CASE Families living in New Jersey in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
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CarolinePleasantville Ward 1, Atlantic1873PennsylvaniaHead
Oliver C Ventnor, Atlantic1882PennsylvaniaHead
Ethel L Ventnor, Atlantic1886PennsylvaniaWife
Janet Ventnor, Atlantic1912New JerseyDaughter
ChristianaBogota, Bergen1875New JerseyHead
Charles B Cresskill, Bergen1856New YorkHead
Margarett Cresskill, Bergen1857New YorkWife
Edner A Cresskill, Bergen1881New YorkDaughter
Mildred W Cresskill, Bergen1890New YorkDaughter
Raymond N Garfield Ward 2, Bergen1889New JerseyBoarder
GertrudeHackensack Ward 3, Bergen1901VirginiaHelp
Hadley C
Surnames listed Cass
Ridgefield Park, Bergen1873New YorkHead
Anna TRidgefield Park, Bergen1876New YorkWife
Hadley TRidgefield Park, Bergen1905New YorkSon
Eleanor TRidgefield Park, Bergen1908New YorkDaughter
Omer PRidgefield Park, Bergen1843New YorkFather
CatherineRidgefield Park, Bergen1855MichiganMother
Jessie H
Surnames listed Care
Ridgewood, Bergen1914New JerseyGranddaughter
George Jr.Ridgewood, Bergen1915New JerseyGrandson
Margrett SRidgewood, Bergen1918New JerseyGranddaughter
Edward R Rutherford, Bergen1880New YorkHead
Sarah V Rutherford, Bergen1880New YorkWife
Edward R Rutherford, Bergen1905New JerseySon
Clara H Rutherford, Bergen1907New JerseyDaughter
Frank E Westwood, Bergen1882New YorkBoarder
Dora EWestwood, Bergen1883New YorkBoarder
Dorothy EWestwood, Bergen1918New JerseyBoarder
Hannah M
Surname listed Cass
Beverly, Burlington1876New JerseyBoarder
Edward Burlington Ward 4, Burlington1873New JerseyHead
Charlotte F Burlington Ward 4, Burlington1884New JerseyWife
Hilda B Burlington Ward 4, Burlington1904New JerseyDaughter
Elmer Burlington Ward 4, Burlington1887PennsylvaniaLodger
MargaretCamden Ward 1, Camden1910PennsylvaniaNiece
MarthaCamden Ward 1, Camden1876New YorkHead
ZilphaCamden Ward 1, Camden1893New YorkSister
PeterCamden Ward 8, Camden1893DalmatiaHead
AnnaCamden Ward 8, Camden1896DalmatiaWife
MaryCamden Ward 8, Camden1919New JerseyDaughter
Surnames listed Orse
Clementon, Camden 1895ItalyHead
MarieClementon, Camden1897ItalyWife
CarlClementon, Camden1919PennsylvaniaSon
Westley R Merchantville, Camden1893New YorkHead
Jennie C Merchantville, Camden1892New JerseyWife
Westley R Jr.Merchantville, Camden1918New JerseySon
WardOaklyn, Camden 1857ConnecticutHead
MaryOaklyn, Camden1860PennsylvaniaWife
Raymond GOaklyn, Camden1899PennsylvaniaHead
Dorothy MOaklyn, Camden1900PennsylvaniaWife
DorisOaklyn, Camden1918New JerseyDaughter
Raymond GOaklyn, Camden1920New JerseySon
Frederick ACape May, Cape May1890North CarolinaHead
Sarah MCape May, Cape May1896PennsylvaniaWife
Madeline HCape May, Cape May1917PennsylvaniaDaughter
Irene SCape May, Cape May1918PennsylvaniaDaughter
Frederick Jr.Cape May, Cape May1919PennsylvaniaSon
FrederickLandis, Cumberland1868New JerseyHead
Ida Landis, Cumberland1873New JerseyWife
AliceLandis, Cumberland1895New JerseyDaughter
MinnieLandis, Cumberland1896New JerseyDaughter
MabelLandis, Cumberland1905New JerseyDaughter
ElizabethBelleville Ward 1, Essex1898New JerseyBoarder
Walter J CaveBloomfield Ward 3, Essex 1882New YorkLodger
MaxwellEast Orange Ward 3, Essex1880VirginiaHead
Julia REast Orange Ward 3, Essex1885MarylandWife
Maxwell Jr.East Orange Ward 3, Essex1915District of ColumbiaSon
David LEast Orange Ward 3, Essex1916MarylandSon
Erna East Orange Ward 3, Essex1905MichiganRoomer
JohnEast Orange Ward 3, Essex1877New JerseyHead
Laura East Orange Ward 3, Essex1881New JerseyWife
HarryEast Orange Ward 3, Essex1905New JerseySon
MitchelEast Orange Ward 3, Essex1907New JerseyDaughter
Levi WMontclair Ward 2, Essex1850New YorkHead
Emma BMontclair Ward 2, Essex1863New YorkWife
Dorothy BMontclair Ward 2, Essex1895New JerseyDaughter
Winfield LMontclair Ward 2, Essex1903New JerseyDaughter
WilliamNewark Ward 2, Essex 1878New JerseyRoomer
Manuel CitroNewark Ward 4, Essex1898PortugalHead
Harry Newark Ward 4, Essex1892MaineLodger
Serra Newark Ward 5, Essex1851New JerseyHead
Mary RNewark Ward 8, Essex1842EnglandHead
Wm LNewark Ward 8, Essex1882New JerseySon
FrankNewark Ward 9, Essex1864KentuckyHead
KateNewark Ward 9, Essex1869IrelandWife
GeorgeNewark Ward 9, Essex1879New YorkHead
JuliaNewark Ward 9, Essex1884New YorkWife
EthelNewark Ward 9, Essex1887New YorkDaughter
Charles M
Surnames listed Haase
Newark Ward 9, Essex1846PennsylvaniaHead
EmmaNewark Ward 9, Essex1849New JerseyWife
Harry Newark Ward 11, Essex1894New YorkBoarder
Benjamin Newark Ward 11, Essex1877New JerseyHead
Emma Newark Ward 11, Essex1881New JerseyWife
Stewart Newark Ward 11, Essex1911New JerseySon
Emma Newark Ward 15, Essex1855PennsylvaniaMother-in-law
Joseph J Newark Ward 15, Essex1856PennsylvaniaFather-in-law
William W
Surnames listed Lave
Roseland, Essex1846ScotlandHead
Mary ARoseland, Essex1871IrelandWife
Surnames listed Care
West Caldwell, Essex1872New JerseyHead
TeresaWest Caldwell, Essex1874New JerseyWife
HarryWest Caldwell, Essex1899New JerseySon
JohnWest Caldwell, Essex1903New JerseySon
Frank LNutley Ward 2, Essex1874New YorkHead
Jennie CNutley Ward 2, Essex1875New YorkWife
Frederick LNutley Ward 2, Essex1907New YorkSon
Nora T Orange Ward 5, Essex1875IrelandHead
William JOrange Ward 5, Essex1900New JerseySon
John AOrange Ward 5, Essex1903New JerseySon
Mary NOrange Ward 5, Essex1906New JerseyDaughter
FrankMonroe, Gloucester1875ConnecticutHead
SusieMonroe, Gloucester1877New JerseyWife
FrancisMonroe, Gloucester1916PennsylvaniaSon
SeymoreBayonna Ward 3, Hudson1885New YorkHead
BeatriceBayonna Ward 3, Hudson1885CanadaWife
Seymour EBayonna Ward 3, Hudson1906New YorkSon
Dorothy JBayonna Ward 3, Hudson1908New YorkDaughter
Surname listed Carr
Bayonna Ward 3, Hudson1910New YorkSon
Charles R Jersey City Ward 1, Hudson1897IllinoisBoarder
Antoni Di
Surnames listed Cuse
Jersey City Ward 6, Hudson1878ItalyHead
MarieJersey City Ward 6, Hudson1882ItalyWife
AngeloJersey City Ward 6, Hudson1910New JerseySon
ElinoreJersey City Ward 6, Hudson1914New JerseyDaughter
JosephJersey City Ward 6, Hudson1918New JerseySon
Surnames listed McCrae
Jersey City Ward 6, Hudson1885ItalyHead
TennieJersey City Ward 6, Hudson1891ItalyWife
Russel Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1884New JerseyHead
Florence Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1885PennsylvaniaWife
Charles Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1917New JerseySon
Dorothy Jersey City Ward 7, Hudson1907New JerseyDaughter
E GladisJersey City Ward 7, Hudson1914New YorkDaughter
George W
Surnames listed Cose
Jersey City Ward 9, Hudson 1896OhioHead
SeaellJersey City Ward 9, Hudson1861New HampshireWife
JonathanJersey City Ward 9, Hudson1882New Jersey
Catherine EJersey City Ward 9, Hudson1889EnglandWife
Harry Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson1891New JerseyNephew
Mamie Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson1889New JerseyNiece
Mary Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson1907New JerseyNiece
Clarence Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson1895New JerseyNephew
Lottie Jersey City Ward 12, Hudson1896New JerseyNiece
Thomas W Kearny Ward 2, Hudson1870IrelandHead
Ellen L Kearny Ward 2, Hudson1863New JerseyWife
May E Kearny Ward 2, Hudson1895New JerseyDaughter
Wright CKearny Ward 3, Hudson1850New YorkHead
AdelideKearny Ward 3, Hudson1855New YorkWife
IdaKearny Ward 3, Hudson1878New YorkDaughter
EthelKearny Ward 3, Hudson1886New YorkDaughter
Surnames listed McCrae
Kearny Ward 3, Hudson1878ScotlandHead
JessieKearny Ward 3, Hudson1878ScotlandWife
JohnKearny Ward 3, Hudson1909ScotlandSon
JanetteKearny Ward 3, Hudson1914New JerseyDaughter
Wm Charles Union Ward 1, Hudson1844New YorkInmate
Surnames listed Orse
Union Ward 3, Hudson1894New YorkHead
AnneUnion Ward 3, Hudson1899New YorkWife
StevenUnion Ward 3, Hudson1915New JerseySon
MapleUnion Ward 3, Hudson1917New YorkDaughter
?Union Ward 3, Hudson1919New JerseySon
CharlesWeehawken Ward 2, Hudson1883New YorkHead
HelenWeehawken Ward 2, Hudson1890New YorkSister
EmmaWeehawken Ward 2, Hudson1893New YorkSister
Surnames listed Cass
West Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson1876BelgiumHead
JonnieWest Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson1878BelgiumWife
EdmundWest Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson1899BelgiumSon
HenryWest Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson1910New JerseySon
GustaveWest Hoboken Ward 1, Hudson1915New JerseySon
Charles West Hoboken Ward 3, Hudson 1875New YorkBoarder
Nicholas West New York Ward 3, Hudson1897New JerseyHead
Amelia West New York Ward 3, Hudson1901New JerseyWife
Angela West New York Ward 3, Hudson1918New JerseySon
JohnWest New York Ward 3, Hudson1874ConnecticutBoarder
DanielAlexandria, Hunterdon1862New JerseyHead
Daniel WAlexandria, Hunterdon1906New JerseyGrandson
Aron GAlexandria, Hunterdon1848New JerseyBrother-in-law
Peter GAlexandria, Hunterdon1846OhioFather-in-law
SidneyAlexandria, Hunterdon1863New JerseyHead
JennieAlexandria, Hunterdon1870New JerseyWife
John WAlexandria, Hunterdon1881New JerseyHead
Mary IAlexandria, Hunterdon1861PennsylvaniaMother
Albert DAlexandria, Hunterdon1895New JerseyBrother
Elijah RAlexandria, Hunterdon1899New JerseyBrother
Emma BAlexandria, Hunterdon1890New JerseySister
JosephAlexandria, Hunterdon1893New JerseyBrother
Nathaniel M
Surnames listed Cose
Alexandria, Hunterdon1849New JerseyHead
MaryAlexandria, Hunterdon1850New JerseyWife
Thomas F
Surnames listed Cass
Califon, Hunterdon1886ConnecticutHead
Sarah SCalifon, Hunterdon1886New JerseyWife
Mary ACalifon, Hunterdon1912New JerseyDaughter
Surnames listed Lasse
Clinton, Hunterdon1843New JerseyDaughter
Anna H LasseClinton, Hunterdon1879New JerseyBoarder
Elizabeth Clinton, Hunterdon1842New JerseyHead
Bennett S Clinton, Hunterdon1875New JerseyHead
Frances F Clinton, Hunterdon1879New JerseyWife
Eleanor F Clinton, Hunterdon1911New JerseyDaughter
John HowardClinton, Hunterdon1857New JerseyHead
LoisClinton, Hunterdon1873OhioWife
William M East Amwell, Hunterdon1870New JerseyHead
Amy B East Amwell, Hunterdon1868New JerseyWife
Redford A East Amwell, Hunterdon1894New JerseyHead
Lessie M East Amwell, Hunterdon1894New JerseyWife
Frank I East Amwell, Hunterdon1876New JerseyHead
Carolyn DEast Amwell, Hunterdon1887New JerseyWife
Carrin AEast Amwell, Hunterdon1917New JerseySon
Charles C East Amwell, Hunterdon1868New JerseyHead
Elia C East Amwell, Hunterdon1873New JerseyWife
Cornelia A East Amwell, Hunterdon1893New JerseyDaughter
Elmer East Amwell, Hunterdon1894New JerseySon
Edith East Amwell, Hunterdon 1896New JerseyDaughter
Charles C East Amwell, Hunterdon1899New JerseySon
Willia G East Amwell, Hunterdon1904New JerseyDaughter
Robert E East Amwell, Hunterdon1906New JerseySon
WinifieldEast Amwell, Hunterdon1857New JerseyHead
RebeccaEast Amwell, Hunterdon1862New JerseyWife
William J
Surnames listed Cose
Flemington, Hunterdon1880New JerseyHead
Maude PFlemington, Hunterdon1880New JerseyWife
RosettaFlemington, Hunterdon1918New JerseyDaughter
Samuel FFlemington, Hunterdon1868New JerseyHead
BerthaFlemington, Hunterdon1878PennsylvaniaWife
EdwinFlemington, Hunterdon1899New JerseySon
Ruth FFlemington, Hunterdon1902New JerseyDaughter
Mary MFlemington, Hunterdon1905New JerseyDaughter
Samuel FFlemington, Hunterdon1908New JerseySon
Lydia M Flemington, Hunterdon1865New JerseyHead
Susan Flemington, Hunterdon1846New JerseyMother
Daniel P Flemington, Hunterdon1855New JerseyHead
MinnieFlemington, Hunterdon1856New JerseyWife
Rose CFlemington, Hunterdon1860New JerseyHead
Catherine CFlemington, Hunterdon1855New JerseyHead
Ferran A Franklin, Hunterdon1862New JerseyHead
Mary E
Surname listed Law
Franklin, Hunterdon1842New JerseyHead
Mary C Frenchtown, Hunterdon1856New JerseyHead
Elijah R Frenchtown, Hunterdon1849New JerseyHead
Jane Frenchtown, Hunterdon1857New JerseyWife
Walter Glen Gardner, Hunterdon1872New JerseyHead
Laura Glen Gardner, Hunterdon1868New JerseyWife
SamuelHampton, Hunterdon1898New JerseyHead
Susan BHampton, Hunterdon1846New JerseyWife
Surnames listed Cave
High Bridge, Hunterdon1882New JerseyHead
RachelHigh Bridge, Hunterdon1883New JerseyWife
EdwardHigh Bridge, Hunterdon1908New JerseySon
John Holland, Hunterdon1870New JerseyHead
Charles F Kingwood, Hunterdon1875OhioHead
Bessie B Kingwood, Hunterdon1897New JerseyWife
Werttey B Kingwood, Hunterdon1908New JerseySon
Farras Kingwood, Hunterdon1912MichiganSon
Lucile Kingwood, Hunterdon1916CaliforniaDaughter
SarannLambertville, Hunterdon1854EnglandHead
AmyLambertville, Hunterdon1900New JerseyGranddaughter
Theodore RLambertville, Hunterdon1880PennsylvaniaHead
Irene TLambertville, Hunterdon1890PennsylvaniaWife
Theodore P JrLambertville, Hunterdon1913PennsylvaniaSon
PaulLambertville, Hunterdon1915New JerseySon
WilburLambertville, Hunterdon1918New JerseySon
Joseph GMilford, Hunterdon1886New JerseyHead
NellieMilford, Hunterdon1889New JerseyWife
Howard BRaritan, Hunterdon1869New JerseyHead
Ella BRaritan, Hunterdon1869New JerseyWife
Mary RRaritan, Hunterdon1896New JerseyDaughter
Howard NRaritan, Hunterdon1911New JerseySon
Paul WRaritan, Hunterdon1918New JerseyGrandson
Whitfield BRaritan, Hunterdon1870New JerseyHead
BerthaRaritan, Hunterdon1877New JerseyWife
John PRaritan, Hunterdon1901New JerseySon
Whitfield BRaritan, Hunterdon1908New JerseySon
John NRaritan, Hunterdon1867New JerseyHead
Margaret JRaritan, Hunterdon1865New JerseyWife
AmydellRaritan, Hunterdon1892New JerseyDaughter
Helen ARaritan, Hunterdon1894New JerseyDaughter
GraceRaritan, Hunterdon1896New JerseyDaughter
Edythe PRaritan, Hunterdon1899New JerseyDaughter
Leslie JRaritan, Hunterdon1884New JerseyHead
Sadie JRaritan, Hunterdon1884New JerseyWife
Fred DRaritan, Hunterdon1909New JerseySon
Alston JRaritan, Hunterdon1912New JerseySon
Fred SRaritan, Hunterdon1885New JerseyHead
Nellie ERaritan, Hunterdon1886New JerseyWife
Daniel PRaritan, Hunterdon1919New JerseySon
John PRaritan, Hunterdon1898New JerseyBrother
Jacob RRaritan, Hunterdon1864New JerseyHead
Samuel HRaritan, Hunterdon1909New JerseySon
Addie SRaritan, Hunterdon1898New JerseyBoarder
WarrenRaritan, Hunterdon1893New JerseyHired Man
Thankfull Raritan, Hunterdon1851New JerseyBoarder
MargaretRaritan, Hunterdon1841PennsylvaniaBoarder
Samuel CRaritan, Hunterdon1851New JerseyHead
Mary ERaritan, Hunterdon1854New JerseyWife
Hiram HRaritan, Hunterdon1888New JerseyHead
Goldie BRaritan, Hunterdon1893New JerseyWife
George Readington, Hunterdon1904New JerseyHired Man
Anthony L Readington, Hunterdon1852New JerseyHead
Arabell Readington, Hunterdon1854New JerseyWife
Henry V DReadington, Hunterdon1843New JerseyHead
Matilda RReadington, Hunterdon1843New JerseyWife
Jesse TReadington, Hunterdon1887New JerseySon
RussellReadington, Hunterdon1901New JerseyBoarder
Charles AUnion, Hunterdon1890New JerseyHead
Nellie MUnion, Hunterdon1891New JerseyWife
Joseph G
Surnames listed Cara
Union, Hunterdon1845New JerseyHead
Mary EUnion, Hunterdon1842New JerseyWife
Frank DHamilton, Mercer1879New JerseyHead
Anna AHamilton, Mercer1886New JerseyWife
William SHamilton, Mercer1907New JerseySon
Harry WHamilton, Mercer1894New JerseyHead
FrancesHamilton, Mercer1894New JerseyWife
DonaldHamilton, Mercer1914New JerseySon
DonaldHamilton, Mercer1914New JerseySon
Grace Hamilton, Mercer1902New JerseyServant
Andrew JHamilton, Mercer1887New JerseyHead
MusaHamilton, Mercer1889New JerseyWife
RussellHamilton, Mercer1913New JerseySon
Horace E Trenton Ward 1, Mercer 1876New JerseyHead
Hannah B Trenton Ward 1, Mercer1852New JerseyMother-in-law
James MTrenton Ward 2, Mercer1897New JerseySon-in-law
Elizabeth Trenton Ward 2, Mercer1898New JerseyDaughter
LouisTrenton Ward 2, Mercer1895New JerseyHead
HortenceTrenton Ward 2, Mercer1898New JerseyWife
ElizabethTrenton Ward 2, Mercer1917New JerseyDaughter
John Trenton Ward 4, Mercer1880New JerseyBoarder
Charles A Trenton Ward 5, Mercer1886New JerseyHead
Mary A Trenton Ward 5, Mercer1916New JerseyWife
Anna Trenton Ward 5, Mercer1905New JerseyDaughter
Hannah V Trenton Ward 8, Mercer1847New JerseyHead
Wesley W Trenton Ward 8, Mercer1877New JerseySon
Lenis B Trenton Ward 8, Mercer1872New JerseySon
William S Trenton Ward 10, Mercer1862PennsylvaniaHead
Emily B Trenton Ward 10, Mercer1866New JerseyWife
Elizabeth B Trenton Ward 10, Mercer1893PennsylvaniaDaughter
Helen R Trenton Ward 10, Mercer1897PennsylvaniaDaughter
Garfield M Trenton Ward 10, Mercer1881New JerseyHead
LillianTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1885New JerseyWife
RaeTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1904New JerseyDaughter
BerniceTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1906New JerseyDaughter
RusselTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1908New JerseySon
EllaTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1910New JerseyDaughter
LillianTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1917New JerseyDaughter
Surnames listed Care
Trenton Ward 10, Mercer 1845New JerseyHead
JennieTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1873PennsylvaniaDaughter-in-law
Harry JTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1907New JerseyGrandson
LlydTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1897PennsylvaniaHead
FrederickTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1903PennsylvaniaBrother
WestleyTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1846New JerseyGrandfather, Grandpa (Grandfather)
MinnieTrenton Ward 10, Mercer1870New JerseyMother
George WTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1857New JerseyHead
ClaraTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1880New JerseyWife
GladysTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1901New JerseyDaughter
AudreyTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1906New JerseyDaughter
George JrTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1915New JerseySon
John Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1868New JerseyHead
Caleb Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1897New JerseySon
Grace Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1902New JerseyDaughter
Anna Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1905New JerseyDaughter
Theodore Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1907New JerseySon
Robert Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1911New JerseySon
John Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1915New JerseySon
Nathan Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1915New JerseySon
EdwardTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1875New JerseyHead
FredyTrenton Ward 13, Mercer1900New JerseySon
Russel Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1881New JerseyHead
James Trenton Ward 13, Mercer1913New JerseySon
Annie Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1866New JerseyPatient
Anna E Trenton Ward 14, Mercer 1893New JerseyPatient
Walter B
Surnames listed Cass
Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1881New JerseyHead
Anna BTrenton Ward 14, Mercer1884New JerseyWife
Walter BTrenton Ward 14, Mercer1913New JerseySon
Louis C Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1869New JerseyHead
Mary B Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1867New JerseyWife
Harry E Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1891New JerseyHead
Jannette E Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1890ConnecticutWife
Harry E Trenton Ward 14, Mercer1919New JerseySon
John W Dunellen, Middlesex 1846New JerseyHead
Emily Dunellen, Middlesex1865New JerseyWife
Harriett Dunellen, Middlesex1875New JerseyDaughter
Caroline O Highland Park, Middlesex1875PennsylvaniaHead
Elizabeth B Highland Park, Middlesex1876New JerseySister
Maud M
Surnames listed Ease
Highland Park, Middlesex1887New YorkHead
Harold THighland Park, Middlesex1887New JerseyHusband
Surname listed Cray
Milltown, Middlesex1862New JerseyBoarder
Wilard T
Surnames listed Cass
New Brunswick Ward 4, Middlesex1887New YorkHead
Elsie RNew Brunswick Ward 4, Middlesex1892New JerseyWife
Mary DNew Brunswick Ward 4, Middlesex1915New JerseyDaughter
WilliamNew Brunswick Ward 5, Middlesex1851ScotlandHead
KatherineNew Brunswick Ward 5, Middlesex1865New YorkWife
HerbertNew Brunswick Ward 5, Middlesex1895New YorkSon
MaryNew Brunswick Ward 5, Middlesex1890New JerseyDaughter-in-law
Henry Piscataway, Middlesex1895New JerseyHead
Lulu Piscataway, Middlesex1893New JerseyWife
Henry JRaritan, Middlesex1877New JerseyHead
HenriettaRaritan, Middlesex1879New JerseyWife
SirioAsbury Park Ward 2, Monmouth1860New JerseyHead
NelsonAsbury Park Ward 2, Monmouth1896New JerseySon
FlorenceAsbury Park Ward 2, Monmouth1895New JerseyDaughter
John SDeal, Monmouth1875New JerseyCousin
Harry L Keyport, Monmouth1889New JerseyHead
Eleanor N Keyport, Monmouth1890New YorkWife
Charles W Keyport, Monmouth1916New JerseySon
Harry L Keyport, Monmouth1917New JerseySon
Elenanor N Keyport, Monmouth1918New JerseyDaughter
Alonzo C Middletown, Monmouth1851MaineHead
Ada A Middletown, Monmouth1864New YorkWife
Florence E Middletown, Monmouth1893New YorkDaughter
HowardBoonton Ward 1, Morris1853New YorkHead
MarrionBoonton Ward 1, Morris1865United States of AmericaWife
Charles Boonton Ward 1, Morris1874New JerseyHead
Emma Boonton Ward 1, Morris1876New JerseyWife
Lesla Boonton Ward 1, Morris1897New JerseyDaughter
RobertBoonton Ward 2, Morris1892New JerseyHead
OlaBoonton Ward 2, Morris1891New JerseyWife
RobertaBoonton Ward 2, Morris1915New JerseyDaughter
ThomasBoonton Ward 2, Morris1916New JerseySon
Sarah Chester, Morris1858New JerseyHead
Elizabeth G Chester, Morris1895New JerseyDaughter
S W Dover, Morris1862New JerseyHead
Mary A Dover, Morris1868New JerseyWife
RobertHanover, Morris1875New JerseyHead
Ruth E Hanover, Morris1872New JerseyWife
Walter AHanover, Morris1901New JerseySon
LoreneHanover, Morris1908New JerseyDaughter
William Hanover, Morris1841IrelandHead
Mary A
Surnames listed Coss
Madison, Morris1876New JerseyDaughter
Calvin AMadison, Morris1906New JerseyGrandson
Surnames listed Care
Morristown Ward 3, Morris1892New JerseyHead
PearlMorristown Ward 3, Morris1893New JerseyWife
Luella Morristown Ward 3, Morris1870New JerseySister
George E Mount Olive, Morris1851New JerseyHead
Surnames listed Cose
Netcong, Morris1874ItalyHead
AntonioNetcong, Morris1879ItalyWife
RhettaNetcong, Morris1902ItalyDaughter
JennieNetcong, Morris1908New JerseyDaughter
CameliaNetcong, Morris1911New JerseyDaughter
MaryNetcong, Morris1913New JerseyDaughter
OshumaNetcong, Morris1918New JerseySon
Surnames listed Cost
Netcong, Morris1878ItalyHead
AntonioNetcong, Morris1872ItalyWife
JennieNetcong, Morris1907New JerseyDaughter
OshunaNetcong, Morris1910New JerseySon
AlbertNetcong, Morris1911New JerseySon
Forrest EarlPassaic, Morris1890ConnecticutHead
LucyPassaic, Morris1890ConnecticutWife
Elina KatherinePassaic, Morris1915ConnecticutDaughter
Helen MildredPassaic, Morris1917ConnecticutDaughter
Douglas ForrestPassaic, Morris1919New JerseySon
RichardBrick, Ocean1855ConnecticutHead
Mary MBrick, Ocean1861Rhode IslandWife
Richard Jr.Brick, Ocean1888New JerseySon
BeatriceBrick, Ocean1896New JerseyDaughter-in-law
William RBrick, Ocean1919New JerseyGrandson
Clarence A Dover, Ocean1885New YorkHead
Mary L Dover, Ocean1886EnglandWife
Edna N CassLakewood, Ocean1856CanadaEmployee
William Lakewood, Ocean1873New JerseyHead
Annie Lakewood, Ocean1873New JerseyWife
Bessie Lakewood, Ocean1894New JerseyDaughter
Roland Lakewood, Ocean1896New JerseySon
Archie Lakewood, Ocean1900New JerseySon
Wildia Lakewood, Ocean1904New JerseyDaughter
Pearl Lakewood, Ocean1915New JerseyDaughter
Lenus L Clifton Ward 3, Passaic1888New JerseyHead
Anna VClifton Ward 3, Passaic1891New JerseyWife
Loretty NClifton Ward 3, Passaic1918New JerseyDaughter
GabriellaClifton Ward 3, Passaic1855New JerseyMother
Helen Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1900New YorkBoarder
Franklin O Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1868MichiganHead
Sophie M Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1876New YorkWife
Franklin O JrPassaic Ward 2, Passaic1898New YorkSon
Aubrey C Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1900New YorkSon
Ridgeway H Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1904New YorkSon
Clara M Passaic Ward 2, Passaic1916New JerseyDaughter
Surnames listed Care
Paterson Ward 5, Passaic1845WalesHead
Alice APaterson Ward 5, Passaic1885New JerseyDaughter
FrankPaterson Ward 9, Passaic1881New JerseyHead
Mary Paterson Ward 9, Passaic1884New JerseyWife
Fred FPaterson Ward 11, Passaic1874New JerseyHead
Mary EPaterson Ward 11, Passaic1874New YorkWife
Miranda APaterson Ward 11, Passaic1896New JerseyDaughter
J EmmaBranchburg, Somerset1847New JerseyMother-in-law
V JacobBranchburg, Somerset1856New JerseyHead
H LouiseBranchburg, Somerset1859New JerseyWife
E FlorenceBranchburg, Somerset1901New JerseyDaughter
D LouisBranchburg, Somerset1880New JerseyHead
L AnnaBranchburg, Somerset1878New JerseyWife
LurellBranchburg, Somerset1901New JerseySon
J WoodrowBranchburg, Somerset1911New JerseySon
H Theodore Branchburg, Somerset1856New JerseyBoarder
WilliamFranklin, Somerset1862New JerseyHead
LizzieFranklin, Somerset1862New JerseyWife
Peter A NHillsborough, Somerset1863New JerseyHead
JenetteHillsborough, Somerset1870New JerseyWife
Mary North Plainfield, Somerset1844New JerseyHead
Margaret North Plainfield, Somerset1873New JerseyDaughter
Asa H North Plainfield, Somerset1848ConnecticutFather-in-law
Sarah A North Plainfield, Somerset1836New JerseyHead
JohnNorth Plainfield, Somerset1873New JerseyHead
AnnieNorth Plainfield, Somerset1874New JerseyWife
MargueriteNorth Plainfield, Somerset1903New JerseyDaughter
William E Somerville, Somerset1847New JerseyHead
Ellen T Somerville, Somerset1847New JerseyWife
EllaSomerville, Somerset1858New JerseyHead
FrankSomerville, Somerset1878New JerseySon
John DSomerville, Somerset1876New JerseyHead
Marion ESomerville, Somerset1916MassachusettsWife
Walter SSomerville, Somerset1904New JerseySon
John D Jr.Somerville, Somerset1906New JerseySon
Aletta VSomerville, Somerset1908New JerseyDaughter
Jos D Andover, Sussex1873New JerseyHead
Bertha BAndover, Sussex1883PennsylvaniaWife
Phebe Andover, Sussex1862New JerseyServant
Anna C
Surname listed Willson
Andover, Sussex1864New JerseyHead
Mary A Andover, Sussex1834New JerseyMother
Alva WBranchville, Sussex1884New YorkHead
Mary EBranchville, Sussex1886New YorkWife
Mildred EBranchville, Sussex1915New YorkDaughter
Alva WBranchville, Sussex1917New JerseySon
Irene R Branchville, Sussex1883New JerseyHead
Frances E Branchville, Sussex1908New JerseyDaughter
Sarah EHampton, Sussex1846New JerseyHead
Charles EHampton, Sussex1867New JerseySon
AbbieHampton, Sussex1873New JerseyDaughter-in-law
George Lafayette, Sussex1872New JerseyHead
Harriet A Lafayette, Sussex1870New YorkWife
Charles Lafayette, Sussex1849New JerseyHead
Howard M Newton, Sussex1857PennsylvaniaHead
Emma Newton, Sussex1865New JerseyWife
?Newton, Sussex1890New JerseyDaughter
Maud Newton, Sussex1899New JerseyDaughter
Hazel Newton, Sussex1903New JerseyDaughter
Martha Newton, Sussex1909New JerseyDaughter
Lloyd Newton, Sussex1910New JerseySon
Mary Newton, Sussex1889New YorkDaughter-in-law
Howard Newton, Sussex1916New YorkGrandson
Claude Newton, Sussex1898New JerseyHead
ClaraNewton, Sussex1898SwitzerlandWife
Rose A Newton, Sussex1861New JerseyHead
Anna E Newton, Sussex1896New JerseyDaughter
Amos H Sparta, Sussex1868New JerseyHead
Ida MSparta, Sussex1871New JerseyWife
Russell VSparta, Sussex1897New JerseyHead
BessieSparta, Sussex1895PennsylvaniaWife
Elizabeth Sparta, Sussex1900New JerseyDaughter
Floyd Sparta, Sussex1888New JerseySon-in-law
Edna Sussex, Sussex1895New YorkDaughter
StanleySussex, Sussex1898New YorkSon-in-law
BrysonSussex, Sussex1895New YorkHead
EtherSussex, Sussex1896MichiganWife
Jackson B Sussex, Sussex1877New JerseyHead
Emma M Sussex, Sussex1875New JerseyWife
Carl B Sussex, Sussex1905New JerseySon
Edna R Sussex, Sussex1906New JerseyDaughter
Nancy J Sussex, Sussex1846New JerseyMother
DorothyCranford, Union1851New JerseyMother-in-law
LucyElizabeth City Ward 12, Union1843New JerseyMother-in-law
NelsonElizabeth City Ward 7, Union1861New JerseyHead
EllaElizabeth City Ward 7, Union1864New JerseyWife
Theodore HElizabeth City Ward 8, Union1876New JerseyHead
Elizabeth MElizabeth City Ward 8, Union1884New YorkWife
Dorothy MElizabeth City Ward 8, Union1905New JerseyDaughter
Albert C Elizabeth City Ward 11, Union1882New JerseyHead
MaryElizabeth City Ward 11, Union1881New JerseyWife
Albert C JElizabeth City Ward 11, Union1914New JerseySister
Anne E Hillside, Union1840New JerseyMother-in-law
Dorothea Plainfield Ward 1, Union1896CaliforniaDaughter
Howard M Plainfield Ward 2, Union1877New JerseyHead
Bertha N Plainfield Ward 2, Union1874New JerseyWife
Elinor Plainfield Ward 2, Union1916New YorkDaughter
Samuel P Plainfield Ward 2, Union1871New JerseyHead
Martha D Plainfield Ward 2, Union1881New JerseyWife
Bessie B Plainfield Ward 2, Union1902New JerseyDaughter
Herbert J Plainfield Ward 2, Union1873New JerseyHead
Alice WPlainfield Ward 2, Union1877New JerseyWife
James HPlainfield Ward 2, Union1907New JerseySon
Everett NPlainfield Ward 2, Union1902New JerseySon
Elizabeth PPlainfield Ward 2, Union1911New JerseyDaughter
Carrie Plainfield Ward 2, Union1903VirginiaServant
William APlainfield Ward 2, Union1882CaliforniaLodger
Ethyl Plainfield Ward 2, Union1893CaliforniaLodger
WilliardPlainfield Ward 2, Union1876New JerseyHead
HelenPlainfield Ward 2, Union1878New JerseyWife
Williard Jr.Plainfield Ward 2, Union1906New JerseySon
CatherinePlainfield Ward 2, Union1911New JerseyDaughter
HelenPlainfield Ward 2, Union1916New JerseyDaughter
Emmet A Plainfield Ward 2, Union 1867New JerseyHead
Jennie LPlainfield Ward 2, Union1870New YorkWife
Eleanor MPlainfield Ward 2, Union1899New JerseyDaughter
Sarah AnnitaPlainfield Ward 2, Union1902New JerseyDaughter
Charles APlainfield Ward 2, Union1863New YorkHead
Anna L Plainfield Ward 2, Union1863New JerseyWife
FanniePlainfield Ward 3, Union1888New JerseyLodger
Joseph TPlainfield Ward 3, Union1874New JerseyHead
Sadie MPlainfield Ward 3, Union1882MassachusettsWife
Joseph J Jr.Plainfield Ward 3, Union1912New JerseySon
EdithPlainfield Ward 3, Union1895New JerseyBoarder
Frank M Plainfield Ward 3, Union 1870New YorkHead
Lillian F Plainfield Ward 3, Union1885New JerseyWife
Margaret M Plainfield Ward 3, Union1909New YorkDaughter
Elmer D Plainfield Ward 3, Union1912New YorkSon
Hazel E Plainfield Ward 3, Union1914New JerseyDaughter
Alice B Plainfield Ward 3, Union1918New JerseyDaughter
William EPlainfield Ward 3, Union1878New JerseyHead
Mary MPlainfield Ward 3, Union1878New JerseyWife
James EPlainfield Ward 3, Union1907New JerseySon
PaulPlainfield Ward 3, Union1915New JerseySon
HarrietPlainfield Ward 3, Union1875New JerseyServant
HenrySummit Ward 1, Union1893New YorkDaughter
Lillian Summit Ward 1, Union1894New YorkWife
Gloria Summit Ward 1, Union1918New YorkDaughter
William R
Surnames listed Carr
Summit Ward 2, Union1885EnglandHead
Helen BSummit Ward 2, Union1890New YorkWife
Helen ESummit Ward 2, Union1910New YorkDaughter
EgbertWestfield Ward 1, Union1887New JerseyHead
BerniceWestfield Ward 1, Union1892New YorkWife
GeorgeWestfield Ward 1, Union1913New YorkSon
CameronWestfield Ward 1, Union1919New JerseySon
Pamas L Belvidere, Warren1848New JerseyHead
Madge F Belvidere, Warren1888New JerseyDaughter
Susan W
Surnames listed Gass
Belvidere, Warren1854New JerseyHead
Harra BBelvidere, Warren1898New JerseySon
Kesirsah Mansfield, Warren 1835New JerseyHead
Surname listed Grover
Mansfield, Warren1885New JerseyDaughter
Frank CPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1884New JerseyHead
Edna MPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1886New JerseyWife
Donald FPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1908New JerseySon
Robert CPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1918New JerseySon
HarryPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1886New JerseyBrother
Alfred RPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1871New JerseyHead
Margaret WPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1869New JerseyWife
Margarett APhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1897New JerseyDaughter
Lillie WPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1898New JerseyDaughter
Richard WPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1901New JerseySon
Paul WPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1903New JerseySon
Alfred FPhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1914New JerseySon
Elyse APhillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1914New JerseyDaughter
Grace B
Surname listed Cose
Phillipsburg Ward 1, Warren1891New JerseyDaughter
Thedora Phillipsburg Ward 2, Warren1863New JerseyHead
Mary Phillipsburg Ward 2, Warren1865New JerseyWife
Roland Phillipsburg Ward 2, Warren1897New JerseySon
George RPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1867New JerseyHead
LouisaPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1875New JerseyWife
Bertha LPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1893New JerseyDaughter
Earl GPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1897New JerseySon
Edith MPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1903New JerseyDaughter
Charlotte WPhillipsburg Ward 5, Warren1909New JerseyDaughter
MaryPhillipsburg Ward 6, Warren1855New JerseyHead
JohnPhillipsburg Ward 6, Warren1883New JerseySon
EdithPhillipsburg Ward 6, Warren1908ConnecticutGranddaughter
Isaac F
Surnames listed Cose
Pohatcong, Warren1850New JerseyHead
MarthaPohatcong, Warren1857New JerseyWife
Sarah L Pohatcong, Warren1843New JerseyMother-in-law
Henry H Pohatcong, Warren1890PennsylvaniaHead
Maggie J Pohatcong, Warren1892New JerseyWife
Harry Jr.Pohatcong, Warren1909PennsylvaniaSon
Pearl A Pohatcong, Warren1913New JerseyDaughter
Charles G Pohatcong, Warren1915New JerseySon
Walter T Pohatcong, Warren1919New JerseySon
Isaac White, Warren1860New JerseyHead
Ida White, Warren1861New JerseyWife
FrankWhite, Warren1895New JerseyHead
ElizabethWhite, Warren1901New JerseyWife
Lillian EWhite, Warren1919New JerseyDaughter
James W White, Warren1891New JerseyHead
Ethel M White, Warren1893New JerseyWife
Gladys E White, Warren1914New JerseyDaughter
Hazel M White, Warren1915New JerseyDaughter
Martha E White, Warren1916New JerseyDaughter
Ester A White, Warren1918New JerseyDaughter

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