CASE Families living in Mississippi in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
AllenNatchez, Adams1854MississippiHead
KatherineNatchez, Adams1858MississippiWife
MartinNatchez, Adams1882MississippiSon
HaroldNatchez, Adams1907MississippiNephew
{Family 2}
R ANatchez, Adams1863IndianaHead142b
Rhode [Rhoda]Natchez, Adams1880KentuckyWife
AldaNatchez, Adams1822OhioDaughter
VeraNatchez, Adams1917MissouriDaughter143
{Family 3}
RichardNatchez Ward 3, Adams1885MississippiHead
MaryNatchez Ward 3, Adams1886MississippiWife
MollyNatchez Ward 3, Adams1908MississippiDaughter
LalaNatchez Ward 3, Adams1909MississippiDaughter
RudolphNatchez Ward 3, Adams1912MississippiSon
LaunaNatchez Ward 3, Adams1914MississippiDaughter
{Family 4}
Calven [Calvin]Stephenson, Amite1863MississippiHead
JaneStephenson, Amite1863MississippiWife
BessieStephenson, Amite1906MississippiDaughter
{Family 5}
Ben H Stephenson, Amite 1894MississippiHead
Myrtle Stephenson, Amite1898MississippiWife
John C Stephenson, Amite1916LouisianaSon
Emily Stephenson, Amite1918LouisianaDaughter
{Family 6}
Frank G Stephenson, Amite1883MississippiHead
Ophelia Stephenson, Amite1885MississippiWife
Henry Stephenson, Amite1906MississippiSon
Albert Stephenson, Amite1909MississippiSon
Marthy Stephenson, Amite1911MississippiDaughter
Hollis Stephenson, Amite1914MississippiSon
Vera Stephenson, Amite1916MississippiDaughter
{Family 7}
ChristinaBeat 4, Coahoma1897MississippiSister-in-law
{Family 8}
Surname listed Casl
Beat 5, Coahoma1875TennesseeHead
{Family 9}
GeorgeAinsworth, Copiah1848MississippiFather-in-law
MaryAinsworth, Copiah1852MississippiMother-in-law
{Family 10}
R WAshley, Copiah1881MississippiHead
KateAshley, Copiah1881MississippiWife
TroyAshley, Copiah1902MississippiSon
Colsie BAshley, Copiah1907MississippiSon
MyriaAshley, Copiah1910MississippiSon
Fannie MayAshley, Copiah1912MississippiDaughter
BenteyAshley, Copiah1915MississippiSon
TommyAshley, Copiah1919MississippiSon
{Family 11}
JohnDentville, Copiah1870MississippiHired Man
{Family 12}
AdamBeat 2, Copiah1855MississippiHead
DaveBeat 2, Copiah1876MississippiSon
ThomasBeat 2, Copiah1880MississippiSon
MarcusBeat 2, Copiah1903MississippiGrandson
MiltonBeat 2, Copiah1905MississippiGrandson
ArchieBeat 2, Copiah1906MississippiGrandson
ConnieBeat 2, Copiah1909MississippiGrandson
{Family 13}
Francis MBeat 2, Copiah1855MississippiHead
KateBeat 2, Copiah1854MississippiWife
MyrtleBeat 2, Copiah1909MississippiGranddaughter
{Family 14}
JosephBeat 2, Copiah1891MississippiHead
OvaBeat 2, Copiah1887MississippiWife
IreneBeat 2, Copiah1912MississippiDaughter
Mary EttaBeat 2, Copiah1915MississippiDaughter
{Family 15}
AlliceBeat 2, Copiah1859MississippiMother
{Family 16}
David LBeat 2, Copiah1868MississippiHead
Frances MBeat 2, Copiah1872MississippiWife
Garland NBeat 2, Copiah1905MississippiSon
{Family 17}
Elbert JBeat 2, Copiah1864MississippiHead
Margaret ABeat 2, Copiah1863MississippiWife
Rosa LBeat 2, Copiah1901MississippiDaughter
Virgie MBeat 2, Copiah1902MississippiDaughter
{Family 18}
James WBeat 2, Copiah1872MississippiHead
OraBeat 2, Copiah1876MississippiWife
AlbertBeat 2, Copiah1905MississippiSon
IreneBeat 2, Copiah1907MississippiDaughter
EllieBeat 2, Copiah1910MississippiDaughter
Carry MBeat 2, Copiah1916MississippiDaughter
{Family 19}
Tacy C [Troy]Beat 2, Copiah1892MississippiHead
BossieBeat 2, Copiah1895MississippiWife
Emmett BBeat 2, Copiah1918MississippiSon
{Family 20}
John IMartinsville, Copiah1893IllinoisHead
Miss Lula HMartinsville, Copiah1897IllinoisWife
James MMartinsville, Copiah1914IllinoisSon
Mary EMartinsville, Copiah1915IllinoisDaughter
Alma GMartinsville, Copiah1918IllinoisDaughter
{Family 21}
Surnames listed Carr
Wesson, Copiah1883MississippiHead
RenaWesson, Copiah1883MississippiWife
ClarenceWesson, Copiah1907MississippiSon
FlorenceWesson, Copiah1911MississippiDaughter
EarnestineWesson, Copiah1913MississippiDaughter
ClydeWesson, Copiah1915MississippiSon
{Family 22}
FarleyWesson, Copiah1887MississippiHead
CarryWesson, Copiah1895MississippiWife
MyrtleWesson, Copiah1912MississippiDaughter
T JWesson, Copiah1915MississippiSon
{Family 23}
Surname listed Cass
Antioch, Franklin1882MississippiHead
{Family 24}
Rut [Pat]
Surnames listed Cass
Bude, Franklin1874MississippiHead54
Hettel [Hettie]Bude, Franklin1877MississippiWife
Auther Bude, Franklin1897MississippiSon
Manie [Mamie]Bude, Franklin1900MississippiDaughter
MaudBude, Franklin1904MississippiDaughter
FredBude, Franklin1908MississippiSon
{Family 25}
FreadMeadville, Franklin1898MississippiHead67b
SarieMeadville, Franklin1899MississippiWife
{Family 26}
L Ege [L E]Beat 5, Hinds1885MississippiHead
{Family 27}
Surname listed Cose
Jackson Ward 3, Hinds1895MississippiRoomer
{Family 28}
Francis MJackson Ward 3, Hinds1897MississippiHead
Ruth LJackson Ward 3, Hinds1902MississippiWife
{Family 29}
Sallie LJackson Ward 5, Hinds1868MississippiHead
Clarence CJackson Ward 5, Hinds1896MississippiSon
{Family 30}
William Wester [William Webster] Jackson Ward 5, Hinds1870MississippiInmate

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