CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1920.
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This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here:

NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 91}
Edith St Paul Ward 7, Ramsey1898MinnesotaLodger
{Family 92}
Agnes St Paul Ward 7, Ramsey1852HollandRoomer
{Family 93}
Catherine S St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey1870IllinoisLodger
{Family 94}
John St Paul Ward 9, Ramsey1915MinnesotaNephew
{Family 95}
Paul St Paul Ward 12, Ramsey1918MinnesotaInfant Home143
{Family 96}
Hannah Fairfax, Renville1846IllinoisMother-in-law
{Family 97}
Theodore Fairfax, Renville1887IllinoisHead
Maud Fairfax, Renville1891MinnesotaWife
Daisy Fairfax, Renville1910MinnesotaDaughter
Cecil Fairfax, Renville1913MinnesotaDaughter
Wayman Fairfax, Renville1915MinnesotaSon
Alice Fairfax, Renville1918MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 98}
Emma Faribault Ward 2, Rice1860New HampshireHead
{Family 99}
Jesse Faribault Ward 4, Rice 1897IllinoisInmate134b
Mary L Faribault Ward 4, Rice1886IllinoisInmate
{Family 100}
B F New Market, Scott1874MinnesotaHead
Minnie T New Market, Scott1874MinnesotaWife
{Family 101}
Maude Chisholm, St Louis1889IllinoisRoomer
{Family 102}
Walter L Duluth, St Louis1864New YorkHead1b
Evelyn A Duluth, St Louis1865New YorkWife
Russell W Duluth, St Louis1894MichiganSon
Genivieve M Duluth, St Louis1896MinnesotaDaughter
Marcia E Duluth, St Louis1897MinnesotaDaughter
Robert A Duluth, St Louis1900MinnesotaSon
Harold E Duluth, St Louis1904MinnesotaSon
Dorothya E Duluth, St Louis1909MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 103}
Florence D Duluth, St LouisWisconsinRoomer
{Family 104}
William R Duluth, St Louis1881MichiganHead
Maud K Duluth, St Louis1881GeorgiaWife
{Family 105}
Dell V Duluth, St Louis1888MinnesotaHead
Nellie Duluth, St Louis1885MichiganWife
Donald Duluth, St Louis1909MinnesotaSon
Dorothy Duluth, St Louis1912MinnesotaDaughter
Sidney J Duluth, St Louis1914MinnesotaSon
Marion Duluth, St Louis1915MinnesotaDaughter
Dell Duluth, St Louis1917MinnesotaSon
Joslyn Duluth, St Louis1919MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 106}
William D Duluth, St Louis1875WisconsinHead36
May Duluth, St Louis1884WisconsinWife
Rita Duluth, St Louis1904WisconsinDaughter
Bradley Duluth, St Louis1906MinnesotaSon
Clilbert W [Dilbert] Duluth, St Louis1908MinnesotaSon
Myron M Duluth, St Louis1910MinnesotaSon
Syda M [Lyda]Duluth, St Louis1913North DakotaDaughter
Myrl S Duluth, St Louis1914North DakotaDaughter
{Family 107}
William O
Surnames listed Carr
Hibbing, St Louis1882SwedenHead
EwyHibbing, St Louis1882MichiganWife
HelenHibbing, St Louis1916Nova ScotiaDaughter
{Family 108}
Bert W Le Sauk, Stearns1879IllinoisHead
Ida D Le Sauk, Stearns1879KansasWife
Ernest O Le Sauk, Stearns1903IllinoisSon
Harley E Le Sauk, Stearns1909MinnesotaSon
Elenore E Le Sauk, Stearns1912MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 109}
William St Cloud Ward 1, Stearns1864IllinoisHead
Martha St Cloud Ward 1, Stearns1870IllinoisWife
{Family 110}
Lester Saint Cloud, Stearns1894IllinoisHead
Anna Saint Cloud, Stearns1897MinnesotaWife
Eugene Saint Cloud, Stearns1919MinnesotaSon
{Family 111}
Clark Sauk Center Ward 2, Stearns1845New YorkHead
Harriet Sauk Center Ward 2, Stearns1852WisconsinWife
{Family 112}
Albert P Clinton Falls, Steele1898MinnesotaHead
{Family 113}
William J Owatonna Ward 1, Steele1857WisconsinHead
Mary E Owatonna Ward 1, Steele1856ScotlandWife
{Family 114}
Julia A Owatonna Ward 2, Steele1845MarylandLodger
{Family 115}
Riley Somerset, Steele1869MinnesotaHead
Anna Somerset, Steele1880MinnesotaWife
Wilbur Somerset, Steele1895MinnesotaNephew
Myrtle Somerset, Steele1894MinnesotaNiece
Mildred Somerset, Steele1914MinnesotaGranddaughter
{Family 116}
William Iona, Todd1872KansasHead
Alice Iona, Todd1880WisconsinWife
Gladys Iona, Todd1902IowaDaughter
Stanley Iona, Todd1905IowaSon
Herald Iona, Todd1907IowaSon
Thelma Iona, Todd1909IowaDaughter
Kenneth Iona, Todd1916MinnesotaSon
Keith Iona, Todd1917MinnesotaSon
{Family 117}
Edward Wabasha, Wabasha1895MinnesotaSon
{Family 118}
Judson L Madelia, Watonwan1862IllinoisHead
Berline I Madelia, Watonwan1861MinnesotaWife
Gladys Madelia, Watonwan1897MinnesotaDaughter
Adelia Madelia, Watonwan1842VermontMother
{Family 119}
George P
Surnames listed Cass
Winona Ward 1, Winona1855WisconsinHead
Ida MWinona Ward 1, Winona1862MinnesotaWife
{Family 120}
Ike A Winona Ward 2, Winona1881WisconsinHead
Bessie R Winona Ward 2, Winona1888IllinoisWife
Georgie J Winona Ward 2, Winona1908WisconsinSon
{Family 121}
Surnames listed Cose Jr.
Winona Ward 4, Winona1888MinnesotaHead
EthelWinona Ward 4, Winona1894MinnesotaWife
JohnWinona Ward 4, Winona1862WisconsinFather
{Family 122}
Alvine Rockford, Wright1847OhioFather-in-law

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