CASE Families living in Maine in 1920.
This index is an 'as-is' report from Time constraints force me to skip looking up the census record images for proofreading, so there are no page numbers listed for the people here. I am hoping that as you locate your people, you will make note of the page number and share it with me for listing here.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
CharlesBancroft, Aroostook1834CanadaHired Man
{Family 2}
Douglass B Blaine, Aroostook1874CanadaHead
Nettie Blaine, Aroostook1890CanadaWife
Harold Blaine, Aroostook1907MaineSon
Kenneth Blaine, Aroostook1908MaineSon
Frank Blaine, Aroostook1912MaineSon
Harrison Blaine, Aroostook1915MaineSon
Mariam Blaine, Aroostook1916MaineDaughter
{Family 3}
HughFort Fairfield, Aroostook1874CanadaHead
VioletFort Fairfield, Aroostook1886EnglandWife
HaroldFort Fairfield, Aroostook1913MaineSon
MarionFort Fairfield, Aroostook1915CanadaDaughter
{Family 4}
BerthaHoulton, Aroostook1865CanadaHousekeeper
{Family 5}
David A Island Falls, Aroostook1858MaineHead
{Family 6}
Everet M Presque Isle, Aroostook1872MaineHead
CarriePresque Isle, Aroostook1877MaineWife
Abbie MPresque Isle, Aroostook1898MaineDaughter
Dora RPresque Isle, Aroostook1902MaineDaughter
Alice BPresque Isle, Aroostook1905MaineDaughter
Nillie CPresque Isle, Aroostook1907MaineDaughter
KathrinePresque Isle, Aroostook1914MaineDaughter
Carl EPresque Isle, Aroostook1910MaineSon
RubenPresque Isle, Aroostook1917MaineSon
{Family 7}
HomerCape Elizabeth, Cumberland1894MissouriHead
CecileCape Elizabeth, Cumberland1894New JerseyWife
{Family 8}
John PPortland Ward 7, Cumberland1867New JerseyHead
Sarah GPortland Ward 7, Cumberland1871MassachusettsWife
Ralph PPortland Ward 7, Cumberland1907MassachusettsSon
{Family 9}
Allen T [B]South Portland Ward 7, Cumberland1880MissouriHead
Georgia ESouth Portland Ward 7, Cumberland1890MaineWife
May ESouth Portland Ward 7, Cumberland1913MaineDaughter
John WSouth Portland Ward 7, Cumberland1915MaineSon
Sarah ESouth Portland Ward 7, Cumberland1919MaineDaughter
{Family 10}
Charles ARangeley, Franklin1872ItalyHead
Mabelle ERangeley, Franklin1881Nova ScotiaWife
C FranklinRangeley, Franklin1910Nova ScotiaSon
Beatrice MRangeley, Franklin1912MaineDaughter
{Family 11}
BenjaminBenton, Kennebec1889MaineHead
Ruth EBenton, Kennebec1897MaineWife
Lester BBenton, Kennebec1916MaineSon
{Family 12}
Malar [Maden]
Surnames listed Care
Lagrange, Penobscot1875CanadaHead
Ethel MLagrange, Penobscot1879MaineWife
Kenneth WLagrange, Penobscot1904MaineSon
{Family 13}
Oliver HComville, Somerset1846MaineHead
{Family 14}
Reuben LEmbden, Somerset1865MaineHead
Carrie LEmbden, Somerset1873MaineWife
Roy BEmbden, Somerset1895MaineSon
Ruby BEmbden, Somerset1900MaineDaughter
{Family 15}
John Fairfield, Somerset1863MaineHead
Eva B Fairfield, Somerset1869CanadaWife
Benjamin Fairfield, Somerset1890MaineSon
Gladys Fairfield, Somerset1902MaineDaughter
Christene Fairfield, Somerset1904MaineDaughter
Floyd Fairfield, Somerset1907MaineSon
Myrtle Fairfield, Somerset1909MaineDaughter
Olive Fairfield, Somerset1913MaineDaughter
{Family 16}
AlexanderCherryfield, Washington1835New BrunswickHead
George ACherryfield, Washington1861MaineSon
{Family 17}
Elizba J [Elizha]
Surname listed Cass
Lubec, Washington1852MaineGranddaughter254b
{Family 18}
Alverda J
Surname listed Care
Lubec, Washington1834MaineMother254b
{Family 19}
Irving WLubec, Washington1867MaineHead
Mary DLubec, Washington1871MaineWife
{Family 20}
Vinton A
Surnames listed Care
Lubec, Washington1883MaineHead
Minnie JLubec, Washington1884MaineWife
Calvin BLubec, Washington1904MaineSon
Phillis CLubec, Washington1905MaineDaughter
Lilia ELubec, Washington1907MaineDaughter
Harry TLubec, Washington1912MaineSon
Agnes ELubec, Washington1915MaineDaughter
Maris MLubec, Washington1916MaineDaughter
William DLubec, Washington1919MaineSon
{Family 21}
Surname listed Care
Lubec, Washington1860MaineHead
{Family 22}
Eugene W
Surnames listed Carl
Lubec, Washington1880MaineHead
Cora BLubec, Washington1880MaineWife
FloraLubec, Washington1898MaineDaughter
MarionLubec, Washington1904MaineDaughter
MarjorieLubec, Washington1907MaineDaughter
{Family 23}
FredLubec, Washington1876MaineHead
NellieLubec, Washington1879MaineWife
CarrollLubec, Washington1900MaineSon

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