CASE Families living in North Carolina in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Ben H  Asheville , Buncombe1874New YorkHead39
Arthur 1876New YorkBrother
Evelyn 1878New YorkSister
Adelaide  1885New YorkSister
{Family 2}
Ella  Asheville , Buncombe1880North CarolinaHead15
{Family 3}
J B Asheville , Buncombe1893North CarolinaHead58
Clemmie 1894North CarolinaWife
Cecil 1912South CarolinaSon
Lucile 1916South CarolinaDaughter
Eveleyn   1919 South CarolinaDaughter
{Family 4}
Arthur  Asheville , Buncombe 1888 North CarolinaHead135
Margaret  1889North CarolinaWife
{Family 5}
Rosco C  Asheville , Buncombe 1894 North CarolinaStep Son 116b
{Family 6}
Thomas M Asheville , Buncombe1877North CarolinaHead253
Bertha I  1889North CarolinaWife
Ralph T 1916 North CarolinaSon
Irene 1920 North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 7}
W P Avery Creek, Buncombe1872North CarolinaHead262b
Mollie  1867North CarolinaWife
Myrtle 1904North CarolinaDaughter
Alton 1905North CarolinaSon
George 1908North CarolinaSon
Annie May 1910North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 8}
Sidney Avery Creek, Buncombe1874North CarolinaHead259
Lillie   1893 North CarolinaWife
Willie  1905North CarolinaSon
Donald 1916 North CarolinaSon
Ellier [Elva Althea]  1917 North CarolinaDaughter
Porter  1918North CarolinaSon
{Family 9}
Paul Avery Creek, Buncombe1892North CarolinaBoarder260
{Family 10}
Chas C [E]  Beaufort, Carteret1872North CarolinaHead217
Louise L 1883North CarolinaWife
Chas E Jr1914North CarolinaSon
{Family 11}
Richard Beaverdam, Haywood1882North CarolinaHead25
Bonnie 1882North CarolinaWife
Theron  1909North CarolinaSon
Thomas 1910North CarolinaSon
Mammie  1914North CarolinaDaughter
Chade [Chad]  1916North CarolinaSon
Marry 1917North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 12}
Arthur Beaverdam, Haywood1893North CarolinaBoarder51
{Family 13}
Charsley (Charlie)  Biltmore Forest, Buncombe1902North CarolinaBoarder170b
{Family 14}
Manning J  Blue Ridge, Henderson1850North CarolinaFather-in-law10b
{Family 15}
Jarob E [Jacob] Blue Ridge, Henderson1890North CarolinaHead10b
Lizzie  1889North CarolinaWife
Onedah  1912North CarolinaDaughter
Acca  1914North CarolinaSon
Opal  1915North CarolinaDaughter
Ruibby (Ruby)  1916North CarolinaDaughter
Joseph W  1919North CarolinaSon
{Family 16}
Hilliard  Blue Ridge, Henderson1883North CarolinaHead10b
Della 1894North CarolinaWife
Ethel 1913North CarolinaDaughter
Edith 1916North CarolinaDaughter
Allan 1918North CarolinaSon
Mary 1883North CarolinaSister
{Family 17}
Henry  Blue Ridge, Henderson 1889 North CarolinaHead10b
Annie 1896North CarolinaWife
Houston 1913North CarolinaSon
Edwin 1915North CarolinaSon
Azzlee (Aizlee)   1918 North CarolinaDaughter11
Marian  1920North CarolinaSon
{Family 18}
Will  Blue Ridge, Henderson1853North CarolinaFather-in-law16
Mary 1857North CarolinaMother-in-law
{Family 19}
Carl  Blue Ridge, Henderson1892North CarolinaHead16
Rosey 1895North CarolinaWife
Huland 1914North CarolinaSon
Mamie 1916 North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 20}
Willie Blue Ridge, Henderson1888North CarolinaHead14
Rebecca 1887North CarolinaWife
Andy 1906North CarolinaStep Son 
Jane 1907North CarolinaStep Daughter 
Josepine (Josephine?)  1910North CarolinaStep Daughter 
Ollie 1913North CarolinaStep Daughter 
Nancy 1860North CarolinaMother
{Family 21}
Bennie Blue Ridge, Henderson1886North CarolinaHead14
Ida 1887North CarolinaWife
Weldon 1906North CarolinaSon
Florence 1910North CarolinaDaughter
Rector 1913North CarolinaSon
Leonadas 1915North CarolinaSon
Virgal 1919 North CarolinaSon
{Family 22}
Albert  Blue Ridge, Henderson1897North CarolinaHead12b
Mintie  1893North CarolinaWife
U G   1917 North CarolinaSon
T B  1918North CarolinaSon
{Family 23}
Henery  Blue Ridge, Henderson1888North CarolinaHead12b
Dora  1888North CarolinaWife
Geneva  1908North CarolinaDaughter
Pauline  1909North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 24}
Manual  Blue Ridge, Henderson1887North CarolinaHead12b
Leah  1892North CarolinaWife
Sue   1916 North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 25}
Thomas  Blue Ridge, Henderson1861North CarolinaHead12b
Edith  1862North CarolinaWife
Walter C  1901North CarolinaSon
Margia  1904North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 26}
Hillard  Blue Ridge, Henderson1899North CarolinaHead12b
Edith  1901North CarolinaWife
Leon P   1920 North CarolinaSon13
{Family 27}
Andrew P  Blue Ridge, Henderson1869North CarolinaHead8
Ella J 1884North CarolinaWife
Annie M 1904North CarolinaDaughter
Andrew F 1906North CarolinaSon
Callie D 1909North CarolinaDaughter
Percis M 1917North CarolinaDaughter 
{Family 28}
Louise C  Blue Ridge, Henderson1880North CarolinaHead7b
Rupie 1903North CarolinaSon
Georgia 1905North CarolinaSon
Clara M 1908North CarolinaDaughter
Doctor 1911North CarolinaSon
{Family 29}
John W Blue Ridge, Henderson1892North CarolinaHead4
Flora A  1890North CarolinaWife
Samuel E  1909North CarolinaSon
Paulene M  1911North CarolinaDaughter
Curtis L  1913North CarolinaSon
Edith E  1915North CarolinaDaughter
Fred W  1916North CarolinaSon
Louess  1919North CarolinaDaughter
{Family 30}
Joseph H  Blue Ridge, Henderson1899North CarolinaHead7b
Mildred M  1902North CarolinaWife
Joseph   1920 North CarolinaSon

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