CASE Families living in Montana in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Martin ISchool District 25, Carter1849IowaHead229
AlmediaSchool District 25, Carter1851IowaWife
Chancey RSchool District 25, Carter1909South DakotaSon
Alice SSchool District 25, Carter1912South DakotaGranddaughter
{Family 2}
Ara [Ora]
Surname listed Carr
Belt, Cascade1884WisconsinLodger
{Family 3}
Henry JGreat Falls Ward 4, Cascade1874MichiganHead
Marie SGreat Falls Ward 4, Cascade1881MichiganSister
{Family 4}
JohnNeihart, Cascade1893MichiganRoomer
{Family 5}
Russell HSchool District 2, Chouteau1890CanadaHead
FredrickaSchool District 2, Chouteau1896MontanaWife
RuthSchool District 2, Chouteau1915MontanaDaughter
RobertSchool District 2, Chouteau1917MontanaSon
Anna LSchool District 2, Chouteau1918MontanaDaughter
JamesSchool District 2, Chouteau1919MontanaSon
{Family 6}
BoydGlendive Ward 1, Dawson 1857PennsylvaniaHead
SarahGlendive Ward 1, Dawson1859PennsylvaniaWife
{Family 7}
Jennie T [James]Anaconda Ward 1, Deer Lodge1861MissouriHead63b
Ida AAnaconda Ward 1, Deer Lodge1862MaineWife
{Family 8}
RaymondAnaconda Ward 4, Deer Lodge1891MichiganHead
LillianAnaconda Ward 4, Deer Lodge1894MontanaWife
FrancisAnaconda Ward 4, Deer Lodge1918MontanaDaughter
RaymondAnaconda Ward 4, Deer Lodge1919MontanaSon
{Family 9}
Richard H
Surnames listed Crase
School District 1, Deer Lodge1892EnglandHead
Ethel MaySchool District 1, Deer Lodge1904MontanaWife
{Family 10}
William HSchool District 1, Deer Lodge 1856EnglandHead
{Family 11}
WmHaycreek, Fallon1876WisconsinHead
EdnaHaycreek, Fallon1882WisconsinWife
AvaHaycreek, Fallon1908WisconsinDaughter
{Family 12}
George WKalispell Ward 3, Flathead1876IllinoisHead
Sarah FKalispell Ward 3, Flathead1873IowaWife
{Family 13}
Lud C [Fred E]Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Glacier1892MinnesotaHead284b
{Family 14}
JosephRock Creek, Granite1846New JerseyHead
{Family 15}
CharleyElk Park, Jefferson1905MontanaSon
HenrietteElk Park, Jefferson1906MontanaDaughter
MichaelElk Park, Jefferson1908MontanaSon
{Family 16}
Lester EFlesher, Lewis and Clark1901IowaBoarder
Dale AFlesher, Lewis and Clark1903IowaBoarder
{Family 17}
Surname listed Car
Roundup, Musselshell1883NebraskaHead
{Family 18}
ElmerSchool District 20, Musselshell1886IllinoisBoarder
{Family 19}
EmmaBonner, Missoula1868SwitzerlandSister
ArnoldBonner, Missoula1897MontanaNephew
{Family 20}
E CMissoula, Missoula1891IowaHead
FlorenceMissoula, Missoula1888MinnesotaWife
{Family 21}
Fred Allien [Allison]Missoula, Missoula1896IowaRoomer27
{Family 22}
MinnieMissoula, Missoula1868IowaHead
KennethMissoula, Missoula1914MontanaSon
{Family 23}
Surnames listed Boughton
Missoula, Missoula1853New YorkHead
Roxy BoughtonMissoula, Missoula1862MissouriWife
Hazel H BoughtonMissoula, Missoula1893MissouriDaughter
{Family 24}
George FDeep Creek, Park1866WisconsinHead
Minnie JDeep Creek, Park1881OklahomaWife
Esther LDeep Creek, Park1901MontanaDaughter
Hazel LDeep Creek, Park1904MontanaDaughter
Joel IDeep Creek, Park1906MontanaSon
Myrtle EDeep Creek, Park1909MontanaDaughter
Olive JDeep Creek, Park1911MontanaDaughter
Donald HDeep Creek, Park1913MontanaSon
Iris MDeep Creek, Park1914MontanaDaughter
Vernon WDeep Creek, Park1916MontanaSon
Marion RDeep Creek, Park1918MontanaDaughter
{Family 25}
Alphuss H [Alpheus]Deep Creek, Park1858New YorkHead
Margaret FDeep Creek, Park1877OklahomaWife
Walter JDeep Creek, Park1896MontanaSon
Lela MDeep Creek, Park1900MontanaDaughter
Harold ADeep Creek, Park1909MontanaSon
Kenneth LDeep Creek, Park1912MontanaSon
{Family 26}
James J
Surnames listed Cass
Deep Creek, Park1869WisconsinHead
NettieDeep Creek, Park1875NorwayWife
George ADeep Creek, Park1904WashingtonSon
Abbie JDeep Creek, Park1906MontanaDaughter
JoelDeep Creek, Park1835New YorkFather
{Family 27}
William WGold Creek, Powell1868IowaHead
Frances DGold Creek, Powell1869IllinoisWife
{Family 28}
Ralph ELincoln, Powell1877IowaHead
EvaLincoln, Powell1877IowaWife
Lester LLincoln, Powell1901IowaSon
Allen DaleLincoln, Powell1903IowaSon
{Family 29}
Thomas PVictor, Ravalli1876North CarolinaHired Man
{Family 30}
May ESchool District 21, Richland1883IowaHousekeeper
Blanche LSchool District 21, Richland1903MinnesotaBoarder
{Family 31}
George R
Surnames listed Care
School District 1, Sheridan1877CanadaHead
Cora MSchool District 1, Sheridan1880MinnesotaWife
{Family 32}
WilliamButte Ward 4a, Silver Bow1866WisconsinHead
AnnaButte Ward 4a, Silver Bow1871MichiganWife
{Family 33}
JamesWest Centerville, Silver Bow1887AustraliaHead
Mary JaneWest Centerville, Silver Bow1882EnglandWife
John EWest Centerville, Silver Bow1901EnglandSon
{Family 34}
Surnames listed Crase
Williamsburg, Silver Bow1907MontanaStepson
{Family 35}
CleoWilliamsburg, Silver Bow1908MontanaStepdaughter
CharlesWilliamsburg, Silver Bow1913MontanaStepson
HelenWilliamsburg, Silver Bow1915MontanaStepdaughter
{Family 36}
Nancy LSchool District 7, Stillwater1895MissouriBoarder
{Family 37}
CharitySchool District 21, Stillwater1887MissouriHead
{Family 38}
Clara EBillings Ward 2, Yellowstone1884IowaLodger
{Family 39}
Guy WBillings Ward 4, Yellowstone1883IowaHead
Edna LBillings Ward 4, Yellowstone1890NebraskaWife
Verla BoydBillings Ward 4, Yellowstone1913ColoradoDaughter
Gerald VBillings Ward 4, Yellowstone1917ColoradoSon
{Family 40}
RobertSchool District 42, Yellowstone1875CanadaHead

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