Hannah M1876New JerseyWife
{Family 111}
Theodore RLambertville, Hunterdon1880PennsylvaniaHead216
Irene T1890PennsylvaniaWife
Theodore P Jr1913PennsylvaniaSon
Paul1915New JerseySon
Wilbur1918New JerseySon
{Family 112}
FrederickLandis, Cumberland1868New JerseyHead63
Ida  1873New JerseyWife
Alice1895New JerseyDaughter
Minnie1896New JerseyDaughter
Mabel1905New JerseyDaughter
{Family 113}
Mary A  Madison, Morris1876New JerseyDaughter95
Calvin A  1906New JerseyGrandson
{Family 114}
Kesirsah  Mansfield, Warren 1835 New JerseyHead20b
{Family 115}
Westley R  Merchantville, Camden1893New YorkHead118b
Jennie C1892New JerseyWife
Westley R Jr.1919New JerseySon
{Family 116}
Alonzo C C  Middletown, Monmouth1851MaineHead154
Ada A1864New YorkWife
Florence E1893New YorkDaughter
{Family 117}
Joseph GMilford, Hunterdon1886New JerseyHead268
Nellie1889New JerseyWife
{Family 118}
FrankMonroe, Gloucester1875ConnecticutHead19b
Susie1877New JerseyWife
{Family 119}
Levi WMontclair, Essex1850New YorkHead94b
Emma B1863New YorkWife
Mary Cemes 1890New JerseyDaughter
Dorothy B1895New JerseyDaughter
Winified L [Winifred] 1903New JerseyDaughter
{Family 120}
Charles (Surnames listed Care) Morristown, Morris1892New JerseyHead240b
Pearl1893New JerseyWife

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