CASE Families living in Maryland in 1920.
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NameLocation Birth Year
+- 1 year
Birth StateRelationshipPage #
{Family 31}
Samuel Darnestown, Montgomery1912MarylandStep Son 107
{Family 32}
Agnes Denton, Caroline1877OhioHead74
Walter 1902VirginiaSon
Frances 1909VirginiaDaughter
{Family 33}
James Election District 1, Baltimore1859MarylandHead37
Mary R 1861MarylandWife
Edward 1902MarylandSon
{Family 34}
Chas B Election District 10, Baltimore1883MissouriBoarder193b
Orville W 1906MissouriBoarder
{Family 35}
JamesFrederick, Frederick 1853 MarylandBoarder88b
{Family 36}
R Gaithersburg, Montgomery1846MarylandHead138b
D A 1876MarylandSon
B F 1878MarylandSon
{Family 37}
J W Gaithersburg, Montgomery1850MarylandHead145
E P 1861VirginiaWife
{Family 38}
Francis PHagerstown, Washington1878MarylandHead158b
Ella B 1878PennsylvaniaWife
Mary Louise 1904MarylandDaughter
{Family 39}
Nelson B Havre De Grace, Harford1844MarylandHead289b
Mary E 1859MarylandWife
Carrie M 1877MarylandDaughter
Austin 1884MarylandSon
Nellie 1885MarylandDaughter
{Family 40}
David Laytonsville, Montgomery1877MarylandLodger211b
{Family 41}
Charles Potomac, Montgomery1858MarylandHead168
Emma O1863MarylandWife
Bessie 1889MarylandDaughter
Samual T 1865MarylandBrother 
{Family 42}
Samual Potomac, Montgomery1884MarylandHead168
Mary M 1887MarylandWife
Elizabeth 1913MarylandDaughter
John 1918 MarylandSon
Margaret 1920 MarylandDaughter
{Family 43}
WilliamPotomac, Montgomery1860MarylandHead174b
Gussie1868New YorkWife
{Family 44}
William HRockville, Montgomery1882MarylandHead5b
Claire C1888MarylandWife
Philip E1909MarylandSon
William E1914MarylandSon
{Family 45}
Wm ASmithsburg, Washington1875PennsylvaniaHead50b
Martha E 1878MarylandWife
Mary M 1896MarylandDaughter
May 1898 MarylandDaughter
{Family 46}
William Springfield State Hospital, Carroll1872MarylandInmate55b
{Family 47}
Ralph H Vansville, Prince Georges1880South DakotaSon-in-law114
Ermine W1887District of ColumbiaDaughter
Richard W 1919 District of ColumbiaGrandson
{Family 48}
Francis Westminster, Carroll1836PennsylvaniaHead132b
{Family 49}
Mary Westminster, Carroll1853MarylandHead132b
Emma 1875MarylandDaughter
Harry 1882MarylandSon
Thomas 1884MarylandSon
Mary 1886MarylandDaughter
Helen 1891MarylandDaughter
Joseph 1894MarylandSon
{Family 50}
James D (Surnames listed Cain) Westminster, Carroll1848PennsylvaniaHead117b
Mary E1848BavariaWife
Joseph A 1876MarylandSon
Rose A1886MarylandDaughter
Helen C1888MarylandDaughter
Paul T (Surname listed Case)1895PennsylvaniaSon118
{Family 51}
Paul Westminster, Carroll1877MarylandHead133b
Emma 1880MarylandWife
Edith 1908MarylandDaughter
Daniel 1910MarylandSon
Marjorie 1912MarylandDaughter
Herbert 1914MarylandSon
Paul Richard 1916MarylandSon
{Family 52}
Edward W Westminster, Carroll1877MarylandHead156
Emma M 1882MarylandWife
Chotilda M1912MarylandDaughter
James V 1913MarylandSon
Hilda M 1914MarylandDaughter
Edward M 1915 MarylandSon
William F 1916 MarylandSon
Mark J 1918 MarylandSon
{Family 53}
John C (Surnames listed Care) Westminster, Carroll1879MarylandSon-in-law148b
{Family 54}
Mary F Wheaton, Montgomery1838MarylandAunt293
{Family 55}
Minerva J Wheaton, Montgomery1849MarylandMother-in-law292
{Family 56}
Margaret L Wheaton, Montgomery1878MarylandSister222
Charles P 1874MarylandBrother-in-law
John L 1905MarylandNephew
Charles P Jr.1909MarylandNephew
Guida E 1911MarylandNephew
{Family 57}
Raymond EWheaton, Montgomery1888MarylandHead291b
Sophia O1884MarylandWife
Margaret L 1917 MarylandDaughter
Theodore E1918MarylandSon
Anna R1920MarylandDaughter
Nellie O1907MarylandNiece
William O1908MarylandNephew
{Family 58}
RebeccaWoolerys, Carroll1846PennsylvaniaAunt26b

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