CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 61}
J L Fayetteville , Cumberland1874North CarolinaHead186
Ada 1884North CarolinaWife
Effie 1904North CarolinaDaughter
Kathryn 1912North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 62}
Ben (Surname listed Cose) Fayetteville , Cumberland1882North CarolinaLodger186
{Family 63}
[Cleon E]Fountain, Pitt1886North CarolinaSon-in-law82b
Irene  1894North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 64}
Augusta  Greensboro , Guilford1868North CarolinaHead17
Monroe M 1902North CarolinaSon
{Family 65}
Thomas E Greensboro , Guilford1885North CarolinaHead28
Dexie  1882North CarolinaRoomer
{Family 66}
Naoma  Greensboro , Guilford1882North CarolinaRoomer100
{Family 67}
James Greenville, Pitt1876North CarolinaHead88b
Marenda  1901North CarolinaDaughter
Charlie R 1902North CarolinaSon
James J 1906North CarolinaSon
Johnie O  1909North CarolinaSon
Arch T 1912North CarolinaSon
George A 1915North CarolinaSon
Clarance A 1920 North CarolinaNephew
{Family 68}
Clyde E  Hazel, Buncombe1888North CarolinaStep Son 204b
Anna I  1896North CarolinaStep Daughter 
{Family 69}
Florence S  Henderson, Vance1895OklahomaHead75
{Family 70}
Gorge W  Hendersonville, Henderson1859North CarolinaHead112
Sallie W 1869North CarolinaWife
Lena M 1894North CarolinaSon
Dack H  1897North CarolinaSon112b
{Family 71}
Florida  Hendersonville, Henderson1866North CarolinaHead72b
Madge 1905 North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 72}
James L Hendersonville, Henderson1866North CarolinaHead99
Armintee  1876South CarolinaWife
Bernice 1904North CarolinaDaughter
Alma 1906North CarolinaDaughter
Lawrence 1910North CarolinaSon
{Family 73}
Johnathan  Hendersonville, Henderson1870North CarolinaHead131
Julia  1872North CarolinaWife
Horace  1895North CarolinaSon
Odesa  1904North CarolinaDaughter
Rosa L  1906North CarolinaDaughter
Sallie  1910North CarolinaDaughter
Pauline  1911North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 74}
Silas E  Hendersonville, Henderson1871North Carolina Head94
Mary W  1872South CarolinaWife
Thomas E 1895North CarolinaSon
Isaac H 1896South CarolinaSon
Frank 1910North CarolinaSon
{Family 75}
Isaac  Hendersonville, Henderson1873North CarolinaHead95
Louisa  1872North CarolinaWife
General 1902North CarolinaSon
Rosa Lee 1906North CarolinaDaughter
Clinton 1908North CarolinaSon
Inez 1911North CarolinaDaughter
John 1917North CarolinaSon
{Family 76}
Allard  Hendersonville, Henderson1883North CarolinaHead156
Florence 1882North CarolinaWife
Willie 1907North CarolinaSon
Houstin 1911North CarolinaSon
Anna Bell 1916North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 77}
George T  Hendersonville, Henderson1890North CarolinaHead112b
Nonsia S 1891North CarolinaWife
Johnsey 1913North CarolinaSon
Salle R 1914North CarolinaDaughter
James L   1915 North CarolinaSon
Anglen 1917 North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 78}
Furman  Hendersonville, Henderson1893North CarolinaHead104b
Maggie  1895North CarolinaWife
Frank  1915North CarolinaSon
{Family 79}
Davy  Hendersonville, Henderson1910North CarolinaBoarder73b
{Family 80}
Agnes  Hendersonville, Henderson1902North CarolinaDaughter73b
Mitchel 1897North CarolinaSon-in-law
{Family 81}
Leo Hogback, Transylvania1876North CarolinaHead281
Essie E 1885North CarolinaWife
L C 1911North CarolinaSon
Howard W 1919 North CarolinaSon
{Family 82}
Hubert  Hookerton, Greene1887North CarolinaHead149b
Lula 1899North CarolinaWife
{Family 83}
William L  Hoopers Creek, Henderson1872North CarolinaHead171b
Walter  1897North CarolinaSon
{Family 84}
Edward N  Hoopers Creek, Henderson1887North CarolinaHead170
Nola  1882North CarolinaWife
Georgia 1909North CarolinaDaughter
Geneva 1911North CarolinaDaughter
Arthur 1913North CarolinaSon
Belle 1915North CarolinaDaughter
Elza 1918North CarolinaDaughter
Ruth 1919North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 85}
Logan Ivy Hill, Haywood1882North CarolinaHead160
Bertha 1900North CarolinaWife
Veda  1917North CarolinaDaughter
Gertrude 1918North CarolinaDaughter
Helen 1919North CarolinaDaughter
Minerva 1907North CarolinaDaughter
Willie 1910North CarolinaSon
{Family 86}
Thomas Kinston , Lenoir1837North CarolinaFather-in-law166
Rody  1840North CarolinaMother-in-law
{Family 87}
Lonza  Limestone, Buncombe 1873 North CarolinaHead146
(Luarana?)1847North CarolinaMother
{Family 88}
Miss Pank [Pink Salome]  Limestone, Buncombe1861North CarolinaHead149
Charles 1875North CarolinaBrother
Roy 1901North CarolinaNephew
{Family 89}
Auther  Limestone, Buncombe1870North CarolinaHead149
Marion 1904North CarolinaDaughter
Auther Jr1905North CarolinaSon
Alton B 1907North CarolinaSon
{Family 90}
Charles  Lower Hominy, Buncombe 1874 North CarolinaHead164b
Lidda  1876North CarolinaWife
Arther  1896North CarolinaSon
Essie  1894North CarolinaDaughter-in-law
Emma  1903North CarolinaDaughter
Gladys  1907North CarolinaDaughter
Bessie  1909North CarolinaDaughter
Locile  1912North CarolinaDaughter
Lenard  1917North CarolinaSon
Eugene  1911North CarolinaGrandson
Lister  1915North CarolinaGrandson
Ralp [Ralph?)  1919 North CarolinaGrandson
Ruth   1919 North CarolinaGranddaughter

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