CASE Families living in Minnesota in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Herman C Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1879WisconsinHead
Edna M Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1881WisconsinWife
Harold G Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1907MinnesotaSon
Howard W Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1912MinnesotaSon
{Family 2}
William I Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1871WisconsinHead
Lilia B Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1871MinnesotaWife
Rachael W Anoka Ward 3, Anoka1841MaineMother
{Family 3}
Newell J Bemidji Ward 2, Beltrami1857OhioHead
Mary Bemidji Ward 2, Beltrami1867CanadaWife
James Sherril Bemidji Ward 2, Beltrami1894North DakotaSon
Ralph L Bemidji Ward 2, Beltrami1896North DakotaSon
Ruby V Bemidji Ward 2, Beltrami1902MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 4}
Fred Bemidji Ward 4, Beltrami1854MinnesotaHead215
Exilda Bemidji Ward 4, Beltrami1871CanadaWife
Wilfred Bemidji Ward 4, Beltrami1898WisconsinSon
{Family 5}
George E Oak Island, Beltrami1842MichiganHead
{Family 6}
Thomas Graham, Benton1848New YorkHead49
Sarah Graham, Benton1852MinnesotaWife
William Esty Graham, Benton1870MinnesotaSon
{Family 7}
Carranlia [Cassandra]
Surnames listed Cose
Saint George, Benton1852OhioHead
HarrySaint George, Benton1880MinnesotaSon
MaggieSaint George, Benton1882MinnesotaDaughter
FrankSaint George, Benton1889MinnesotaSon
{Family 8}
Thomas Watab, Benton1848New YorkHead
Sarah Watab, Benton1852MinnesotaWife
{Family 9}
Vincent Ortonville, Big Stone1890EnglandHead
Wilhelmina Ortonville, Big Stone1887ScotlandWife
Muriel E Ortonville, Big Stone1914CanadaDaughter
Vincent R Ortonville, Big Stone1917MinnesotaSon
{Family 10}
Frank Lyra, Blue Earth1874MinnesotaHead
Essie Lyra, Blue Earth1881MinnesotaWife
Ray Lyra, Blue Earth1902MinnesotaSon
{Family 11}
James C Home, Brown1877MinnesotaHead
Teresa Home, Brown1881MinnesotaSister
Rebecca Home, Brown1840IndianaMother
{Family 12}
Jim O
Surnames listed Pase
Milford, Brown1879IllinoisHead
CatrinaMilford, Brown1884MinnesotaWife
{Family 13}
Claude C
Surnames listed Care
Byron, Cass1888IowaHead
Pearl EByron, Cass1891NebraskaWife
Elna CByron, Cass1911South DakotaDaughter
Lloyd CByron, Cass1912South DakotaSon
Eliza PByron, Cass1913South DakotaDaughter
Lars EByron, Cass1915MinnesotaDaughter
LorneByron, Cass1916MinnesotaSon
Larene DByron, Cass1918MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 14}
Frank G Pine Lake, Cass 1852WisconsinHead225b
Mary M Pine Lake, Cass1860NorwayWife
Alice Pine Lake, Cass1899WisconsinDaughter
Paul Pine Lake, Cass1900WisconsinSon
(Harvey) Henry Pine Lake, Cass1902WisconsinSon
Guard L [Gudd?]Pine Lake, Cass1913MinnesotaGrandson
{Family 15}
Geo B
Surnames listed Care
Pine Lake, Cass 1891WisconsinHead225b
Maylon J Pine Lake, Cass1916MinnesotaSon
{Family 16}
Samuel Pine River, Cass1869MissouriHead
Julia K Pine River, Cass1877CanadaWife
Nora J Pine River, Cass1904WisconsinDaughter
Ralph T Pine River, Cass1907MinnesotaSon
{Family 17}
Cassius H Shingobee, Cass1858WisconsinHead
Mary J Shingobee, Cass1857[1837]PennsylvaniaMother
{Family 18}
Smith A Shingobee, Cass1894MinnesotaHead256b
Alma Shingobee, Cass1899MinnesotaWife
Laura Shingobee, Cass1919MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 19}
Roy Moorhead, Clay1887MichiganHead
Elisabeth Moorhead, Clay1891MinnesotaWife
Edward H Moorhead, Clay1918MinnesotaSon
{Family 20}
I M Leon, Clearwater1848South DakotaGrandmother215
{Family 21}
Samuel F Westbrook, Cottonwood1889MinnesotaHead
Grace N Westbrook, Cottonwood1893MinnesotaWife
Gladys E Westbrook, Cottonwood1913MinnesotaDaughter
James L Westbrook, Cottonwood1915MinnesotaSon
Hazel M Westbrook, Cottonwood1916MinnesotaDaughter
Adell B Westbrook, Cottonwood1918MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 22}
Anna Empire, Dakota1875AustriaHead
Lydia Empire, Dakota1895IowaDaughter
Phineas Empire, Dakota1896IowaSon
Humphrey Empire, Dakota1898IowaSon
Ziph Empire, Dakota1900IowaSon
Zadie Empire, Dakota1902IowaDaughter
Samuel Empire, Dakota1904IowaSon
Dollie Empire, Dakota1906IowaDaughter
Karl Empire, Dakota1908IowaSon
Barney Empire, Dakota1910IowaSon
Benny Empire, Dakota1913IowaSon
Floyd Empire, Dakota1915IowaSon
Florence Empire, Dakota1916MassachusettsDaughter
{Family 23}
Hazel Hastings, Dakota1888MinnesotaRoomer
{Family 24}
John Hastings, Dakota1846ConnecticutInmate
{Family 25}
John H Nininger, Dakota1849Rhode IslandHead
{Family 26}
Charles M Claremont, Dodge1878MinnesotaHead
Alice E Claremont, Dodge1885MinnesotaWife
Lloyd M Claremont, Dodge1904MinnesotaSon
Blanche J Claremont, Dodge1908MinnesotaDaughter
Norma O Claremont, Dodge1911MinnesotaDaughter
Willard C Claremont, Dodge1915MinnesotaSon
{Family 27}
Maxwell H Lura, Faribault1876MinnesotaHead
Anna D Lura, Faribault1882GermanyWife
Emma M Lura, Faribault1902MinnesotaDaughter
Glen F Lura, Faribault1908MinnesotaSon
Norma L Lura, Faribault1909MinnesotaDaughter
June M Lura, Faribault1915MinnesotaDaughter
{Family 28}
Ella Winnebago, Faribault1867MinnesotaLodger
{Family 29}
Westwood O Canton, Fillmore1860MinnesotaHead
Eliza J Canton, Fillmore1865MinnesotaWife
Marie A Canton, Fillmore1896IowaDaughter
{Family 30}
Louisa M Chatfield, Fillmore1843OhioHead

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