CASE Families living in New Hampshire in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
ConradBerlin, Coos1900CanadaBoarder116b
{Family 2}
Philip (Surname listed Cole)Berlin, Coos1868CanadaBoarder116b
{Family 3}
Arthur MBow, Merrimack1870PennsylvaniaHead21b
Ida M1870WisconsinWife
Ora M1880New YorkSister
Helen M1895New JerseyDaughter
{Family 4}
William E Claremont, Sullivan1858New HampshireHead158b
Elroy 1909New HampshireSon
Esther A 1839New HampshireMother
{Family 5}
Albert (Surname listed Casi)Claremont, Sullivan1872New YorkLodger148b
{Family 6}
NelsonConcord, Merrimack1872PennsylvaniaHead62b
Eva1901New HampshireDaughter
Jessie1903New HampshireDaughter
Henry1899New HampshireSon
{Family 7}
Samuel Concord, Merrimack1877PennsylvaniaHead48b
Addie M 1878New HampshireWife
{Family 8}
HarveyCornish, Sullivan1889New HampshireHired Man190
{Family 9}
John DFrancestown, Hillsborough1858New HampshireHead58
Ella F 1856New HampshireWife
{Family 10}
George A Goffstown, Hillsborough1878New HampshireHead71b
Jennie M 1885New HampshireWife
Lillian M 1905New HampshireDaughter
{Family 11}
EarnestGoffstown, Hillsborough1890New HampshireHead81b
Bernice 1897New HampshireWife
Barbara 1914New HampshireDaughter
Ruth 1915New HampshireDaughter
John 1917New HampshireSon
Harold 1920New HampshireSon
{Family 12}
Elmer KMadison, Carroll1891MaineBoarder4
{Family 13}
Samuel HNashua, Hillsborough1877New YorkHead32
Elizabeth 1884New HampshireWife
Roland 1913New HampshireSon
Joseph 1916New HampshireSon
Roland1913New HampshireSon
{Family 14}
Raymond WNashua, Hillsborough1894New HampshireLodger191b
{Family 15}
Henry G Newmarket, Rockingham1895MaineBoarder21b
Arthur H1878MichiganBoarder
{Family 16}
Charles H Nottingham, Rockingham1873MaineHead51b
Alice M 1886New HampshireWife
{Family 17}
Mary E Plaistow, Rockingham1848New HampshireHead67b
{Family 18}
Alvin L Portsmouth, Rockingham1883PennsylvaniaHead185
Jane I1885PennsylvaniaWife
Jane 1917PennsylvaniaDaughter
{Family 19}
Milton (Surname listed Carr)Raymond, Rockingham1898New HampshireLodger228

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