CASE Families living in Maryland in 1920.

NameLocationBirth Year
+- 1 year
Birth State RelationshipPage #
{Family 1}
Earl WAnnapolis, Anne Arundel1902PennsylvaniaMidshipman32
{Family 2}
Abraham Baltimore Ward 4, Baltimore 1898West IndiesLodger35b
{Family 3}
R BethBaltimore Ward 7, Baltimore 1898New YorkInmate43
{Family 4}
Regina TBaltimore Ward 8, Baltimore 1895MarylandHead185
{Family 5}
Sarah V Baltimore Ward 11, Baltimore 1885MarylandNurse282
{Family 6}
Walter F Baltimore Ward 12, Baltimore 1879IllinoisLodger263b
{Family 7}
George B Baltimore Ward 12, Baltimore 1898ConnecticutHead23b
Vera A 1899FloridaWife
{Family 8}
Harold E Baltimore Ward 14, Baltimore 1891New YorkHead241b
Mary E 1864New YorkMother
Cliford A 1896New YorkBrother
{Family 9}
George Baltimore Ward 14, Baltimore 1913MarylandBoarder14b
{Family 10}
Eugene Baltimore Ward 15, Baltimore 1878MarylandRoomer20
Rosa 1901MarylandRoomer
{Family 11}
Etta (Surnames listed Cure Baltimore Ward 16, Baltimore 1880VirginiaHead238
William H1899MarylandSon
Lolla (Surname listed Care) 1901MarylandWife238b
{Family 12}
Estella Baltimore Ward 17, Baltimore 1877MarylandHead50b
{Family 13}
GeorgeBaltimore Ward 17, Baltimore 1878MarylandHead72b
{Family 14}
Robert DBaltimore Ward 18, Baltimore 1875MarylandHead81
Lena B1880MarylandWife
Robert D Jr.  1920 MarylandSon
{Family 15}
William Baltimore Ward 19, Baltimore 1860IllinoisLodger117
{Family 16}
Frank P Baltimore Ward 19, Baltimore 1875KentuckyHead43
Elizabeth S 1873MarylandWife
{Family 17}
Thomas Baltimore Ward 22, Baltimore 1863VirginiaHead168
Laura 1866VirginiaWife
{Family 18}
Edgar RBaltimore Ward 24, Baltimore 1893New YorkPatient29
{Family 19}
MichaelBaltimore Ward 26, Baltimore 1850Italy Patient232b
{Family 20}
William BBaltimore Ward 26, Baltimore 1885New YorkBoarder110b
{Family 21}
FredBaltimore Ward 27, Baltimore 1867MarylandHead204b
{Family 22}
Charles W Camp Meade, Anne Arundel1901PennsylvaniaPrivate248
{Family 23}
James WClarksburg, Montgomery1871MarylandHead235b
John R1873MarylandBrother
Richard T1831MarylandFather
{Family 24}
Clarence EClarksburg, Montgomery1881MarylandHead235
Ida L1893MarylandWife
{Family 25}
Geo L Colesville, Montgomery1854MarylandHead276b
Mrs. G L 1847MarylandWife
Mamie 1878MarylandDaughter
Maggie 1881MarylandDaughter
Jno 1885MarylandSon
Wynn 1887MarylandSon
Chas 1889MarylandSon
{Family 26}
Jno L Colesville, Montgomery1879MarylandHead274b
Lillie 1882MarylandWife
Bernard 1904MarylandSon
Evelyn 1911MarylandDaughter
{Family 27}
MaryColesville, Montgomery1906MarylandBoarder262b
{Family 28}
Kathern Darnestown, Montgomery1854MarylandHead106
James H 1874MarylandSon
Clarence 1878MarylandSon
Rathburn 1892MarylandSon
Kathern 1890MarylandDaughter
Alberta 1896MarylandDaughter
{Family 29}
James MDarnestown, Montgomery1863MarylandBoarder101b
{Family 30}
Joseph A Darnestown, Montgomery1889MarylandHead104
Elsie M 1895MarylandWife

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