CASE Families living in Nebraska in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
Guy CGeneva Ward 1, Fillmore1879NebraskaHead
Joy CGeneva Ward 1, Fillmore1881NebraskaWife
{Family 62}
Ernest SCurtis, Frontier1873NebraskaHead208
Fannie ECurtis, Frontier1886NebraskaWife
Lysle ECurtis, Frontier1908NebraskaSon
Zelda MCurtis, Frontier1910NebraskaDaughter
Lemonia S [Lemoine]Curtis, Frontier1918NebraskaSon
{Family 63}
Surnames listed Cass
Cambridge, Furnas1853OhioHead
Alice Cambridge, Furnas1859IllinoisWife
{Family 64}
FrancesCambridge, Furnas1852PennsylvaniaHead212
{Family 65}
FerdinandCambridge, Furnas1884IowaHead214b
IonaCambridge, Furnas1890IllinoisWife
GeorgeCambridge, Furnas1913NebraskaSon
ElizabethCambridge, Furnas1912NebraskaDaughter
Louie (Louise?)Cambridge, Furnas1874IndianaSister
{Family 66}
Earl F Cambridge, Furnas1882NebraskaHead
Lavina Cambridge, Furnas1881IndianaWife
William Cambridge, Furnas1904NebraskaSon
Vera Cambridge, Furnas1906NebraskaDaughter
Charles Cambridge, Furnas1909NebraskaSon
James Cambridge, Furnas1911NebraskaSon
Lesta Cambridge, Furnas1913NebraskaDaughter
Leona Cambridge, Furnas1913NebraskaDaughter
Robert W Cambridge, Furnas1915NebraskaSon
{Family 67}
W Bartormus Pioneer, Garden1893NebraskaServant60
{Family 68}
Stella EElwood, Gosper1886IndianaHead
Pauline GElwood, Gosper1908NebraskaDaughter
{Family 69}
Robert D Robb, Gosper1876IowaHead
Dollie ARobb, Gosper1879IowaWife
Pearl VRobb, Gosper1904IowaDaughter
Loyd MRobb, Gosper1906IowaSon
Hazel MRobb, Gosper1908NebraskaDaughter
Lawrence KRobb, Gosper1910NebraskaSon
Emmett ARobb, Gosper1912NebraskaSon
Irene GRobb, Gosper1914NebraskaDaughter
Evelyn KRobb, Gosper1918NebraskaDaughter
{Family 70}
ThelmaGrand Island Ward 6, Hall1910KansasGranddaughter
{Family 71}
William HScovill, Hamilton1857IndianaHead
Jane DScovill, Hamilton1862ScotlandWife
Thomas DScovill, Hamilton1831OhioFather
{Family 72}
RoseUnion, Hamilton1869OhioHead
Mabel EUnion, Hamilton1902NebraskaDaughter
{Family 73}
William WAlma, Harlan1862OhioHead
{Family 74}
Agusta L
Surname listed Cose
Fairbury, Jefferson1850WisconsinMother-in-law176b
{Family 75}
GustaveSterling, Johnson1860North CarolinaHead
RebbecaSterling, Johnson1868IowaWife
MarkSterling, Johnson1898NebraskaSon
{Family 76}
HarryWest Ogallala, Keith1865MinnesotaHead
AdaWest Ogallala, Keith1875IllinoisWife
{Family 77}
Frank West Ogallala, Keith1864MinnesotaHead
{Family 78}
Leslie D Harrison, Knox1878MinnesotaHead151
Josephine Harrison, Knox1882NebraskaWife
Dwight Harrison, Knox1903NebraskaSon
Minnie [Marvin]Harrison, Knox1905NebraskaSon
Lecil [Cecil]Harrison, Knox1907NebraskaSon
{Family 79}
Surname listed Cose
Lincoln, Knox 1865IllinoisHead
FrankLincoln, Knox1868IllinoisBrother
{Family 80}
James DLincoln Ward 4, Lancaster 1878MissouriHead
AgnesLincoln Ward 4, Lancaster1878NebraskaWife
RichardLincoln Ward 4, Lancaster1900NebraskaSon
RuthLincoln Ward 4, Lancaster1905NebraskaDaughter
{Family 81}
Surname listed Casi
Yankee Hill, Lancaster1885RussiaInmate
{Family 82}
John LMiller, Lincoln1882NebraskaHead
Maurie JMiller, Lincoln1891NebraskaWife
Gladys FMiller, Lincoln1910South DakotaDaughter
Thelma BMiller, Lincoln1912NebraskaDaughter
Pencie EMiller, Lincoln1919NebraskaDaughter
{Family 83}
GeorgeNorth Platte Ward 1, Lincoln1896NebraskaHead
JuneNorth Platte Ward 1, Lincoln1899NebraskaWife
{Family 84}
Charley W Sutherland, Lincoln1883IowaHead
Fannie Sutherland, Lincoln1892NebraskaWife
{Family 85}
C CWarnerville, Madison1851WisconsinHead
Emily JWarnerville, Madison1844New YorkWife
{Family 86}
EdgarHaynes, Morrill1862IowaHead
IsabellaHaynes, Morrill1867IowaWife
MarthaHaynes, Morrill1902IowaDaughter
ChristinaHaynes, Morrill1905NebraskaDaughter
EstherHaynes, Morrill1908NebraskaDaughter
WilburHaynes, Morrill1910NebraskaSon
{Family 87}
HermanHaynes, Morrill1885IowaHead
GraceHaynes, Morrill1887NebraskaWife
GeorgeHaynes, Morrill1908NebraskaSon
FredHaynes, Morrill1920NebraskaSon
{Family 88}
FrankYockey, Morrill1871PennsylvaniaHead
MabelYockey, Morrill1887IowaWife
Clara MYockey, Morrill1905NebraskaDaughter
Lola EYockey, Morrill1906NebraskaDaughter
Josie IYockey, Morrill1907NebraskaDaughter
Ila MYockey, Morrill1908NebraskaDaughter
Effie LYockey, Morrill1910NebraskaDaughter
Clarance FYockey, Morrill1915NebraskaSon
Elsie PYockey, Morrill1918NebraskaDaughter
Floyd RYockey, Morrill1919NebraskaSon
{Family 89}
ElbertWashington, Nemaha1829ConnecticutBrother-in-law
{Family 90}
AugustusHendricks, Otoe1859North CarolinaFather-in-law
Rebbeca CoraHendricks, Otoe1867IowaMother-in-law

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